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Hey guys, thought I'd just start a conversation on best spots for camping, I'm starting with pic related, Acadia National Park in Maine.

Nice campgrounds, good hikes, and there's free busses that go from place to place around the whole area. I'd highly recommend. Where are your favorite spots?

Bonus question: how do you guys camp? I pitch an old fashioned A-frame tent, cook as much as I can on the fire, but also use a small backpacking stove to fry eggs and such. I like to bring a good bottle of wine and a cigar if allowed.
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I saw your pic and for a second I thought "Jesus, that guy's got balls for camping on top of Cadillac Mountain."

Best place I've ever camped is underneath the Old man of Storr on the isle of Skye. There are a few flat grassy areas just above the forest. I've seen a lot of the world, and I've never been anywhere with a better view. Go to sleep in pea-soup fog, grumpy that you couldn't even catch a glimpse of the Storr; then in the morning poke your head out of the tent flap and see the sun rising above Applecross, water reflecting the pink clouds reflected in Loch Leathan.
You can legally camp basically anywhere you like in Scotland.
thats looks amazing, any coms about camping in scotland? areas to avoid or dangers?

ive been considering taking a trip where i basically spend about 1 to 2 weeks just camping.
There are a few long-distance footpaths in Scotland that would keep you busy for a week or two. West Highland Way if you don't mind other hikers, Cape Wrath Way if you're hardcore.
>areas to avoid or dangers
Yea, avoid camping next to streams where the fucking midges swarm so thick it looks like someone's taken a can of black spray paint to the outside of your rainfly. Enjoy staying up till midnight squashing the 600 that followed you in.

Gonna spend one year working in Nicaragua from summer on

Im half nica but was never there, what awaits me? what should I know? how can I prepare?
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Nicaraguans are butthurt towards Americans, more so than other Latino countries. This guy is the reason.


thanks I'm reading into his book this very moment.

That guy was quite a dick judging the wiki article tho.

and the term 'filibusting' should be revived to describe some political scenarios happening today
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Is it safe to go to Egypt now?
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It's probably only a good idea if you are part of a large tour group and don't venture outside tourist-friendly zones. It is a dangerous place especially for rich infidel Westerners, but it's balanced by the fact that they need Western tourist dollars to keep the economy afloat. So, there will be some presence of security.

Personally, I will not visit any country with a UN HDI rank below 0.800 out of 1.000 (Egypt's score is 0.690).



Believe it or not, the Egyptians you meet everywhere will be very good to you, the reason being that their income relies on tourists, and at the moment there aren't many tourists around so the few there are are treated very well to try and encourage tourism to come back.

Some exceptions of course, like Sinai and the Libyan boarder, dont go there because they have lots of Islamic terrorists that want to kidnap you and behead you after your family pays them the ransom.

Just keep up to date with the news, keep away from protests or doing things that you shouldn't when in a foreign country and you will be fine.
India's almost at 0.600 though and I've never heard any bad stories from travelers there.

Hey I wasnt sure where to even post this, but this seems like the most appropriate thread. Ive look on google for about 20 mins and couldnt find an answer os maybe someone here knows from experience.

Is it legal for a Virginia resident to take a trip to Washington DC and purchase marijuana. I know it is illegal if I get caught with it in VA but what I'm wondering is if they will sell it to me knowing that I'm not a resident of DC.
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So long as you meet the age restriction requirements, you can purchase marijuana in states where it is legal regardless of where you are from. Just dont bring it back.

The bigger question is whether you can even buy it in DC. My understanding is that although they legalized it, there was no plan to tax and sell it, and Congress has withheld funds to implement the law. I am not from DC though so it could be different now.

If you want to do marijuana tourism i would strongly recommend Denver or Seattle where the laws have been on the books longer and things are more established.

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Hey /trv/ I'm thinking of taking my first long term nomad trip, my buddy and I are planning to hitchike around Canada and work some farm jobs, pick berries and mushrooms kind of shit and live on the beaches/camps the farms sometimes provide.
I'm very excited but packing has been on my mind a lot, obviously packing light is the best way to go but I'm scared I'll forget something crucial.
What are some of your long terms backpacking essentials?

I'll start;
Handcrank flashlight and radio
Small netbook in case of emergencies
Extra charger for phone because shit breaks
multi tool
Mason jar (can be a cup or a food container if need be)
Self defense tool (I have mace and my buddy has a switch blade so we should be aight )
Rolling papers
Extra underwear and socks
Extra pair of shoes (I wear army issued garrisons for walking and shit, flip flops and a pair of converse in bag)
I was thinking of getting a small camping cookware set but they seem too bulky to carry around long term and I don't mind eating cold food.

So what does /trv/ take with them when they hit the road? Also, does anyone know how to prevent chafe from walking long distances?
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Don't need shit compadre. Hook up with the Rainbow Family.

That's the plan eventually, best scenario is that I'd find a commune to live with a bit, I'd also like to go to burning man this year who knows!
I did this for a year (europe here) i only had the multitool which i used only a few times and extra underwear and socks. Only real necessity is a sleeping bag(+tent if not urban) and water prevent chafing by carrying less shit but it will happen anyway


Travel insurance question.

I looked at World Nomads policy ( https://www2.worldnomads.com/policy_wording.aspx?pid=4b477ca754c1478bbf5c760eb2d1931d ) and they seem to have a an excess of 70€ which is huge! It means that if I go to a doctor and I end up paying less than 70€ they won't pay a thing, right?

Maybe it's normal? Is there other companies with better excesses?

Where I live a doctor appointment costs around 25€ and prescribed medication less than 20/30€ for usual diseases...

I'd love any feedbacks on the subject of travel insurance.

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That isn't huge at all, I got food poisoning in Thailand and couldnt hold down water so I got dehydration. My trip to the local doctor for about 2 hours cost £400.

You'll be suprised how much medical care costs in places outside of the EU.

Also note that you won't be getting 'appointments.' If you need a doctor enough to visit on a trip you will have broken a bone (€£€£€$$$£€£) or need some kind of care like a saline drip at least (which I had to have and that cost my insurance £400.)

But you are right if you go to the doctor and it costs less than your excess your insurance wouldn't help.

But if it costs less than your excess don't even bother to claim it on insurance just pay...
Most insurance companies allow you to alter that minimum, you'll have to pay more if you want it lowered to 0. But usually the purpose of a medical insurance isn't to cover your sore throat, it's to cover that week you would spend in hospital after your appendix ruptures... It's for when you get really sick abroad or need surgery, yeah many other smaller things are covered too but this insurance is mainly to prevent you from going bankrupt if anything bad happens.
$100 isn't huge for a doctor visit. If you are only pay $20/40 it's subsidized somehow, by negotiated rates with your insurance or is simply a copay. Expect that with any tests, a doctors appointment should be closer to $150 and upwards to $450. After that, we're talking urgent care prices, which supports more staff during said visit, as well as being a specialist in price. Most specialists give you 15mins of time, and charge $250 for their diagnosis or second opinion, any tests or procedures are extra on top of that.

When it comes to doctors being cheaper in other countries, don't count on it. They probably trained abroad, and have other reasons for their overhead. It's an internationally priced career, in other words. They might make less in their country, but their supplies may not be any cheaper. You can get slightly cheaper dental care in Mexico or Poland, but there's still a shortage of dentists worldwide.

I'm taking a month long road trip before my next job (moving from DC to San Francisco) however I really need a place to take my cat.

My brother lives in Lake Tahoe (near San Francisco where I am moving) said he may be able to help...but I don't know how I'll get the cat there as I was planning to start my road trip in DC and end in San Francisco.

Has anyone done this before or have any ideas?
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Car carrier/crate. Leash + collar. Enjoy your cat in the car, take him for a little break when you stop for breaks. Stay in pet friendly hotels, and keep the crate door closed (get an oversized one that collapses if you want them to have more room while you sleep. Talk to you vet about medications for nausea and other concerns, as well as having shot records up to date, and a chip in case of escape.

You can ship animals by airplane, and a cat would ride in the cabin with the owner (under 20lbs), but unaccompanied? Not sure how that works.
I've both traveled with a cat on an airplane, and put one (actually the same one) in cargo to fly by himself while I took a road trip (cat was not going to tolerate four says en route). I recommend shipping your cat if you can. Reno airport is probably not much more than an hour from wherever your brother lives (Tahoe is roughly 3.5hrs' drive from SF btw, but in bad weather and/or bad traffic it could be six), and while it may be no fun for kitty it is easier than finding cat-friendly motels.

I'm traveling to Valencia this summer, to fap over some architecture. Anybody any tip on learning basic Spanish.
Preverably in the form of movies, series, and shit like that.
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I've been (lazily) learning Portuguese for awhile now and I understand Spanish a shit ton more after not having studied spanish at all.

Also, switch the language in your phone/phone games/etc. You'll pick up on things eventually.
I'm in the process of learning Spanish myself. I'm currently using studyspanish.com to learn grammar. Once I've learned the 'rules' of the language, I plan to just do plenty of reading and writing to remember words and expand my vocabulary.

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I'm planning on staying in Dhaka for a week during Eid, with my girlfriend who is a Bangladeshi National. There is a law against foreigners having any Bangladeshi visitors to their hotel rooms. She wont actually be staying in my hotel overnight, but it's obviously much more convenient if she can come into my room. I'm going to book the "royal suite" which is large with a dinning table and stuff.

I talked to the hotel about this to make sure there are no issues. I had do to some careful talking and convincing, but I got sent up the chain of management who have confirmed that if we check in together we will be fine. That means I would book a room for 2, which is a bit extra and fine with me.

The only thing is we might not actually "check in together", we will arrive there at different times. She will also come and go. Do you think they will have a problem with this? I'd think any normal hotel would be fine with this, but in BD they seem a bit sensitive.
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Just tell them their beliefs are outdated relics from the Dark Ages that have no place in 21st Century society, and that they should be ashamed of themselves for stubbornly holding on to them.

They will deeply apologize and immediately adopt your point-of-view, so you should have no problems whatsoever.
It's obviously to discourage prostitution. Hotels DGAF if you're married or not, as OP's post shows.
I was in Dhaka not that long ago. What the official stance is and what actually happens are two different things. Bangladesh is actually much more permissive than you'd think with all the muslim stuff. Officially they wouldn't let your gf in, but most likely they would just look the other way.

I stayed at a 5star which had a hotel bar, and even working girls. I didn't try one, but it was clear it wouldn't have been a problem. She probably would just have discretely come to my room on her own, after me. The hotel staff clearly knew the working girls and everyone knew the game.

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I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks and I've got 2 problems.

1. I've already booekd a car for a trip to Grand Canyon. West Rim or South Rim?
I know, that the South Rim is "the real deal" and the West Rim is a rip-off for tourists, but it has to be done in one day. I am starting the trip at 9am.

2. I have tickets for Guns N' Roses at the T-Mobile Arena. Is it possible for me to sell tickets infront of the area? Are there any chances that someone will give me 400$ for them? I've 3 tickets, but only need 2.

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1. The south rim is 5 1/2 hours away - you can't really make it a day trip. Just go to the west rim.

2. T-Mobile arena isn't open yet, so there's really no solid advice here for it, since no one has ever attended. Scalping isn't legal here, but generally it's not too heavily enforced, although that might be different since the stadium will just now be opening and they might want to discourage scalpers.

As for the ticket price, I see they're going for over $300 on Stubhub, so maybe you could get $400, if it's a good seat? Keep in mind that you're taking a pretty big risk of eating ~$400 if you get there and no one wants to buy a single ticket, given that you'd only have a few hours before the event to sell. I'd list it on StubHub. From what I know, there's still a lot of work to be done there, so there might not be a lot of foot traffic besides people who have already bought their tickets.

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Hey, /trv/.

What cities in the world are...
>very clean looking,
>and very new looking, as if almost every building in the entire city has been just built recently?

Bonus if you can also name some US cities as such.
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Dubai is an obvious one. In general, that whole region, seeing as they were fishing villages 50 years ago, they literally are brand new.

Oslo is really nice, but give it a couple more years until its all built. Veryc clean and modern.

Reikjavik is small and clean, modern.

Ghost towns in china.

Seems pretty dull though, why would you want to go to a place without any history or "soul"? Autism?
Singapore ? Never been there but I heard it's just like you want it to be : safe, clean and recent.

Melbourne also meets your criterion quite well
Buenos Aires and Vancouver

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I'm fucking tired of life in my shitty country with no possibility to find any work, especially appartaments. I study in power-engineering institute, but did a most big mistake of my life going there. Biology is more interesting for me, but I've got it too late... I have a lot of interests and they do not coincide with my interests at all. Living here is such hell. Every day my road to university takes about 4-5 hours, cause they do not give me the hostel. I can not study due to lack of time on homework, have no money to road and travel without a ticket running from the controller in the train. Death is not so far from me , one day I almost died of internal bleeding since I am a fan thrombocytopenia.

I can not live like this anymore
Is it possible to move to another country, for example, Japan, for me ?

And yeah, sorry for my inglezh and nagging..
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knowlAdge was a sarcasm x)

(no, it really was mistake)
wtf is this thread
Yes, but it'll probably kind of suck without the language.

I highly recommend learning a little bit before you move. It's not that hard if you just practice every day. Don't be lazy.

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I'm going on a motorcycle trip soon from Washington state, through British Columbia, up to Alaska. I'll either drive directly into Alaska or hop around the southeastern islands via ferry.

I've never done this before. I've also never done a solo trip of this magnitude. I've also never camped before.

Any advice? Besides "carry DEET"
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please respond
Sounds like a hell of a trip and I'm envious.

I'm from the UK so don't have any geographical advice but I can advise you to go camping as much as possible before the trip, using the gear you will be taking with you.
This basically
You don't have to go on long ass camping trips but get used to your gear
Also, have a backup plan (emergency money, knowledge of how to fix motorbikes, shit like that)
You can also find hostels hella cheap if you end up not liking camping
I absolutely love BC but I've never been to Alaska so I have no advice for routes but stop and enjoy the sights, the highway can get pretty boring but there's tons of small towns off the highway you can check out and shit

Have fun man!

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Has anyone here tried one of these free volunteer type programs such as Workaway? I'm considering a gap year after graduation and it seems like an enjoyable way to try out life abroad.

How is it?
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There this is up already some where
Not anymore. How about we keep on going here?

I've been looking at the hosts and stuff and it really seems like now is the time to start asking for positions for the summer. Anybody here has any personal experiences to share, any tips on when to ask for and what kind of hosts to ask? Any information really would be nice.

What I'm planning for now is to go to South Korea for at least a month in the summer, working at a hostel propably. Seems like a nice way to spend a bit more time for less money in a country.

I'm traveling to Peru this August and couldn't be more excited. I just wanted to start a thread for people to share their Peru experiences. My general question is this...Peru seems to feature all of the following

-relatively cheap flights from the US (found $174 one way to Lima)
-shit load of nature and outdoor experiences to do and see like Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, and the rainforest among other things
-cheap but good food and bus transportation around the country
- seems safer than the Central/South American countries white tourists are scared of

..so what's the catch/downsides? Surely it can't be as magical and convenient as it seems.
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Avoid altitude sickness at all costs.
Are prescription drugs the only way around that? I'm from fucking Florida.
Coca leaves help. Or cocaine

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