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Unmotivated to study, I want to travel and work abroad

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I've started university this October, but I'm completely unmotivated to continue. I'm not certain if I want to study what I'm studying and I have constant thoughts of just going abroad (currently thinking about the UK) and living there and working for some time and then traveling for a bit with the money I saved up. I've worked in Scotland this year for a month in a restaurant just for the summer and met a lot of young people my age in their 20's who aren't in university and are sort of in the same position in life as me, not really sure what they to do and just trying to find themselves, enjoying the present moment.

Has anyone done something like this? Would this be a bad idea and should I just stay in university?

On one hand I feel like this force inside me urging me to do it, to experience something extraordinary. Seeing the world, experiencing other cultures, meeting people from various countries, etc. is something absolutely amazing for me. I've had a lot of surreal experiences such as hitchhiking through a few countries to visit people that I met out drinking that were in my city for a few days and invited me to visit them. I feel like if I don't do this now it will just get harder later on as right now I don't have any obligations.

However I'm worried that this is just a stupid dream that I have that will lead to nowhere other than some cool experiences and leave me struggling when I need to settle down and find a career.
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I was once in the same position as you. I chose to remain in university. I should have traveled when I had the chance.
you can do it after school, or else, after job, u save some money and have like 1 year own holidays
hey man, here's my advice to you, don't drop out of school, that's pretty dumb.
stay in school get a good paying job and use that to travel to your hearts content instead of having to scrape pennies at a minimum wage job just to make traveling feasible.

you can actually make a lot of money travelling, and ive had a blast doing it.

im 23 now, and my best travel experience was the year I did studying abroad in Australia, it was fucking unreal. seriously, it was magic.

use school to your advantage

Can't you travel afterwards?


You can make decent money working in the UK at a restaurant. There's something appealing about travelling and being lost in life when you're still in your early 20's and meeting other young people in the same position rather than doing it when you're almost 30.
the question here is really are you studying the right thing?

If you do see it as a key stepping stone towards your future career, then stick with it. You perhaps don't have to do it all in one go, maybe break up your study with travel if it's possible on your course.

Lots of people rush to study before they really know what they want to do, so their degrees end up being unrelated.

My advice is to think really carefully about your future. Don't quit just because you've got itchy feet, make sure you do things for the right reasons.
>Has anyone done something like this? Would this be a bad idea and should I just stay in university?
OP, are you low or high maintenance?
Do you like being broke?
It takes quite a bit of money to travel "right" because some of the joys of any culture is being employed and having funds to experience historic dining, museum fees, and things like spas, guides and equipment for exploring/mountaineering, and paying to get to and from more remote places. Yes, you can travel on a shoestring budget, but it doesn't cure your wanderlust/escape ideas, it can even add to your stress when you don't have direction. It probably will not open your mind, help you find a career, build direction for yourself...in....any...way...whatsoever. It's an artificial, unrealistic escape for yourself, because you are not caught up in school. Take a moment to understand your own psychology right now, and face facts. Do you need time off to catch up/study on some core curriculum you forgot? Is it too hard for you to do current work without tutors or catching up? Is this the source of your dissatisfaction. The sooner you realize you do in fact need to work for a living, and that what you see around you as free timers will be utter losers in 10 years time, you can be honest with yourself. Life is a journey, but the right path to be on is one that takes care of yourself. You take care of yourself by doing the steps that allow you to indulge your whims as they come because you secured your future well. Living in Europe, you only need extended time off to leave your continent. Every other kind of travel can be biweekly, monthly, bimonthly and be 4 days at a time, and quite awesome and amazing too. Stop thinking travel has to be a utter brake and pause in life to do right, or that it will do things for you. It can and should be a reward you pay yourself, after you simply earned it by taking care of yourself.
The thing is ... guy doesn't know what he wants and needs to get his thoughts right. Once he finishes a career he doesn't like, he has to make another more specialized course like a masters degree before the knowledge gets lost, then he'll have to find a job in something he doesn't like because he is a grown person now and has to be responsible, etc, etc. Then, wife, kids, etc... has to keep shitty job forever in orden to sustain family. When kids are grown, parents get sick and old and has to take care of them. When he finally can do it, he is an old man himself and could die of a hearth attack because of traveling.
Traveling now and see the wide wield can make him realize what he really wants before he goes down the rat race his family probably want's him to go. Maybe I'm thinking about it too mich. But it did happened to my brothers and it is happening to me. Now that I have a stable job an an in my mid 30's, I only have 10 days a year to travel somewhere. At this point I can't just leave my shitty job and travel the world looking for myself, I have to take care of my father and need to keeo my pension. Levong a job and finding another one when I get back is mot easy in my country.... for someone of my age.. it' almost impossible.
Not at all. This is simply fallacy. You can do all of the points you tried to make and travel as well. You can unless you view travel as an utter complete break from life. Don't have that mentality and you should have it all. I don't know about you, but I've been traveling since I was an infant, with and for family reasons. I didn't stop while I was in college, or while working in the busiest times of my life. I've never done a year off to do some Real Traveler nonsense, but I could if I needed some mid-life sabbatical. Family, parents, grandparents, and needing to work for a living doesn't tie you down at all, unless your idea of work was minimum skills/low education careers. Working really hard at a career can even cause you to retire by 40 (my brother did that). My sister, has 6 degrees, a physician, and like 20 years of study completed now, and she's exactly like me, 18 countries+30ish states and not even counting. Having your mentality (or OPs) isn't healthy and you should look within at WTF your emotional problems are, work through them thoughtfully, and not feel this utter concern and burden at participating fully in life and having it all. It's glass half empty bull and you need to recognize it as such. If you are not a person of financial freedom, you will always have some dissatisfaction of having dreams you can't obtain, but quitting the path to get there is doom. Look around at successful people and do what they did. Work hard, and don't work transient jobs, stop working, spend all your savings, rinse/repeat. It leads to nothing. Put your effort into a second job, business idea to sell something that funds your travel weekends, or plan some career change that is project work, or you will not have your grandparents retirement.
Thanks for the advice dude, but things seem to be quite different in the first world. Do you remember the Simpsons episode about homer and frank grimes?. Well, the reality is that most working class people don't get much despite working their ass off. Here you can't have your pension unless you are 65 years old.
No matter how much you have stored, coin is very devaluated so it will be worthless the moment you leave the country and the rest will be taken away by taxes. Easier said than done man. But thank you anyway.
You need to work around your system as much as you can. Foreign investment for retirement/savings, a second income/business idea that gets you international rate of pay, and not relying upon federal pensions that may not even exist at 65. Hustle yourself, and stop whining. I told you that your mindset is half glass empty. It is not the end of the world to have only 2 weeks vacation unless your idea of vacation only half the globe away and your income for airfare sucks to do that only a week at a time. And, if you don't like that, put your nose to the grindstone to improve your education, promote-ability, or plan for a career change to something that fits your schedule (or own your own business). Get out of a socialist mindset that you will and can only do the minimum and that others will provide for you one day.
Where is this poster in the world? Just curious.
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