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Hey /trv/.
I'm taking my girlfriend to Disneyland next week.
She's never been, and I haven't been in 10+ years.
What are all the "MUST DO"s of the park? Any resturants we have to go to? Rides that are absolute musts? Fun bits of trivia? Hidden Mickey's? Etc etc etc.
The only thing we have planned is a Blue Bayou reservation one night, and currently have Disneyland only passes--But may upgrade to parkhopper once we're there.
What's the best way to break in a Disney Virgin?
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I took a friend there a few months back for the first time in over ten years. Because of this, we ended up playing it by ear for the most part and hit whatever interested him at the time. I currently recommend the Haunted Mansion, if only to see the effects on the Hatbox Ghost up close. (Definitely worth it IMO). Beyond that, it's all up to whatever interests you both. The 'Mountain' rides are always worth it if you're into thrills, though I recommend a Fast Pass for Space Mountain due to large crowds building around it to see the new Star Wars overlay.

And with that said, be ready to see Star Wars hype all over Tomorrowland due to them building hype for the new Star Wars Land that's being built in the space between Frontierland and Fantasyland.

As far as trivia goes, have a couple points of interest:
-Walt Disney had a secret apartment he stayed in above the entrance to the Main Street Firehouse. The light you see in the windoe is suppose dot symbolize his presence in the parks.
-The alley between the exit of Pirates and the DL Railroad holds the entrance to Club 33, a private club that is currently the only place in Disneyland to serve alcohol.
-Indiana Jones: While waiting in line, try to look behind you as you leave the room with the film playing. If you look closely behind the projector, you can make out the sign used for the old Eeyore section of the parking lot that the ride was built over.
-If, by some dumb chance you decide to give the Winnie the Pooh ride a go, look to the ceiling behind you as you leave the Heffalumps and Woozles room. You'll see a set of busts used in the old Country Bear Jamboree attraction.
-Star Tours: Try to have a friendly discussion with the cast member boarding you about a 'rebel spy'. There's a good chance you may be treated to a surprise.
Download the app, was just there and the ride wait times are pretty accurate.
thing about disneyland is there's a lot to see, not a lot to do. It's also very expensive

I'd personally recommend changing plans.

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I got a summer internship and I need to decide which state to go to.

I would go to specifically either Zanesville Ohio or Bozeman Montana. If any of you have lived or traveled there I want to know what you think. I've done reasearch on both places, so I mostly want to know what the people are like.
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Montana. how is this even a question? ohio has nothing worth seeing
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I've only been to Bozeman.

i visited a friend out there and it seems pretty legit. He's always out biking/fishing/doing outdoors shit. Culturally I imagine it's different from most of Montana because it's a college town. There are plenty of young people and places to eat.

Plus glacier national park is nearby and that place is awe inspiring
Ohio has some cool cities but it seems like you're not gonna be near any of them. I'd go with Bozeman.

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Hello 4chaners,

I'm going to visit the USA for the 1st time of my life, probably the west coast... What do you think ?

I'm wondering if the west coast is actually the best choice ?

What are the activities for a 28 yo guy in shape and open minded who likes having fun, sports and cultural shits as well.

Pretty scared because I'll be going alone and well I don't know If I'll be abble to meet and actually interract with people and make friends... Any advices? (I'm from Paris, I hope it's more friendly in the US :D)

For the tl;dr : Going to visit the US for the 1st time

Advices on places / activites / how to make buddies / where to stay / where tp go.

Thanks in advance :D
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East Coast? Go to NYC. West Coast? Go to San Francisco. Specific places, activities, etc. depend on what you like, so please be more specific.
Really depends on your interest. The only time I would recommend a first timer to the west coast is if they're really interested in nature and outdoors stuff. If you're just looking to party and city hop, the east cost (specifically the Northeast) is your best option.

I said west lol... But yeah I get your point. It's kinda hard to say tho cause I'm open to really a lot of thing from doing nothing at all on the beach to go hiking for several hours...


Well I wanna see a fair share of nature and outdoor stuff, but defenetly not only that... OK I guess I'll check about the north east and see what's up.

I was thinking about West mainly because of California. There should be a hell of a lot of things to do there right ?

Activities on the beach ? Hiking ? Places to visit ? Parties ? Placers where you can meet people

Yeah ? No?

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I got surprised with a plane ticket for my birthday. Problem is the day I return is when i'm supposed to start my new job. The flight was booked 2months and the airline wants to charge me $200 to let me leave a day early. Any advice on how to avoid or lower this fee?
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meant to say 2 month ago
I know of no way to do that -- I have obviously not flown every airline, and have not had to make changes to the ticket with all of those I've flown with, but they seem to really, really want to discourage you from making changes (or maybe just to get money when you do.)

So sorry, you may be out the money if you have to make the change.

Though, if it works better for you, they might charge the same thing to just postpone and go another time (within a year) when you will have enough time to not leave early and cut your trip short.

What sort of relationship do you have with the "new job" folks? Any shot at getting a day's grace there?

Or, Hell, you're young, just start the job the day after you get back. Not ideal, but an option.

Also, out of curiosity, where you going.
Oops, misread, thought you were coming back the day before starting.

May be time to talk to the boss, explain that you were given this ticket and are sort of stuck, see if he's feeling mellow. If so, bring him back an iguana or jade dog or whatever.

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I've always had an idealised image of the 'white picket fence' suburban lifestyle, of conservative middle-class families living in close communities, with a couple of kids and a dog. Cheerful housewife, pancakes and apple pie type stuff. This may seem oddly specific, but I'm sure most of you will be familiar with the concept.

How accurate is it in America? Do these communities exist, and if so, what states are they most likely to be found?
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What's so good about this?
There's always going to be those niche communities, doesn't matter where in the states. Suburban lifestyle exists, which is more or less a glorified hell, and the majority of the suburbans barely cook or bake in the first place, much less have time to.

Stick to smaller towns if you want peaceful living, less stereotypes but more conservativeness there
In my opinion, suburbs are no longer the place to look for the classic "white picket fence" America I think you are describing. Suburbia now is more into cookie-cutter over-sized homes on too-small lots, with no soul.

Look in smaller towns what you are looking for still exists there.

Just graduated from university, as a gift my father is buying me a plane ticket to Germany. I chose Germany because it's fairly central in Europe and I think I can go other places easily from there, plus there are some places in Germany I want to see.

The places I really am keen on are Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Maybe Ireland and Denmark as well.

So basically traveling alone doesn't scare me in the slightest (major autist, never really had friends) but I have absolutely no idea what to do in these countries. Beyond hiking through fjords my only other real interest is weightlifting

I travel extremely light, all I'm taking is one backpack with a couple shirts, underwear, running shoes, passport, etc.

So, please tell me what to do, what to avoid, that sort of thing.
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Forgot to mention I'll be staying at hostels in these countries

I only speak English and am quite unsure if I'll be able to communicate at all in these countries. Do people working in hostels in the aforementioned countries usually speak any English?
Europe is a cakewalk and you've listed some meme destinations.

People are very likely to speak English in SWE at least. Avoid the refugee areas, get on Tinder to get a local qt to tour you around. EZ.
Sorry, I have no clue what you mean by meme destinations. Is that a good or bad thing?

I'm assuming I would need a facebook account to use tinder (which I don't have). I really dislike social media, don't have any accounts on any of the big ones (facebook, twitter, ig, tumblr, etc) so that kind of rules that out.

Reassuring to know lots of people speak English in Sweden at least

I will be staying close to the Hero's Square for nearly a month.

What should I know?
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Szechenyi and the Gellert bath houses were awesome. Gellert has a real strong wave pool that really knocks you around
hmm that's one of the more boring areas of downtown budapest, you'll spend more time around deák, oktogon, nyugati, etc i guess.

around the square it's nice to go for a morning run, you have the széchenyi spa there, which is nice... the museum of fine art is under construction for the next few years, but you still have műcsarnok open ("art hall") on the right side of the square. there used to be a nice café at the back of it, idk if it's still open or not.
museum of transport (and agriculture) are close by as well if you get really bored.
on the southeastern side you have some fun shows every now and then in dürer kert http://www.durerkert.com/hu/programok

for food i would leave the hood in the direction of oktogon/deák/nyugati if i were you.

the cheap and good food places change so often that it's hard to recommend stuff...
even if you don't read a word of hungarian, i recommend this list. it's a collection of cheap and nice restaurants at the moment, if you click the names it takes you to the facebook pages (with opening times, location info, etc.)

i'm mostly gonna be jealous cause you're gonna be close to all the food market halls... go to any of them (except the main one) for lunch. lehel tér, hold utcai, fény utcai, klauzál tér, hunyadi tér, újbudai.... check any of those in google maps if you want to see what the locals eat for lunch. i would not recommend them for groceries, they rip you off very badly even as a local, for foreigners it's a complete trap for grocery shopping. ...the fast food places on the other hand are great and operate more transparent.

it's quite cheap to eat out at any time of the day, or just order via netpincer.hu, but if you want to do groceries, try something like spar or tesco (spar is more prevalent around hero's square).

now that i'm out of town, please go to the korean restaurant on the corner of izabella/szondi.
they also sell sushi which is kinda meh (you won't really find good sushi anywhere in town), but their korean dishes are really good.

budapest is a good place for pork/chicken/turkey lovers. mangalica is a local type of pork, try it once so that you can say you had it. forget about any sort of seafood, though. some people ignore the fact that hungary is landlocked and try and get their salmon and caviar there... well it is possible to get any sort of seafood, but it will not look appetizing, it will taste bland, and it will be ridic expensive. just stick with beef-pork-chicken-lamb-rabbit-tons of other animals that prance around in hungary or the neighboring countries. duck liver yummm

from citadella, the castle, jános hegy, gül baba türbe -- you have some nice views. the parliament entrance ticket has a discount price if you are from the eu, it's also a cool building.

you can go diving in a former dive-brewery under kőbánya. go on a guided tour in one of the caves, or proper caving, if you're into that, and if the heat or smog is on...
there's quite a long list of spas, all with thermal water, they're all nice places to survive when it's too hot outside and the smog is bad.
note that you can't stay in some of the pools for long, otherwise you get too high on minerals lol
if you're in lukács, don't forget to go to the top of the building.

check out the usa and china space agency buildings from the martian almost next to each other in pest. one is called the cet, other is müpa. both are cultural centres.

house of terror will be close to you as well.

escape rooms, all over town...

the worst... assuming you don't speak hungarian, you won't know the worst. hungarians just hate each other and themselves in ways only eastern euro people can hate each other.

at this point i have to ask you what you're interested in? i can write a novel, but much of the above might not be relevant, cause idk what you're into.

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I'm a Canadian about to travel to the USA by car in a few weeks.
I'm going from Alberta through Idaho, and going to end up in Portland for a week vacation.

Last year I was arrested(bench warrant) because I didn't pay my "driving without insurance" fine, my friends came and paid it and I was in and out in 8 hours.

I have zero criminal record, but I was still technically "arrested".

Will this be a problem when I cross the border?

What do I say when they ask me if I've ever been arrested?

Also, if you get refused entry, how can you get into the united states?
Do you go through another border crossing?
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>What do I say when they ask me if I've ever been arrested?

You say yes. Both countries share criminal record data. They will know if you are lying, and it will probably result in you being banned from entering the US for many years

>Will this be a problem when I cross the border?

Highly doubtful
>Also, if you get refused entry, how can you get into the united states?

Do you not know what the word "refused" means? If they don't let you in, they don't let you in.
I dunno, my best friend has been arrested dozens of times for graffiti in Canada and when we were asked the question at the border crossing he lied and we were fine.

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Hey everyone
Planning a trip for uni holidays to ride from Sydney to Adelaide, stopping in at Melbourne on the way through.
Going with two mates and planning on bush camping most of the way and then staying in hostels at the big cities.
Any experiences or advice would be great to hear.
Also if there are any good places to drop into on the way.
Got a max of 2-3 weeks to be gone from Sydney.
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Wow, you sure have some shithouse timing

Try not to die OP


Also recommend hugging the coast as much as possible, the highways are quite boring. Wilson's Prom has some cool spots, the Great Ocean Road (south west of Melbourne) will be empty and has fantastic roads, and a lot of smaller towns to drop in to.
Cheers and I'll try
Leaving in July also so should be alright

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I've got a bunch of airline miles and vacation time and I want to travel abroad for the first time. Nicaragua seems to be a good place. Cheap, relatively low crime, interesting cultural and diverse natural sites to see.

Can anybody tell me places to definitely go/definitely not go? Managua seems to be somewhat sketchy and otherwise not appealing and I should only go there to and from the airport. Corn Island and Ometepe sound interesting, but I don't know if its worth it to travel there. I figured if I land in Managua, I'd go to Esteli and then circle down to Leon, Granada, and San Juan Del Sur, before heading back to fly out.

I don't speak Spanish. How fucked will I be trying to get around?
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i also want to know this, so bump
Come on, nobody?
Nicaragua has low crime? I always just assumed it was dangerous, huh good to know i guess

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I will be traveling to SE Asia in July; Thailand, Laos and possibly Vietnam.

I have never traveled properly before so need a run down of the basics, stuff that people have had to learn the hard way.

Firstly, what is the deal with luggage? What do I put in my carry on and what is the best thing to use for my check in, should I just get a big 70L+ backpack considering I will be moving around a lot?

How should I work out my money when Ill be visiting a bunch of different countries and don't have USD, should I just take my native currency (AUD) and convert it over there as needed?

I will be traveling with a native Thai so I am not too worried about getting ripped off.

Tell me everything you know about anything please...

Also, if anyone has any recommendations of good train rides in that part of the World I am all ears. I like the idea of Hanoi to Saigon, or maybe Hanoi to Hong Kong...
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First and foremost:
-Check visa requirements.
-Check vaccination requirements.

Carry on bag: The basic stuff you'd need to survive decently (a change of clothes, your documents and money is the least).
Check-in bag: Everything else
Big backpack or not?
Depends on a few factors.
How long you're going to walk with it? Carrying a full 70L backpack is tough and it's not recommended to carry more than 10% of your weight on your back (unless you're a /fit/ trainer).
Also, a 70L backpack must be checked in, you won't be able to carry that as a carry on bag.

Can't help you with money. Don't know how easy it's to exchange AUD there, but depending where you go, you can easily pay with credit card so check bank rates for foreign purchases.

For train trips/tips for around the world:
Get vaccinations and visas, that's the first step. Don't just stick to the requirements to the letter with vaccines, some diseases are common and unpleasant enough to warrant getting them out of your own free will. Malaria prophylaxis too - most importantly bite prevention, pills are up for debate.
Get a backpack if you'll be moving a lot, it's better than a suitcase for that, especially if you won't be renting a car.
Money - personal preference, but I like having cold, hard cash. I keep it hidden in a trillion different places so in case something gets stolen or I get mugged I lose only a small bit of it. I'm not sure how easy it is to convert AUD in SEA, can't help you there. Though I imagine it shouldn't be that much of a problem considering relative proximity and stability of the currency. Never change money at the airport - nothing more than you need to buy a bottle of water and a sandwich. Their rates are a robbery. Banks are usually shameless robbers too. Just look for a money changer out in the city with decent rates and no commission.
You will almost certainly need a visa before you arrive in Vietnam, check for the other places.

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Me and a friend are staying in Amsterdam between the 16th-19th this month, and were wondering what people's experiences with hostels were?

We're looking for something more fun/lively, last time I went a few years ago I stayed at the Flying Pig downtown but they're booked to fuck for now so looking for other options,
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Flying pig was good, St. Cristopher is good too. Or are they the same? Shit I dunno.
Dude, this time of year, you can probably sleep in a park. It's warm all night, fucking do it.
I just read your post a second time and realized that I'm drunk and my post was supremely unhelpful
Nah man it's good

Experiences at St. Christopher's? Is it a good place to meet people etc?

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Going to Moraine Lake for a week in June. Luckily I've got the benefit of staying at the lodge so I'll get early mornings and evenings without tourists. I know the obvious recommendations of visiting Lake Louise and the Banff Gondola/Upper Hot Springs but do you guys have any other suggestions? Gonna be a lot of hiking mainly but I'm also planning on going to Jasper for a day or two. Specific places to hit that don't get too touristy? Foods I have to try? Should I go overboard with bear proof containers for snacks?
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Not OP, bumping for info on bear proof containers in the area as well
Go fishing. Avoid all the asian tourists.
No Alberta natives on /trv/?

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I'm traveling with 2 family members (uncles). They're pretty open minded, but still not my crew. We need a cheap hostel in Berlin for June. Any tips?

I'm not very artsy leftist type of guy, more like sports. I'm also 22 years old.

Also, if anyone wants to hang out there xD
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i'll hang out with you xD
File: kennedy.jpg (455KB, 1600x1035px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would recommend the Ostel, it is cheap, clean and close to public transportation. It is a a German-Democratic-Republic-Themed Place, witch is kinda weird but good enough for a solid bed and a good night sleep.
/www DOT ostel DOT eu/en/index.html
My Wife Loved it, too.
I've just come back from the Wombats hostel in Berlin, very nice and quite reasonable

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1110404
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File: 20160510_160410.jpg (125KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This fucking rain bleh
Currently in Osaka with 11 days left to travel wherever but it looks like its raining all over the country for the next week or more :(
I wouldnt mind if I was by myself and could just sit in an arcade all day, but women be shoppiiiiiiiiiing etc
Has anyone who has only traveled to Japan gotten then JE vaccine?
I'll be in Japan in July, but I am not sure if it worth the cost/risk.
*if the vaccine is worth the cost vs the actual risk of contracting JE

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