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if you will go to a south american country, which one do you choose? why?
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Depends on the duration. A few weeks in Summer? Live several months there like a student or forever?
One year
I already live in one, but I would go to Brazil, it's big enough to always find me some entertainment.

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Anyone been to Venice around January? I'm considering going because it's cheaper.

Apparently all the flooding happens around November so it should be safe, but is it worth going at all?And can you ride the gondolas and shit in winter?
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Going to be cold af. I would go somewhere else, warmer areas a bit further south will also be cheaper to get to.
>Going to be cold af.

It depends.
It's being hot as fuck this year, wouldn't be surprised to see 15C° as average.
>And can you ride the gondolas and shit in winter?
I'm actually curious about this now. the canals obviously don't freeze in general, but do people still ride the gondolas in the cold?

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Travelling to Japan in January next year for about 3-4 weeks. I will spend about 3 days in Tokyo with a friend and then do a week of snowboarding up in Hakuba. Suggestions on where else to travel afterward? I was thinking Sapporo because we could do some time at the snow in Hokkaido as well but really I just want to go do some interesting things. Taking lots of pictures of landmarks and doing tours is really not my thing though.

Also are bullet trains worth it to get around or should we just stick with regular trains? Anything that is interesting around Hakuba and Tokyo that we can do in a day trip would also be really cool.

If anyone knows if snow gear is cheap there that would be great too, its really expensive in Australia and I need a new jacket and pants. Thanks in advance guys.
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>Suggestions on where else to travel afterward?
If you're thinking Hokkaido I've heard it's got the better snow/conditions for snowboarding. Hakuba is just more popular, I suppose because it's closer to Tokyo. I'm going for the first time to Hokkaido in about a week. If this thread's still up, I'll report back.
>If anyone knows if snow gear is cheap there that would be great too, its really expensive in Australia and I need a new jacket and pants
As a fellow ausbrah, yeah snow gear is ridiculously expensive down here. I got some waterproof pants from Rebel Sport for like $40 on sale, I'm just going to combine them with thermals. I'm bringing that and just going to rent a jacket up there. Not worth buying a jacket if you're only snowboarding for a few days, I've been told.
Anyone know if my pants idea will work btw? I'm a snow virgin but I'm going with a group of experienced skiers and they say it should be fine
>I'm going for the first time to Hokkaido in about a week.

For snowboarding? Really? Hokkaido has only started to get cold recently (i.e., in the past 10 days or so) and there hasn't been much snow at all. Is Niseko or any of the other resorts even open yet?

Thanks man I'll look forward to your report, I think it's pretty early in the season though.

As for the pants it'll probably work but I think pants are the most important part for snowboarding so I wouldn't skimp. A friend of a friend said that gear is cheap as over there so you could potentially get good pants but I dunno if sizing will be weird and I really can't vouch for that information.

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Hey guys. I notice there's quite a bit of information about travelling to Japan in the sticky, but I'm after less generic information. My question is: what were your personal favorite places, things and events to see while in Japan that aren't obvious tourist attractions?

I'm going to Japan for 3 weeks very soon and am it will likely be the only time I go for a while so naturally, I'd like to get as much out of the trip as I can. I'm going with a group of what you'd call hipsters (I'm more of a weeb, that's why we're going), so most of them aren't as keen on seeing Mount Fuji or Tokyo Tower and the traditional stuff you see in travel brochures. I tend to believe the opposite - tourist attractions are popular for a reason - so if there are some obvious spots/experiences you'd highly recommend, I'd love to hear them too.

We'll be spending about half of our time in Tokyo, a few days skiing around Sapporo, and the rest of our time between Nagoya and Osaka. Aside from that, we have nothing in our schedule, so any suggestions around those areas would be great.

I have about 6 months of Japanese lessons behind me, so I have some language and written skills, if that's relevant to any recommendations. I'm happy to break away from my group of 5 if there's any things best experienced individually. I have a fairly strong interest in traditional Japanese culture, and as 20 somethings, we are also interested in the nightlife.

Just looking to hear what you guys thought were the best things to see and do in and around the above areas. As well as first time travelling to Japan tips, I suppose.

Sorry if this isn't the kind of post/detail you're used to seeing on /trv/, this isn't my native board. But thanks heaps anons.

Also: Where is pic related, is it nice? Found this picture a few months ago and couldn't find a source.
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The only thing we plan on experiencing is the Chichibu Yomatsuri, simply because it's the only festival on at this time. Any of you guys have any experience with this, or any other festivals?
Didn't see the Japan General. Should I repost that there or does this kind of thing generally get its own thread? Forgiveness please ^^
Pic looks like the Higashiyama District by Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

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Hello, /trv/.

So, I'm flying to Tulsa, Idaho via Amsterdam and Detroit from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have a butterfly knife of value and sentiment. Will it be alright to transfer it via checked luggage?

Googling has left me with unclear and different answers.

I can leave it with a family member here so, it can be held for me. I was able to take it before in freight. But moving alone this time, having only my luggage and carry on, I'm not sure what to do.
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Well you can bring unloaded guns on airlines in America as long as its in a locked case in the cargo hold. Have no idea about euro standards
Guns are different than potentially illegal knives though.
Butterfly knives are legal in Idaho and Michigan. There are no federal laws regarding knife ownership. I would imagine you would probably get much more shit about it in Edinburgh and Amsterdam than anywhere in America.

So here's the deal.
I know that 4chan has plenty of good and bad guys. Witch includes also good hackers.
I'm 26 years old and i'm a proud single father. I've born indo Macau in 89. But in 91 my father decided to go back to Portugal and my mother didn't. So they divorced. I still live in Portugal actually. And my mom use to sent me every christmas eve some letters sayin that she was ok, and my older sister and younger brother were fine. She even came to Portugal to visit me in 99, year where i recieve my first gameboy pocket. And she invited me and my sister to spend a month vacation with her. We travelled in singapore, malasya and thailand phi phi island where my mother s family lived. Then we came back to Portugal. And that's where i last saw her face. In 2004 a tsunami hit the thailand shore and destroyed everything that was near the ocean. Since then my christmas letters stopped.
But í Don't know how to find her. I Don't have an address. No phone number. Only the name Duangjai Thimsiri. And some photos. And my birth registration number card in Macau. No more info or data at All.
I really miss her and i have to tell her that she is already a grandmother.
I'm uneemployed, have late bills to pay And my wonderfull 1year old son that helps. Portugal sucks 'cos everybody is emmigrating to run for a better lifes. We have amazing surf beaches and music festivals, But that s All.
So i appeal to all the ways that i can use in order to find her.
Please help me out 4chan guys. Do your best and if you need some docs that could make this search easier please facebook me or email me.
I don't even know if shes dead or alive. For years i thougt that she didn't loved me or that she was dead.
But one thing i know.
I want the thruth.
I love my missing mom.

[email protected]

Noé Pardelha - facebook private message.

Would you help a son to find his mother?
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Holy shit your dad was "the" Bugs Bunny?
What is it like having a furry celeb and a parent?
the photos would help I guess
So, did you mother send you every years letter, once per year, but you didn't send her back? Every latter has one address in the back, you know, you can use that to messenger who wrote the letters to you.

É uma história triste, OP. Espero que termine tudo bem.

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Hey /trv/ I am going on a big adventure solo this winter.

I have received a fellowship to learn algorithmic coding and defense contract programming in Tel Aviv.

My housing and breakfasts will be paid for. But I will need to buy dinners and snacks.

I have booked a super cheap flight ($450) to Rome with a 9 hour layover before going to Tel Aviv. I will be flying over Christmas.

I have a few questions:

Will I be able to see any of the touristy attractions in Rome in 9 hours? The airport is only 30 mins from the Colosseum etc, I will probably never be able to afford seeing Rome again in my life so don't judge for me wanting to just look at a few monuments before leaving.

How expensive is Tel Aviv? I have around 6k in liquid savings and I make about 1300 per month from my remote job, will this be enough to enjoy Tel Aviv?

What are the best things to do in Tel Aviv, are there any places I should see in Israel before leaving?

Thanks boys, pic not related!
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Fuck outta here with your huge jew nose. Hitler did nothing wrong. Free Palestine
I'm not Jewish. Tel Aviv is a tech capital. Also get fugged by the allies Sven and get keked by merkle and her refugees.
Bump please help

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I'll be doing a visa run in Malaysia soon.

I have plenty of time to idle around, so, what does the place have that recommends itself?
Local food, landscapes, architecture?

Budget: low, but staying in private rooms.
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local here. where exactly in malaysia will you be at and for how long?
that is a really nice picture.
I'll be entering by land from Thailand, and thinking of dropping in to Singapore, so basically the whole rail route from Padang Besar to Singapore. Indian Ocean coast.
I'll be there two weeks minimum, but three weeks is likely and a month is possible.

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Guys, I got a fear of traveling and never have
I have had drinking buddies here that came from Korea
now they are back in Korea
and they want me to come
how much do I need? I have no idea how to travel
any tips and shit?
do i get vaccines?
fuck im tripping out typing this
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Just go for a week and see how you like it.
I don't know how much money I need
this shit is completely new to me
isnt a ticket like super expensive and shit
i should stay for longer no:?
Look on google flights. Buy the cheapest ticket, put some clothes and toiletries in a bag, and fucking go there.

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which course did you take (if any)?
where did you go?
what was it like?
any tips?
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>which course did you take (if any)?
None, just had a Bachelors and got a job
>where did you go?
China, kind of wishing I did Taiwan instead, but I wanted to travel all over easily.
>what was it like?
After a few months, you revert to your normal life, just in a new location. But it's a great way to travel all over and get some money, if you have a year to blow on not advancing your career or education.
>any tips
Read a bunch of blogs from TEFLers first, see if you really want to do it. I recommend going with a company the first year, one that will help you with all the paperwork and has good reviews.
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Dubrovinink Sunset.jpg
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When do the majority of tefl jobs start in China and Korea? Is it August/September the start of a new term? Or are they always hiring?

I am going to finnish university in May and should have around £5000 (about $7500 US) saved up by then. After graduation in July I plan on doing a trip through Eastern Europe, the Balkans and then the Middle East. After this I would like to go to China, or possibly Korea, to do TEFL. By the time I finnish my trip around Europe and the Middle East it could well be October. Should I be able to find start dates in November for TEFL?

Pic unrelated, got it from an annon here. I do plan on going to Dubrovinik though on said trip.
China and Korea tend to accept people with just a bachelor's degree and without any other type of special training.

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Hey, /trv/, I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience or at least insights about teaching English in the Middle East? I've done the ESL thing in Korea and Japan, and I'm interested in trying it out there. I have a Bachelor's (of course) and combined 3 years of experience. Do you think it would be possible for me to get a job? At first glance it appears that most of the jobs seem to require a Master's and/or State License. Are there jobs out there for people with just a BA and experience? I have a small suspicion that the surfeit of qualifications may be a tactic to scare people off and keep the number of applications down? True or am I delusional? How about getting a TEFL cert? I have a dinky online one that the Korean ministry of Ed made me get for my job there. But I doubt that would carry much weight?

Any insights or leads are appreciated, thanks!

Feel free to ask about ESL in general. I can shed some light on Korea and Japan, at least.
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Which country did you prefer? Japan or Korea?
ESL isn't as big a thing in the Middle East as just straight out teaching. Most of the people in the Gulf States speak English anyway. There is a greater demand for teachers that speak English, rather than teachers to teach English.
Japan for sure, although I liked Korea.

Sure, I can see that. Are you sure most of the NATIVE population can speak English in the Gulf States? In most cases, a majority of the population in the Gulf States are expatriates, but what about the natives? But yeah, do you think it would be possible for me to get a job at like an international school or something, not as an ESL teacher necessarily, with no master's or state cert?

Where have you been?
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I'm fairly happy with mine, got some work to do though.
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The only map that matters, every true Englishman has visited all of his dominions

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Would you advise for or against bringing a compact laptop when you travel? I see a lot of people at hostels with them, but surely most of what you'd use it for you could just do on a nice smartphone?

Packing general I guess.
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I carry my tablet because why the fuck not?

To each his own, I guess.

>packing general

Never travel 'cross the sea
Without Imodium A.D.
Currently traveling now and I dumped my laptop in my car the second before I left for my flight. I don't regret leaving it at all, you can do pretty much everything you need on your phone without the extra carry weight.
Depends on where you'll go, what you'll do and your preferences I guess.
When I'm city-hopping on my own I do like to stop at a coffee shop and browse shit on a rainy afternoon once in a while but on a road trip for example I wouldn't even consider bringing one.

How does /trv/ afford exuberant air costs? It's about $1,000 roundtrip to Europe and 1,500 for Asia. Maybe I just have a skewed view of money, being a dirt poor college student. It's frustrating because I have wanderlust bad.
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You probably just don't know how to find affordable flight tickets. Return to Europe can be found from around €270,-. Don't know about USA-Asia, but return Europe-Asia starts at around €300,-.
I was using kayak, leaving from east cost US. Checked multiple times of the year and they're roughly the same.

Am I wrong? Where should I be looking?
Okay. First, it is very interesting to follow certain websites that post cheap flights and stuff on their website. I don't know any American websites for this but I am sure they exist. This is a British example: http://www.holidaypirates.com/flights. Of course this will not help you directly so a few options:
- Norwegian Air Shuttle. Dirt cheap flights from Boston, New York, Orlando, Miami, and some west coast cities to Europe (mainly Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London). Just a quick look shows me a $299,20 return flight JFK-Stockholm in February. Yes, this is a low cost airline, so expect to pay extra for luggage, food, seat selection, etc.. But just don't be picky and take your own food. Return flight to Bangkok can also be found here for under $800,-, but they are maybe not the best option for this.
- WOW Air: Just a quick look shows me a sub $380,- return ticket Boston-Amsterdam in January/February for a month. Same goes for flights from Washington. You can also consider flying to Reykjavik, spend some time there and then use for example EasyJet to fly cheaply to Edinburgh.
- Be flexible with other airlines. But KLM tickets during their sales. Fly with Condor or something from Florida (not sure about this) to Germany. Cheap tickets are everywhere.
- For combinations of cheap flights use skypicker.com . They are awesome and gives you a lot of flexibility. Also skyscanner.com can be great of course.

So, if you have specific dates/origin/destination or something, maybe I can take a look.

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I figured it's a good place to try.

I was on vacation for a month and MAY have gotten a girl pregnant. She seems adamant that it's mine. Since she is in Europe and I'm in America, can I just ignore this? If it is in fact my child is there such a thing as international child support? If so, would it go by the laws of my country or hers? Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? The baby won't be born until June.
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Do you think he/she is yours? If you think he/she is then man up, get a paternity test, then marry her. Which country is she from? I doubt that she can claim child support from across borders. But if you go back to her country then maybe you can be arrested at the border? I'm not sure
Man up and marry some bitch that is too stupid to get an abertion ?
Fuck that anon, you need to fly your ass back to eurpe and deliver a big fat gif related.
>Man up and marry some bitch that is too stupid to get an abertion ?
>Fuck that anon, you need to fly your ass back to eurpe and deliver a big fat gif related.

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