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>There are now three active hurricanes churning in the greater Atlantic Ocean that threaten both lives and property: Irma, Jose & Katia.
>Irma = Cat 5
>Jose & Katia = both Cat 1 and strengthening

Is global warming just a meme or real?

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global warming is not man made

this is just what happens when you cloud seed
hurricanes didn't exist before the internal combustion engine's widespread use so obviously yes
Dinosaurs created haarp. Al Gore was right..

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>Bullshit. That's not true at all, faggot!

And yet, here it is:


>Luke 19:27 -- But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.
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isn't there a passage about "not suffering a witch to live among you"?
or was that Paul who said it? can't remember

I like the passages on, if a man suspect his wife of adultery having the rabbi perform a potion enchanting ritual, and then forcing her to drink it.
If she then has a (god sanctioned) abortion, then she's a cheat, and to be cast out.

All in the bibble, look it up.
He's going to kill anyone that doesn't kneel when he comes back.
You just now figuring out that preachers lie and say things that appeal to women and cowards as a way to get into your wallet?
Jesus is going to kill you and I'm fine with that.
Piss be upon you.

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Hurricane Irma has devastated the island of Barbuda. 90% of structures.destroyed and the death toll is climbing.

As such I propose that we delay the Invasion of Tuvalu and instead focus on something closer to us all, Barbuda.

It's closer to the states, more defensive positions and it has two air plane strips.

Post Invasion plans
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> it has two air plane strips

I support this. It angers me that all the tropical island paradises in that region have been taken over by nigs.
i claim man of war island

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Has he single-handedly destroyed the Alt. Right?
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No one likes this cunt when he revealed himself to be a massive hypocrite.

Lost half his followers
The alt right doesn't exist. There's simply the RIGHT, and the WRONG.
>Has he single-handedly destroyed his revenue streams?*


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I really like Millenial Woes.

When I first heard of him I didn't think he was interesting, likely because I was a libertarian fag, but now that I've come around MW is top tier.

He doesn't make propaganda or meme tier content like Molyneux, but comes off as a sincere individual much like the average guy who learned too much.


In his recent videos he has completely btfo the skeptic community. Something that Molyneux can't do because he can't stand any criticism.

This is politics related because if we can have joe rogan, jordan peterson, kraut & tea, and molyneux threads we should be able to have MW threads too.
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Being a black that likes woes do you hope to make your own ethostate?
He's a fat retarded internet sophist who looks down on everyone despite being a fat retarded internet sophist. And none of them ever say anything new or interesting, they just parrot whatever /pol/ or their favorite Nazi figurehead said. Read a book.
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checked, and fuck off with youtube celebs.

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>getting married

Hahahaha! Married cucks BTFO.

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I'm married to a white no western woman
Best thing that's happened to my life
MGTOW is for cringe worthy nerd virgins that can't get women and the ones that can are contributing to the decline of white births
So I guess this means all contracts are negated, right? No? Hmm, why is it ok to hold a pleb to his word when it benefits the ruling class, and yet it isn't ok to hold two plebs to their word? Is this, dare I say it, class warfare?
Don't pitch the bitch. There is absolutely nothing in it for you.

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So I'm currently 18 about to have to decide what to do with my future and right now the navy seems pretty good. I got a 91 on my asvab so desu I could get to do some cool stuff but I'm wondering if it would be a wise choice given the current political climate
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You sound like a good kid, so here's some wisdom. Find a small town CNC machine shop that's been in business for some years and work your way to the fucking top.
I wouldn't

Learn a trade or die.

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Ready for the ultimate redpill /pol/?

Get a McJob.

>Got a job in college working for a restaurant chain
>Realized I'm the smartest guy in the room at any given moment
>Use this to my advantage
>Long story short get promoted to Area Manager after starting in the Kitchen in only 2 years
>I'm on salary and work MAYBE 30 hours a week
>Job is super easy
>My restaurants run so well I rarely get bothered when I'm actively "on call"
>MFW all my friends from Uni are debt slaves with no jobs because they were too proud to get a mcjob in school and now they have no work experience AND career prospects either

Posted this earlier but the thread got full of faggots. Also apparently this doesn't apply to retail.
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Are you a chad with both length and girth; as well?
Wow talk about forced bluepill
Nope, I'm actually only 5'9. Though I am attractive.



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>publicly announcing their plans
it's fucking nothing, again
It's Fucking Happening
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>HAHA YES. Finally these evil koreans will suffer for not letting jews run their central bank
Why are americans so easy to rile up? Is it the low intelligence from race mixing or religious indoctrination?
Hint: You're the bad guys in this conflict.

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Anglin got it back on the normal internet.
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Isn't that Austria?
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