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How do you deal with clothes when backpacking?
Do you choose the "buy cheap clothes wherever you are and wear them until they're unusable" or the "buy high-quality clothes that will last longer" route?

I heard merino wool clothes are a great choice because of its thermal properties and high odor resistance but the price tag is quite steep.

So what's your choice, /trv/?
Anyone care to share some experiences?
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Laundromats do exist in civilized places. If not, a basin of water and some washing powder and get a-scrubbin'.
Merino is awesome but a bitch for backpacking. If you don't take good care of it you will have pilling all over it.
>wash it at 40°C max, use wool wash and always together with a denim jeans
That's not really practical for backpacking.
Nice to know.
But I guess it wouldn't be a problem to wash in a basin or in the shower?

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Hey, /trv I'm a 20 year old Scotsman living in Cyprus, I've recently gotten a job that would allow me to work anywhere and I'm willing to make the jump and settle for a while somewhere else.

Does anybody have any experience living abroad that they would recommend?

I am open to any suggestion, eastern Europe, India, whatever. Tell me your experiences.
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How do work visas happen for work-from-homers like you? Do you need one before you settle in another country?
I'm guessing countries like Thailand or India don't give a fuck if you want to do tech support from your hotel room, but I can't imagine places like Australia wouldn't try to jew you out of some tax revenue.

That's a good question mate, and something I COMPLETELY overlooked. Like you said, it will differ from country to country so I'll have to do some research when I have a better idea where I'm going.
Indian here; working from home can be incredibly bothersome. Travelling in a third-world country is one thing, living and working in one is another.

If you have the choice, live where you have a higher QOL.

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How does one cope with travel nostalgia?

I went to Australia for a year three years ago and it was the best year of my life. I have been back in Canada for two years now and i have not been happy since i came back. I see my friends in Australia post pictures on Facebook and i just get this terrible feeling in my heart. I feel like i should have never left and i belong there. I think about it everyday and it is hurts. I think about going back but i have no idea how. I am currently in school and i dont know how well my future career would transition overseas. Some times i consider just dropping out and getting a trade like plumbing with the hope i could get a job in Australia
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There's the whole honeymoon phase and grass is greener on the other side and everything. And how you get slightly special treatment as a foreigner.

I had the same with vietnam (australian m myself) and on going back and strongly considered becoming an english teacher so i could stay there. Its just escapism. You need to learn about how to interact with your own culture and face your problems and insecurities where you are.

I might still go do the english teacher thing but it wont be because I'm running. It will be for the right reasons.

>Its just escapism
>face your problems and insecurities where you are.

Those comments and that picture really hit home for me anon.

It has been two years since i have been back and i have tried to establish a life here but i find it difficult. I tried moving to a new city here in my home country and it did nothing for me and now i am trying a career path and i feel like i will still feel like this one year from now
I went on a cruise alone last year and had a blast, don't want to go back cuz I'm afraid of having too high expectations

What backpack does /trv/ use?

I'm looking at getting this: http://www.ospreypacks.com/au/en/product/stratos-50-STRATOS50_532.html
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Bumping for interest.

I'm also looking at what pack I should buy for 4 weeks in SEA. So far my favorite is:

Have a look on /out/. If you can ignore the gearfaggotry they actually know what to look for in a backpack.

I've got the Osprey Kestrel 48 as an overnight/3 day hiking pack, the quality is top notch so I'd recommend anything by Osprey. Just make sure you try it on before you buy, some of them have fitted back 'plates' which means you have to wear it slightly higher on your back. Not a problem though, it just caught me by surprise.
The Stratos 50 looks good.
The Farpoint 55 looks horrible and a waste of money.

What you want to look in a good backpack for high load is a nice cushioned shoulder strap and a waist band.

The ATMOS AG looks even better than the Stratos but it's more expensive.
The EXOS is another option that's a bit cheaper but doesn't look that inferior to the ATMOS (still more expensive than the STRATOS).

The best option is for you to go to a physical store and try the backpack to see how well it adjusts to your body and how well cushioned the areas that will stay constantly in contact with your body are (mainly shoulders, back and waist).
Also, consider well how big of a backpack you really need.
50L is really big and it won't be easy to carry it around with you all the time. And I think most airlines will make you check-in a bag that big.

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Thailand Genera rant about:
>Beach living
>Best cuisine in the world
>Teaching English
>Joining the Yakuza
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I don't know if that picture is funny or sad.

I was thinking of going but I'm concerned that my travel agent will think I'm going to bang women and do drugs.
She looks... impatient
anyone hear of recent cracking down on the night life, and visa being harder to get

is there even any appeal to living in thailand anymore

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burgerlander here
i've never left the country before, but in july i'm going to greece for 20 days or so. i'll be staying with a friend. any tips or advice? my total budget is ~$2300
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is your friend a native greek and/or is your friend as inexperienced in life as you

in any case, don't blow all your money in a few days. i imagine half of that will be used for a plane ticket.
yes, she's native greek but she can speak fluent english.
i don't plan on buying anything but food and maybe a few souvenirs.

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Hey, everyone! I would like to know your view on visiting impoverished areas or Slum Tourism.
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Fuck off!
You don't need to make multiple threads!
I forgot the link. https://surveyplanet.com/56e02dd3493d480c1bf1153b

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My gf and I are planning a trip that we want to take next year. Basically we just want to get on a train and go around the US. Head northeast, see the big cities, go out west for the mountains, head towards the coast, and all that. Thing is, neither of us have ever done anything like this so I've got no clue what sort of things to look out for or how to plan properly. Any general advice would be appreciated!

We'd be leaving from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of TX if it's of any help.
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if it was me I would look into more historical train rides (Colorado has a bunch as well as the east and west coast and just drive rental cars between destinations though they are pricy it will save you time because riding a train takes time....

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Hi, I want to give blood in Augsburg, Germany. Do you now what are procedures and did anyone of you did it? What are your experiences?

I am donating blood regulary, every 3 months, 20 times so far. So I am not new one.
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1. Go there
2. Fill out a bunch of forms
3. Be rejected/accepted
4. ???

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hey /trv/

>thinking of a trip to Morocco and southern Spain in 2017 or before, maybe for two weeks
>American traveler, no Arabic language skills (though can learn the basics), high school Spanish (Mexican and Puerto Rican dialects - for what it's worth, it passed in South America, at least)

how is the situation? language barrier? getting around by yourself? not into tours and shit like that. I've read up on other travel sites, but figured you guys have a more lay-of-the-land impression.

focusing mostly on Morocco, but would like to hop a ferry ride to Spain and see at least Gibraltar and maybe other places close enough to be worth it. any basic thoughts there?
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I don't know how easy it is to get a boat directly to Gibraltar; it's definitely easy to get to Algeciras, although I recommend sailing to Tarifa instead. It's a beautiful town with great tapas bars and views of Africa. From Tarifa it's maybe an hour by bus to La Linea, at the border with Gibraltar.
Is it worth the trouble and expense? Yes, but only if you happen to be in Morocco's far north anyway. It's straightforward enough if you're starting in Casa or Rabat, but Moroccan public transport is a pain in the ass so if you're in Chefchaouen don't think "oh I'm not so far from Tangier". Still, Gibraltar is motherfucking cool.
There is no situation. There never has been a situation.
>Language barrier
You can use your Spanish in the far north. If you only speak English you'll only interact with people who want to get your money, and you'll quickly convince yourself that all Moroccans are scumbags. Try, try, try to learn as much French as possible before you go. I used a combination of Michel Thomas and Duolingo.
>Getting around by yourself
you'll have to deal with bus ticket salesmen who are mostly crooks. If they're charging you 100 dirham, if the trip isn't at least 3 hours long you're being cheated. Trains are functional but slow and don't go many places.
Shared taxis are the fastest way to get anywhere but they cram you in with six other people which is so uncomfortable I avoid them whenever I can.

Do you have any specific plans?
>Don't bother with Marrakech
>Do go to Rabat
I wouldn't bother with learning Arabic for a trip to Morocco, the dialect is so strong even native speakers from other parts of the Middle East can't understand them a lot of the time

Hey, just wondering if someone could edit the sticky in /trv/ to let people know one should:

A) search for a thread about your travel destination BEFORE making a new post.

B) be very specific in your question about
>WHO you are (age, gender, nationality etc)
>WHAT you want to see/do, your interests
>WHEN you are planning to go
>WHERE you are headed
>HOW much money do you have.

It's a great board, the most mature/intelligent by far, but I'm sick of constant open ended "going to X, what do?" threads...
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Agreed, and PLEASE change the sticky picture. I'm sick of looking that ugly face. Proof all mods are atheist autists.
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This pic?

Hi, looking for some help. Does anybody know what this building is? I know it is in st Petersburg, russia
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Google Image Search brings up St. Isaac's Cathedral.
Wrong, my friend.

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Hey /trv/!

I am going on a roadtrip from Hungary to Southern England (and back) and I need your advice on planing the route.

I want to drive 6-10 hours a day with the trip lasting 7-10 days. I'll sleep in campings or in my car. That won't be an issue.

I'll be visiting a few relatives/friends on the way so there are few mandatory stops.

>Frankfurt am Main
>The Hague

Pic related shows my initial ideas.

Is a Swiss-Tyrol (so essentially Alpine) detour worth it?

What would be good to check out in Baden and Southern Bayern?

What are particularly unique sightseeings in Flanders?

What else do you suggest?
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jesus mate, less driving, longer trip
i highly doubt 6-7 hours of driving a day is gonna make for a particularly enjoyable trip

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I'm an American and I'm interested in visiting Cuba. Obviously the forbidden fruit aspect of it is a big draw, but I am genuinely interested in experiencing the island as it is now. I don't have any political agenda, and I would prefer to not get a license and just show up and bum around the island. For the Americans that have done this, is it easy to do? Have you been hassled? Is it an overrated destination?
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It's not overrated.

It's not easy. You still need to do a tour with proper paperwork. It isn't instantaneous, you are looking a few months out.
I'm Australian and spent about three weeks in Cuba in October/November. First of all I would say make sure you do some research and possibly bring Lonely Planet guide. I got a bit caught out without the internet and without that many opportunities to meet other travellers. Secondly, the food is very shitty and supermarkets are very limited. Thirdly, it is quite expensive compared to the countries I had travelled to prior to Cuba (Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras at that point). If you re travelling by yourself accomodation will be quite expensive. I was with three other people and we were able to get reasonable prices for casa particulars as a result. Thirdly, I believe that speaking Spanish would make your time much more enjoyable and interesting. My spanish is terrible and I felt like I was missing out on quite a lot as a result.

I was exhausted by the end of my three weeks. By the end of the trip I was sick of Cuba and ready to get back to Mexico. Looking back on it though, I am really glad that I went and it was a really fascinating country to visit.

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So, my friends and I want a cheap lads holiday. But not somewhere shit and mainstream like Ibiza or the Greek Islands, we want somewhere unique to us, but it'll still be fun and cheap when we go.

My friend said Croatia, although the group is against it. What's a good, cheap place to go for a lads holiday, preferably with good weather?

I emphasise cheap, thanks /trv/. Pic unrelated (or is it?).
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Seriously OP, the point of lads holidays is too keep yourself contained, so that sane reasonable people know where NOT to go to avoid shitstains like yourself. Lads holidays are one thing, whatever, but it's pretty rude to consider shitting up respectable places that aren't filled with drunk Brits climbing up and pissing on memorials to war dead.

Do us all a favour and stick to Ibiza or 'the Greek Islands'.

Seconding this.
does "lads holiday" mean "go somewhere people don't know us to be loud drunken assholes and bang sloots"? or do you want to actually go on a cool trip with a couple friends? and don't fucking say "both"-one of them has to be the priority.

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