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Which region of burger clap land is the best?
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Wyoming, no contest. Most guns per capita of any state, few blacks, few spics. I'm from Ohio. It's okay, but it's no Wyoming.
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alaska or the northwest. if seattle and portland got nuked it would be near perfect. potheads and gun grabber califags stay out. REEEEEEEEEE

>These people used to have the world's largest empire
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niggas gunna nigg
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this is the average british family btw
Looks like it's working pretty well, no? And the state won't get sued for millions of gibsmedats in the aftermath because someone was shot when they didn't need to be.

Why are Leftists so unbelievably cucked? This guy literally complains about the militia members destroying water and food left for Illegal Immigrants. Why are men these days so disconnected from the idea of the "Perimeter"?


Hooktube it if you want.
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>direct link to Fusion
Hooktube that shit, it's like archive.is for youtube. Just edit the domain in the url.

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archive of the reporter's article


Has it been confirmed whether or not Norbro is a bot? I'm pretty sure his posts where he provides the archive links are automated. There's no fucking way he can write that fast

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Post your IQ and your favorite news sources


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Really great thread, OP.
German nigger.
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Should men who lose their virginity under the age of say 25 be considered sluts too? Why is it that only women are called sluts but men aren't. In the past if someone under 25 who wasn't married and having kids lost his virginity he'd be considered trash, now it's "dude cool lmao"
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it's the old "master key vs shitty lock" argument.
sage because this isn't politics

it's very simple, women are a prize and men compete for it

it's easy to give away your virginity and fuck people. It is very difficult to earn a fuck. Why? Because we're a sexually dimorphic species with an evolved sexual strategy that involves male:male competition for sexual reproductive rights

When a woman just fucks willy nilly she's basically saying she's worthless. A guy who fucks willy nilly is the exact opposite and is so desirable all the women want him.
I completely agree. Men need to exercise continence for their well-being just like women. We do live in a degenerate society that actively promotes debauchery, so it could be assumed that the chaste, noble, and righteous would be demonized by the sophomoric, demoniac overseers of our society.

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/RWU/ - Right wing united

>>what is the right wing united general for?
Tired of the trolls and larpers? want to save western civilization? sick of the infighting? JOIN RIGHT WING UNITED. We are a group that advocates the unity of all people on the right; christians, libertarians, confederates, ancaps, nationalists, identitarians, traditionalists, conservatives, ect our goal is to mobilize the international right into real word action this is not for debate, go debate somewhere else to do that. We intend to unite everyone on the right to stop the left. Join us https://twitter.com/RightWingAllies?lang=en or the discord, get out from behind the computer and fight!

Here we must all unite & fight against the plagues that we ALL agree destroy the West (globalization, feminism, nihilism, etc) What we need is a large, like-minded group like /pol/ to be able to easily organize into smaller, localized groups in little time. That is our advantage to the left.

>>How to get involved?
Join the discord and find people locally. This is a good thread to do so. Your heaviest burden would be to meet with people in threads and connect. Make these connections and keep advertising online for more members. Eventually your local group will gain momentum, and many hands carry a light burden.

IMPORTANT READING: The url sounds blackpilled but it's basically making the case for right-wingers to use the same organizational strategies as lefties because, spoiler alert, they work and are part of the reason the left has been so influential for the last 60 years.

DISCORD: This discord is for discussing and planning of the RWU organization so if you're interested I highly suggest you join.
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Good server with active moderation to keep the aut-right's power level hidden.

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Can someone explain how DACA is unconstitutional? Google results is just a bunch of shit telling me why it isn't.
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>letting immigrants stay in your country and then giving them free school while every other immigrant has to have 50k in the bank and work their ass off to pay for school.

Where does it say in the constitution that non americans get free school and welfare in america?

Oh right you are a fucking retard. Sage.
Chill dude. Just looking for a straight answer.

>Where does it say in the constitution that non americans get free school and welfare in america?
What are you on about?
Basically this, you can't be a nationalist and still accept that foreigners should be privileged over the locals. This sort of cosmopolitanism is bribing foreigners to cause brain drain in the best of cases and an influx of criminals in the worst.

Do you know who is really eager to leave their home country despite being uniquely capable of opportunities in that country? Criminals. Criminals would rather leave the country, leave their family and friends, leave the place they know and go to your country to drink your tax dollars.

Most of these people aren't even adventurers or economic migrants, they're criminals fleeing either authorities or criminal gangs.

Dreamers will have to return to this failed-state hell-on-Earth they so much longed, missed and wave its flag. Even if I have to drag them here.

They'll see they'll see the reality of living in a war zone crumbling nation. Oh, by the way, fellow Mexicans are wayyy more racist, so still more fucked you wetbacks, who only made the rest of us law-abiding Mexicans bad.

And if you want to return to the US, you dreamers will be vetted like the rest of us do for biz or pleasure. Which I doubt because you were illegally so bye, bye visa.

Mexican in Mexico, ask me anything.

Also, actual photo from Oaxaca.
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Nah, Trump will sign a bill that makes DACA permanent law and give amnesty to all of them anyways. 10 State coalition was threatening to rape it in court so Trump had to do something to save it.
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This is my war zone crumbling town.

Fuck off were full.
You and me know those mojaditos come from the fields and the mountains. That's another thing, they don't know how to properly live in big cities.

So what, they'll have to run to their dusty village which is infested by cartels or abusive military. I want to see them crying for a safe space in the US after that.

Ok real talk /pol/... I was reading the recent "rock is taking over by women" thread and I was wondering...

Why are leftist infested in music industry. I'm talking all genres, even metal, punk, and even industrial music is infested with socialist sjws.

9/10 the (modern) music you enjoy is a by an indie communist scum or some ironically rich socialist.
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(((Them))), same reason media sucks.
Your thread is literally answered by your id

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Is it because the goyim diluted their religion, or is it because there's some truth to Christianity, and they can't stand that the goys have access to it?

I'm no Christian, and I know this topic gets raised a lot here.. but I honestly can't believe how ruthlessly and relentlessly Christians are (((attacked))) these days... what are (((they))) so afraid of???
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I'm honestly thinking of becoming Orthodox just because the entire (((world))) seems to be united in telling me [us] that we can't and/or should not do it.

Convert to Paganism and accept your true heritage.
Go to YouTube and look up Paul Gottfried Why Do Jews Push White Genocide. Tldr they rely on tribalist xenophobia as an organizing principle.

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