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How hard would it be to just pack up and go?
My friend and I want to leave. I'm 20 and she's 19. We live in small town West Virginia and I have family in Colorado Springs, Colorado that I want to go stay with.
Finding work here is hard (Even though I just got a job as a pharmacy cashier) and we both aspire to reach out and travel across the country. For me, it would be a place I'm moving to but for her, it might be a place to stay for a while. There isn't much here, and we want to broaden our horizons. The only problem is that she has lawsuit money she got from being assaulted years ago, but I have no money saved up. About how much would it cost for the necessities to move across country/where would I go to find the information? What I have now to work with are:
>Car: 2000 Honda Civic. Needs some work, but, it's little things like a straight pipe muffler and a radiator fan and tires. I know this'll all estimate to around $200 by itself.
>Sell bait. Guitars, tv, nothing really of high value, but it might get something.
>Going to try to get some camping supplies to avoid hotels

How much would you save up to get started on something like this? I live with my mother at the moment so rent won't be that much of a problem, and the only thing I'd have to worry about is car insurance and paying off the additives to my car. I'm just going to assume she has what she needs for right now since it's really just a concept I'd like to see if I can pull off.
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if you think that the job prospects in colorado springs will be better than they are in rural west virginia, you're for a pretty rude wakeup call.

maybe it'll get better once a few other states legalize
Just the road trip is pretty easy math.

# of Miles traveled / # of miles your car gets per gallon * $ per gallon of gas

With 2 people driving you will only really need to stop to sleep once. Plus some money for food but you can bring that with you.

Its risky to leave for a road trip like that if you are not sure about your car. If you break down in some little town and have to get towed off the freeway they are going to overcharge like crazy. 4 tires for a small car like that is going to be $300+. The other work isnt that hard to do by yourself if you have some basic tools and basic understanding of cars.

Once you get there it just depends on how cool your family is. If they are going to let you eat their food and live for free. Try looking for jobs before you leave? Ideally you want something lined up before you get there but that may be very difficult.
The job market is one aspect. My dad is the general manager of a convenience store chain, so if anything I'll be able to get something, even if it is a cashier.
We don't really have very many friends, I only have my mother here and she cant really afford to take care of me, and aside from my dad recently moving, all we've known is rural West Virginia. I know that we would be taken care of if we got there, the only thing is getting there.

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Didn't see any sort of qtddtot on the catalog so I thought to make one to get some of my questions answered. I don't usually browse /trv/ and only have traveled a bit in the past. But recently I have been gaining interest in going solo, starting with around the US before I go on out to other countries. I want to pick some of your brains out there and learn a few safe ways to do things. I am pretty clueless with traveling. Are there any safety precaution in traveling solo other than using common sense? Any sort of trusted and affordable places to stay for solo traveler?
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>Any sort of trusted and affordable places to stay for solo traveler?
I think those are called Hostels.

I heard good things about hostels from /trv/. I've never been to one so I don't know exactly how it works. Where would you keep your stuff? just as close to you as you can? Or do they have some sort of locker for personal use?
Some have lockers in the rooms. Others make you pay extra for using a locked storage area by the lobby. It depends on the place.

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Your experience around Tokyo and newcomers?

Was thinking about moving there for a year or so. Please tell me more dolan.
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I haven't properly lived there, but i've been there a bunch of times.

First question is: Do you speak Japanese?. Most people in Japan don't feel confident enough about their english to strike a conversation with you. Some of them will plain ignore you mostly because of this reason. This can be acceptable during a 1-2 week trip, but I imagine it can very quickly make a dent and take a toll on you after a few months.

Are you planning to work remotely? I'm in IT so I've been considering getting a remote job in the future, and spend 6 months there or so. Still just an idea.
Well. I don't actually. I wish i did but i dont. Ive heard that but i didint know if it was true. Im working as a nurse in Sweden so im guessing that finding work will be hard?

Is it expencive to live there? I wish i could work as an IT guy but i dont. Im not that good.
If you don't speak Japanese, your choices are not looking good. Even on IT, which is a highly globalized industry, there are very few jobs over there that don't require business level Japanese proficiency.

The only exception being an english teacher, there's plenty of people with ESL jobs here in /trv/, so they might be able to give you some pointers.

Im living in Berlin right now and I think food prices are quite similar. You can get a very low-cost (and a bit low quality) meal at a Yoshinoyas for about 4-5 eur. A regular bowl of ramen should be around 6 eur, nothing too fancy. Getting a nice menu at a moderately priced restaurant should be about 10-16 eur. Going out for drinks and some food at an Izakaya should be about 20-40 euro per person, depending on what you order of course. Beers have more scandinavian-like prices, costing 2-3 euros per large can in a convenience store.

Inside the city, public transportation varies depending on the company and the distance. It's usually about 2 euros per trip on average.

You can get some shared accomodation on small private rooms through airbnb for as little as 400 eur / month, which is good if you consider that a Japanese landlord would probably not rent you directly anyway.

All in all, I think you can live, without luxuries, for about 1,100 eur per month if you don't cook, stick to cheap places and like to drink on the weekends.

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I'd had a few problems with life at home so I decided to take last year off to escape from it all and do as much travelling as I could. I'm not particularly wealthy, but I spent a few months working and saving up money, found some placements, and over the course of the year I managed to travel to nearly 20 different countries across 3 different continents. It was a pretty amazing year filled with new experiences, and it made me passionate about travelling. However, I have student debts to pay off and a feeling that I should begin to 'settle down', so I applied for a Master's which would help me to continue my professional development, get me a secure well-paid job in a field I'm interested in, and so on.

Now I'm back in England on my MSc course, and I just find everything so bland. My course is interesting, I'm making sure my social life is active, I'm pursuing several different hobbies - but nothing comes close to the excitement and freedom of travelling. I can't see a happy future for myself in England, but I don't know whether I'd like to move somewhere else permanently or just keep travelling. I just can't get excited about the prospect of some well-paid job if it will only allow me to have a few weeks holiday each year, especially in a country which doesn't really interest me anymore.

Any other post-travelling anons feel this way? Do these feelings change as you get more settled into home life?
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I'm 22 and wrapping up university. I've traveled to about thirty countries over the course of the past three years, all with money I saved from working multiple jobs. I lived in India, saw the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, hitchhiked across Europe, and just came back home from Colombia.

I have a nice girlfriend and a very good job, especially for a student. I still live at home since I don't have to pay rent and can save more money this way.

As you said, nothing at home quite compares to the feeling you get when you're able to do exactly what you want, when you want, in different parts of the world. I find that, to an increasingly great extent, my good friends who I talk to on a regular basis live in places I've only visited or lived in for short periods of time.

I don't really know what the solution is. My old career goals don't seem nearly as fulfilling as I thought they would, and I'm at the point in life where I have to start making decisions about the future. I don't want to waste my life doing things I don't like, but, on the other hand, I don't want to be a traveling bum who never contributed to the world, either.

If you find a solution, please let me know.

>inb4 non-/trv/ trolls rip on me and OP
I graduated and taught ESL in various countries age 22-26 and travelled a shitload. The actual job was shit but the experience was amazing. I do hate the thought that my life "peaked" and I won't have so much fun again.

The first 6-12 months back home were pretty depressing to be honest. Now I've got a career on the go and making decent money and it's alright... I'm 27 now and am just focused on my job for the next few years.

I use my vacation days for short trips to Europe. In a few years time when I want to move jobs (or if I get fired) I plan to take a haitus and do a serious backpacking trip again (3 months+). Or maybe even take a haitus if my company allows me long term unpaid leave. Either way it's not a possibility for the next couple of years but it keeps me going.

No plans to really settle yet (wife, mortgage etc). Maybe when I'm 35 or so.
I was actually considering doing the same thing, even though what I study is completely unrelated to languages, and my career path is actually one I want to pursue. My 'sensible' brain won out and I decided to get some career progression first before accumulating more debt, but I do sometimes wish I'd picked the other option. Oh well, I guess it's always an option if I change my mind about the career, or decide a career break would be a good idea.

Which country/countries did you teach in?

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Hey /trv/

Planning on traveling to germany next summer.

How much would i be spending for a 2 week stay? Ill be staying in dusseldorf at a friends house.

Also how safe is germany right now?
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>how safe is germany right now
As safe as it's always been, which means most likely much safer than where you're from.
Refugee crisis is basically solved now
the picture is about the upcoming movie based on the novel "he is back again" and says "he again"

the paragraph under the picture says "refugee crisis is a boss matter now" and that Merkel is now in charge

funny because,it looks like hitler will take care now...
layout department messed it up

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I'm going to hike across central Asia starting at the black sea. Which of the 'Stans, if any, should I make sure to avoid?
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>I'm going to hike across Central Asia!
>doesn't know which countries he should or shouldn't visit

sounds legit
How about you not be a shitlord and instead provide advice

How about you use Google instead of asking incredibly retarded questions like "tell me which entire countries I should avoid on the hike through Central Asia I'm probably never going to take."

You are not "going" to hike across Central Asia if you don't have any visas or clue which countries you shouldn't visit. You are "considering" hiking across Central Asia, or, more likely, fantasizing about it.

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Hey gang,

I am a 21 year old Canadian, I have completed one year in Australia on a working holiday visa in 2013, and this January I will be heading across the pond to start working and living in the UK. I already have my working visa approved. So far:

>have a savings of $6000 CAD, will save another $2500
>Have experience travelling

My question is, can you guys give me some tips on where to settle. So far I have considered Belfast, Edinburgh, or Manchester.

Any tips/information that may help is greatly appreciated. Thanks fuckers.

pic unrelated
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Oi oi lad

I'll make it short:

Belfast - shit
Manchester - full of immigrants
Edinburgh - GOD TIER

Go to Edinburgh, you will not regret it.

Out m8 cos it's 3:30am here, night.
literally why? canada is the best place to live, maybe not the most interesting, but that's what travelling is for
Hope you enjoy shuria law friend

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I just completed a 120 hour online TEFL course with LoveTEFL. From January to July, I'm going to be travelling around Eastern Europe and SEA, though I'm not sure yet which countries/cities/areas I'll be visiting.

While I'm travelling, how easy or difficult will it be for me to potentially find TEFL jobs along the way? If I'm in a country/city and stumble upon a job, I'd be happy to stay there for a while assuming I like the place. How likely is it for that to happen?

I understand that doing so wouldn't be possible in Western Europe (and that I'd need a CELTA), but is Eastern Europe more relaxed? I'm an intelligent guy with a BA and the TEFL certificate. I also have lots of experience working with children and a fair amount of teaching experience.

Also, TEFL general I guess.
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Bump. Does anyone have experience in this sort of semi-spontaneous job hunting?
bump,this is a thing i want to do so badly

I can't really advise on job hunting, but you seem to be in a good place to find work with those qualifications and experience (although some assessed classroom experience as part of your TEFL certificate would be better)

If you're from outside the EU it will be much more difficult to get work spontaneously as you'll need to deal with visas etc. and employers would more than likely prefer candidates where that isn't necessary.

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What is there to do in York?
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What is there to do?
What is there?
What is love?

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Hey /trv/,

I made a thread months ago about where it would be feasible to eat well and work out. You guys helped me narrow it down to Argentina.

So I want to go live there for like 6 months. Canadians get 90 days so I was wondering if it's as easy as doing visa runs to stay longer? I sort of try to avoid using up WHV's in case I fall in love with someone from that country/I get offered a ridiculously good job.

I figure I can learn there for a fraction of the cost and I was wondering if it's even realistic to find and english-speaking tutor that doesn't charge ridiculous prices for: singing lessons, violin lessons, dance (choreography) classes, learning german and/or Spanish, flair bartending. I'll be working out and eating well the whole time, as well.

What would you recommend budgeting?

I basically want to save up and go there to learn/develop new hobbies full time for a little bit. Can you guys see anything wrong with my idea?

I'd travel through Central/South America afterwards. I also have a job lined up in the United States and I guess I should just keep the American dollars because they're worth more on the black market/I get a discount by exchanging, right?

Sorry for all my questions...I hope you guys don't mind.

Hope you're all well!
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The prices in Argentina are high. Money is inflated, but the prices are somewhat like everywhere else, because: import has still the same price, and food produced in the country has to be sold at the same price it would be exported, or the producers would directly stop selling in the land.
But how can it be more expensive than Canada? Assuming I'm not there to work and I'm coming with American/Canadian dollars.... How could my dollar not go way further than it would back home?
Bump because you might be me OP. I've entertained the same idea of staying in Argentina for half a year to learn spanish.

I thought their currency collapsed?

Hi. I am german, so please forgive my English. I'm planning to visit Russia. I will start from Vilnius, then Minsk, then Kaliningrad (former Konigsberg) and go toward Vladivostok by train. My goals are: Moscow, S-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yakutsk, Vladivostok.
What are your impressions of Russia? Someone was there?
I'm not racist, but i love to love some blond girls. Unfortunately, there are no blond girls in Germany anymore, or there are very few today. So i need to move somewhere. Best regards, german 1489
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Did the USSR come back when I was out buying milk
No blonde girls in Germany.
Calling bullshit.
Excuse me, of course Vilnius is Lithuania today and Minsk is Belarus. But who cares? I think they kept russian essence

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Hey, /trv/. I am going to Oxford next semester from Canada and was wondering where I should go on my March break. I don't want to spend a massive amount of money, but I want to go somewhere that would be fun for a short amount of time.
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Not Britain.
Do you mean in the UK or are you willing to get on a plane?

You have very good airport access, so lots of cheap European destinations.

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I'm going to Thailand next week
i've only booked my flight to bangkok
nothing else ..

what to do ?
cheap hostels ?
good food places ?
cheap things to do ?
where to go besides Bangkok ?

i'll be staying for a month
25/m from belgium
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Bed Station for hostel
For food, just eat street food. If there are lots of locals eating there, eat there. There are some nice temples in Bangkok, make sure you go to them.
thanks i'll check it out
i've heard orf a full moon party ?
is it worth going to that ?

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I've been to the obvious places in America. NYC, NOLA, Boulder, San Fran. It's a huge country, and as I continue seeing the country, I could use some help for when I'm in places like the midwest, or the north west south.

So let's have a thread for nowhere america.

I'm going on a roadtrip, and some of the states I'm having trouble planning my route through are Northern Alabama, Northern Mississippi, Arkansas, Western Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah. I enjoy day hikes, but I also love a good drinking town. What does /trv/ know of more or less along this route?
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You are having trouble planning for Montana Utah Wyoming and you say you love hiking?
No, he said he LIKES hiking -- he LOVES drinking.


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Hey, /trv/.

You were one of the only good boards on this site. A place where I got great information and the people are intelligent and well rounded.

Thanks for it all, I guess I'm getting a bit too old to be browsing a place where people post frog pics lol.

Hope you all get to where you want to be and feel content with yourselves.

To not make this an egotistical wah im leaving thread, hows about you all post your dream locations to visit one day in your life, like the Aztec ruins or Machu Picchu
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don't leave
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How old are you OP? I often wonder if I'm getting to old to be on 4chan...

Anyway, I'd like to visit Qatar

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