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>Local asks you for directions and you correctly provide them
True Traveler™ only feels ITT
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>The path to your destination passes near a very popular national landmark
>need to take a 30min detour to avoid seeing it.
I know that feel

Almost the same, but
>Dozens of locals warn you that you can't send mail internationally from the post boxes that you're about to use
>They refuse to sell you stamps for the same reason
>Drop post cards in the post box with no stamps
>A few weeks later family says thanks for the cards

People at China Post, I owe you one.
>>Went to Icelend
>>Stayed 3 months
>>Hitchhiked, camped, befriended locals = free locomotion+free lodging+free food
>>Spent less than US$100 a month
True Traveler™

File: img_5871.jpg (3MB, 4000x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 4000x2448px

I'd like some advice about work and live abroad. /adv/ does not work, so I decided make thread here.

Finished highschool with Information technology course. Couldn't afford go to university since lack of money and family personal problems. Father died couple months ago. Besides Portuguese, I do speak spanish and english fluently. Know a little of Italian and German, still can't speak in a fluent way. I've no problem to work in other areas that's not related with computers.

I did some research about some countries that i'd like some advices to help me choose my destiny.

> Netherlands

Some friends told me that it was good 6 years ago. Most of job opportunities would not require you right away to know Dutch. The thing is that now things have turn other way. Still wouldn't be a problem for me to learn the language.

> Germany

I've friends in Dortmund and Berlin. They told me you can have a life in the country, still there's alot of racism towards foreign people because of Turks immigrants and terrorism from ISIS. I'd also be happy to learn German as a fluent language.

> Poland

I've couple people there. They can get a little more or less than in Portugal. I can get a job, almost right away, as a computer technician. Still, friends told me that polish people are leaving the country since country won't get any better soon.

> UK

This is option i've been thinking about more often. I've a friend there. I've been get alot of good info about country and job opportunities. Also way of living is very good.

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I did forget to mention, you can mention other countries that you think would be good and give me some advice about it.

Where you from?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Good luck my friend

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Sup /trv/

Me and 4 buddies were looking to stay in spain a couple of days.
Any EU-bros know the regulations of what you can carry in your hand luggage?
I've read you're not supposed to bring any kind of liquid? Is a deodorant stick falling under that category?

ALso, nice places to visit in barcelona?
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A deodorant stick is not liquid, so therefore it is not a liquid.
But it has to be packed into a zip lock right?
Any liquids, gels and pastes need to be in containers 100ml or under and presented to security in a clear ziploc bag separate from your luggage. Your ziploc bag can be up to 20cm x 20cm and you can have up to 10 items in the bag. You just take it out before the security checkpoint and put it back in afterwards.

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Hello guys,while i traveled in thailand i talked with a lots of people who were working in australia in some farm and did a lot of good money while training their english.

My current contract is gonna end soon and i wonder if i could go or not.

Do you have some advice, some guide etc etc.
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Dont go fruit picking. Its modern day slavery. If you do rural you can stretch out your working holiday visa for another year.
Advice... yes and no. If you can get into shearing (well, technically rousing, which is a fancy word for picking up wool) you'll be onto a pretty good wicket. Very hard work, but easy enough to pick up. I make about $1,000 a week doing that, most of the work is over summer. You usually get fed as part of the deal, and a lot of the shearers follow the work so there's always somewhere you can stay.
Generally farmwork in Aus, at least where I'm from Victoria) is over the summer, so Dec-Apr, the rest of the year is just waiting for shit to grow. You'll need your own transport.
Have a look on Gumtree.com.au or buy the Weekly Times when you get over here, farmers will often advertise in the paper rather than online, cos they're old fucks.
You can make decent money fruit picking, but there's definitely some snakes out there ripping people off. Minimum wage is about $18.50 an hour, but most pickkers get paid by the kilo, so you want to be sure you're getting more than that for getting fried out in the sun every day.

There is real money to be made working rurally, but don't be under any illusions: droving, shearing, or if you're lucky enough to get picked up for a muster - it's really fucking hard work

Yeah i heard that, not gonna do that if i can, otherwise i'll just chill in france.


Thanks for the advice, i think i'll try to find a job before going there. Otherwise i'll be a bit fucked.

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I need some holiday advice, kindof.
I was thinking about taking my partner on a holiday for a week or so to a place in Brisbane in about a month and a half, but we broke up recently and I kind of still want to go but I feel weird going myself. Nobody I know can go, and the few that could I don't talk to anymore
> 2015 was the year for losing friends
I don't like going to pubs and clubs alone, and I feel like I would maybe see the city and do some shopping one day, then just sit in the hotel room bored getting stoned, drunk and ordering room service for the rest. That kinda just seems like a massive waste of time and money.
> the month and a half thing is because of some super stressful shit I'm going through at the moment with houses and money and bullshit so I really need a frickin holiday soon before that gets mentioned.
Is it weird to go on a holiday alone?
If not, wtf is there to do by yourself?
Ausfag btw, can't afford to do what I really want so I'm stuck going somewhere closer to home.
What would anon do in my shoes?
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I'd look up if there are any things like festivals (food, film, music, whatever) going on, check out places to eat, try to find any cool nature spots... those are all the ideas I have I think.
I'd go for it, it might get lonely but idk. It'd still be a break from your regular life. Which city are you from, out of curiosity? I'm melb
I've looked up a couple things that will be going on at around that time, but there's not really a lot I actually want to do. One of my biggest concerns is simply that; start off doing things I want, get lonely and bored and waste all my time doing nothing. I was going to pay for a friend of mine to come down so I'd have someone to go to clubs/shows with but he couldn't get any time off work. This will realistically be my first holiday since I was a child so I'm pretty keen, and after the last couple years I think I really need this.
Apologies for the disjointed thoughts, I've been under a fair bit of stress recently.
Noosa, up in qld btw. Which is part of the reason I was thinking of going to a city for a break I suppose.

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mongol rally.jpg
345KB, 1040x585px
I don't suppose any of you have ever done this, but I just recently joined the military. I figure I'm going to save my cash, and before I go into college, I'll finish the journey with either a friend or a stranger. Any tips?

>buy a clunker car in western Europe (not technically Mongol Rally, because I won't be making the donation)
>drive through eastern Ukraine
>continue through Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan again, Russia and then Mongolia
>break down along the way, meet locals, get car fixed, try not to get shot

Any tips from you travelers?
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Haven't really done a trip using a travel agency, and I figure the paperwork would be the hardest. Is this accurate?

>go to travel agency
>get visas from them
>multiple entry Russian visas, try to find longer term visas for some of the more difficult-to-visit countries
>get travel insurance from them
>contact Ukrainian embassy to figure out if the east is even passable, if not go around
>get simple car insurance

When I get to Mongolia, I hear that it's difficult to dispose of the car. So I figured I'd donate it to Steppe Riders. I've heard a lot of good about them here on /trv/, and figured rather than going through the loopholes with the car, they could take it.

Possibly I could even be met on the Russia/Mongolia border, I hear it's difficult to drive through Mongolia without breaking down on their terrible roads. Maybe they could help?

How long do you think this will take? How much do you think it would cost?

Cause I'd be totally game to do this with you, depending on the time of year/timeline.
When I say stranger, I mean someone I barely know, like an acquaintance from high school or something. Sorry for the vagueness.

From what I've seen about it online, it can get dangerous in parts.

>guys get held at gunpoint at the Kazakh border
>stranded in the Gobi Desert and tugging their dump car for miles
>if they did this today, route goes through Donetsk and Luhansk

Plus Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are paperwork nightmares, from what I'm reading. All my plans are like 4 or 5 years in the future and might fall through depending on what the military has in store. My main worry is the paperwork, and I'm actually wondering if a travel agency could even handle it.

I am over the age of 18. If I use my own money for a trip and decide to meet an online friend when I am there without telling my parents, does my parents have the right to be angry if they find out?
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They can be angry if they feel like it man, you ain't the feels police.
Tell your parents you are 18 and can stick your penis in who you want.
I live with my parents and some people online pointed out that they may kick me out...

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Anyone here have any experiences with different national parks in the US and Canada?? Which ones are so exquisitely breathtaking that they're worth traveling across the country for? Which ones are just kind of mediocre? The only one I've been to is Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and it doesn't really seem like much compared to the photos of the other national parks I've seen.
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I've been to Jasper, Banff, Icefields Parkway, and Yoho in Canada. All very beautiful, although Jasper was my favourite.
File: clyde.jpg (107KB, 800x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hrm, might need to change your question as to what about it that constitutes a national park appeals to you, because they all had a purpose at the time of their creation...whether some kind of set aside wilderness to protect some natural wonders and species, soaring peaks vs mediocre hills, huge waterfalls....it quite varies. After all, Biscayne national park is to protect a reef and some mangroves, and you need a boat to visit. and the Everglades have a few access points and pretty amazing or pretty boring, depends how you look at it. USVI has an underwater snorkel trail a waterfall, sugar mill ruins and a real rain forest feel. Acadia would always make top ten lists, but I prefer the White Mountains, and I think it's pretty all the way through New England right up into Cape Breton Is in the Maritimes. Volcanoes Natl Park (and Iceland too) is ridiculously stark and awe-inspiring in that volcanic landscape, but so are the huge humbling giant trees in Sequoia. All of the parks are spectacular. I see what you mean about Shenandoah, but if you only did Skyline drive, never took a trail ride, or left on a hike more than 15 minutes, you'd find it mostly a historical thing, and not that great. Of course when sundown happens and you see the deer and bear cubs in the Spring right on the side of the damn road, it rivals Yellowstone's appeal to some.

Denali was kind of boring in lack of trees and and that artic tree line thing, imho, and it was work to ride 8 hours to get into the Kantishna Experience, but it was still pretty awesome and seemed to have special wildlife. The icebergs in Kenai Fjords snapping off and hitting the water and bumping the boat is also cool. I think Yosemite is my #1, overall, however.
I was surprised at how worth it the Grand Canyon was. I completely expected to be disappointed.

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party hard.gif
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Flying to a country in another continent with the main purpose of:
A) Attending a wedding of a family member/friend
B) Attending a concert of a pop star that the person is obsessed with/meeting pop star irl (eg. One Direction, k-pop, etc)
C) Meeting an online friend irl
D) Buying luxury items (eg. Chanel handbags) at a cheaper price than in homeland
E) Getting laid with local women
F) Attending a sporting event
G) Volunteering
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Do you expect different answers this time around?
E without question
I think all is acceptable except for volunteering. What kind of fucking idiot goes to a shithole country, pays for it and then works without pay. That idea is just alien.

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Hi /trv/, I'm in year 11 and am going on a 10 month student exchange to Japan in August. My host school is in Kyoto and my home stay will most likely be located around that area. My Japanese is only basic (probably JLPT N5). Any advice or pointers, things to do, etc? Would be much appreciated, thanks.
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It is so low you probably cant communicate there
N5 can be passed within a month of studying Japanese most days. Its ridiculously basic.
Make sure you take Japanese classes while there and spend as much time away from other foreigners as you can stand to help improve your Japanese.
You are too young to be here mate, adults only

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I just got to know that my workplace is sending me to Malta, where I'll spend 3 months, September-October-November and will work in a full-time job in La Valletta.
However my work can't even suggest me an accomodation, and even if it could I'd still would like to get all kinda info about this country.
So please if you know anything share it, if you can suggest something it's even better. I've got about 1000 eur a month for everything so have to keep it cheap.
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I have detailed knowledge of the area and I can answer any question you might have.
I can also help you find suitable accomodation in a good area, or steer you in the right direction on things like hiring a car.

If you want my help, post a throwaway and I will get back to you.
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Please write here, thanks.
[email protected]
File: coinsss.jpg (602KB, 1632x1224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I´m from Malta. Ask me anything

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So a friend of mine met a chick after moving to Argentina like 2 months ago and is now getting married. He invited me to the wedding. I'm considering going, as I have a few months off this summer, but flights are fucking expensive from North America. So I need some feedback.

Argentina: Yea or nay? How long to stay? Are there other places nearby that are cheap/easily reachable?
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>Getting married within 2 months of moving to a place and meeting some girl
Gee, what could possibly go wrong...

lol I know. I told him about the South American curse (hot young women turn into entitled slobs after they've wifed) but he didn't listen
I'm assuming you'll come to Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires), so... you should start looking for motels at Microcentro, you can find some good affordable places there (from the most cheap shitholes to fucking expensive ones). Pretty much everything is around that area (bus, subway, taxi, restaurants, party hard, etc).
Also I suggest to use a Payoneer prepaid card just in case, it's useful.

File: song_doong_cave.jpg (819KB, 2482x1320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and my friend are planning a trip to Vietnam and Laos on motorbikes. We're planning to buy them in HCMC and sell them in Vientiane. I read it's possible to cross border from VN to Laos somewhere in the north.

Does anyone have any experience with it?
How expensive it is to get the papers?
How difficult is to sell the bike in Vientiane?
Isn't it easier in some other city in Laos?
How much time do you think is enough for the trip? Three weeks, four weeks?
Any tips for must sees on the way?

We also want to visit Hang Sơn Đoòng cave (pic related), but I read it's very hard to get there and you need permission (only 500 ppl per year), so our way wouldn't be very legal. Has anyone tried to enter it on foot?

I'm also grateful for any tips regarding Laos and Vietnam or riding a bike in those countries. We've been riding scooters for a year in taiwan, thailand and philippines. We can also drive bikes, and are familiar with the traffic in SEA, so there is no need to tell me that I will die in a horrible bike accident, I'm aware of the possibility.

Thanks for any tips.
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I bought a bike in Hanoi and rode down to HCMC, buying it is relatively easy, it's selling it that can get awkward.
Officially you need a licence to be able to buy a bike and get it properly registered but what a lot of people do is just laminate the bike reg form and just pass that on with the sale of the bike. This is your documentation and everyone I've met said if they got stopped by the police they showed them this form and didn't get into any trouble (sometimes they will keep asking you for documents, just keep showing them the form saying THIS is it), I didn't get stopped so I can't confirm that but I didn't meet anyone who actually did get into any problems, so I assume if you behave yourself on the road and wear a helmet no ones going to care.
So you can buy a bike for pretty cheap without the licence because selling it on is a pain, with a licence will cost more but it'll come with some resale value and get you out of any police problems (just don't lose it).
I don't know anything about getting a bike across the border though, I don't know if you'd run into reg problems further down the line....it might be easier to just buy another bike in Laos?
You'll have a great time though, I fucking loved it and every day I'm fighting the urge to go do it again.
I don't mean to hijack the thread but is a 2-week trip somewhere in SEA enough? where would you recommend i go if so?
Is it enough? No. Should you go? Yes.
You won't see everything but that would take a good few months, pick a region (north/south of somewhere) and do that, don't rush it and try to see everything or you'll never really experience it.
My personal recommendation would be north Vietnam, Hanoi City, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, lots of places to explore in 2 weeks and it's not too touristy.

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I've known this one guy off and on for 6 years via various console's onlines and pc, played 1000s of hours with him, voice chatted, vidoe chatted. I got fuck all to do this summer besides a two planned trips with family to two different parts of the US, I have a car, have plenty of money for gas.

He plans on going to Colorado in like July or August to meet another guy we have known for way less time, apparently he was gonna go anyways even if not for that.

Is this a recipe for getting shanked or could it be alright?
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File: 1428617590422.jpg (5KB, 215x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 215x238px

Should be fine, sounds kinda homo desu though. People meet and fuck on tinder and whatnot all the time. Don't always so no, people who say no all the time are boring.
I think it's a great idea. To be honest, he's probably a fairly normal guy. Sounds like you're basically bros already.

I'm with the other guy though - I would say yes just to add some fucking excitement into my life. I'm always down for excitement
Are you a girl?

File: image.png (95KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Planning a trip to Europe in month or so. I plan on flying into Ireland and then traveling to London and a few other places. Would I be better off flying from Ireland to London or is a ferry a better way of getting there? Also,I'm really having trouble with understanding the eurail system. I use the app and there is no legend for any of the icons and Its making it hard to plan. Any suggestions?
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just by your tickets from the official websites of each country's company, there's only one for each country

France - sncf.fr
Germany - Bahn.de
Italy - trenitalia
Spain - Renfe

for example, from Amsterdam to Paris, use sncf or thalys,
from Lyon to Milan, use trenitalia or sncf etc
Fly everywhere, it's cheap there compared to north America
Start looking at ryanair flights

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