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Who would like to drop a log on this bitches dead face?
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And me! Fuck monarchy.
>brings in more tourism than she costs
the absolute fucking state of london
fuck off, mohammed

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Back when I was a kid ever telling someone who you were voting for was a big, hardline NO.

You never talked about politics or who you were going to vote for. It was a peaceful time. Now all everyone talks about is politics, religion, and money which are supposed to be the 3 things you never bring up unless you wanna pick a fight.

Why have things changed so drastically now /pol/>
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>Now all everyone talks about is politics,

Time to change your social circles, friendo
Because people think they care about politics now.
Because it actually matters now so it's not just the weirdos on the edge of society bitching about things

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end me.jpg
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>Pacific North West is on fire

>Most powerful hurricane ever recorded about to hit florida

>Yellowstone is about to blow

Is the end this the end times /pol/?

Is god judging the U.S?
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If He's judging then it's not nearly hard enough.
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>Royal Baby: Duchess of Cambridge dey expect third child

>Serena Williams don born her first pickin

>Ghana import 30 million condoms but dem no use am

>Boko Haram: UK don train 28,000 Nigerian soldiers - Boris Johnson

>Azerbaijan 'operate secret illegal £3bn account'

>Hurricane Harvey: 'US need $7.8bn'

>People wey dey enter UK don reduce

>CHAN: CAF don cancel Kenya ptg visit
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First for kill all the queers.
1st for Moggy
Civic pederasts first

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Jordan Peterson is a pseudo intellectual and his fanboys are kekistani tier cuckservatives who aren't really conservative.
>Jordan Peterson is a pseudo intellectual
So was Marx and look what was and is done in his name.
it's all about the memes. Sort yourself out could very well become the next workers of the world unite

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My mom died today... I am gonna miss you mom and I love you
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42 U.S. Code § 5207 - Firearms policies
(a) Prohibition on confiscation of firearmsNo officer or employee of the United States (including any member of the uniformed services), or person operating pursuant to or under color of Federal law, or receiving Federal funds, or under control of any Federal official, or providing services to such an officer, employee, or other person, while acting in support of relief from a major disaster or emergency....
Thanks anon

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>order estrogen from doctor
>yes, anon, here's an unlimited supply. Take 10x daily, for the next 20 years. Please consume 20 pounds of tofu weekly as well.
>order Testosterone
What did they mean by this?
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Tell em you are test deficient and the doc will inject some into you
testosterone is a privilege, not a right
>idolising Bobby sands

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>tfw kids as young as 11 or 12 with smartphones have unfettered access to an unlimited smorgasbord of hardcore internet pornography

What kind of impact will this have on society in the coming years? It breaks my heart.
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I think an effort needs to be made to start ridiculing teenagers that watch porn. The only thing they react to is social pressure
How do we do this, though? All their friends are watching it, too.

Just ride the tiger senpai. It's all coming crashing down.

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Facebook recruiting.png
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This is what happens to white males applying for a job at Facebook HQ.
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Still wasn't rejected for "cultural reasons." Daily reminder that east Asians are still preferred over white men for jobs, even if their entrance into medical school is a little more difficult (have any other evidence, Asian masculinity? Or are you willing to admit you're not actually that smart and got rejected legitimately heaps of times?)

Facebook is like (((US media))), Jewish nepotism all the way at the top level.
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you just played your hand at being an autist
and the detectors went off

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Has there been any updates on pizzagate? and what are your views on the apparently 'Debunked' theory?
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Its debunked ok so dont talk about it, this thread can close now. Nobody should reply pizza gate is debunked dont bring it up. Seriously dont bring this up its old news ok?

just look at recent pedo and child porn arrests in the county, and how bigger and bigger players are becoming involved.
just off the top of my head, de blasio's top aid was arrested a few months ago on child porn, interestingly enough a few days after wiener settled his case...

It was nothing. Go back to sleep.

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