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just fuck my son up.jpg
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Father speaks with his new transgender son

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This poor man. No one deserve this.
I saw this a while ago and I cried
thats pretty depressing

I hope every degenerate fuck that helped push the tranny shit to mainstream dies a long painful death, god's punishment or karma or whatever you want to call it, 20 years ago we would be sending these people to mental hospitals for help, just looking at that guy its not even remotely feminine its like a bad cartoon of what a child thinks a woman looks like

just really really sad

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hillary shits her pants like a toddler lmao
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he said we would respond with fire and fury if north korea tested another nuke then they tested two more.

he threatened to stop trade with china which he will not to because of the catastrophic effect it would have on global markets.

pardoning arpaio, giving devos, sessions, and price cabinet posts.

daca govt' bait and switch possibly violating constitutional rights.

says mexico will pay for the wall later, they say they will not.

trump doesn't know what he's doing.
The left cant meme and are useful idiots.
The thread.
Nothing is worse than hillary. Ever.
She fucking lost a rigged election !

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha(infinite laugh )

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Is Dearborn, Michigan really that bad?
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That was adorable. Wish they'd made out.

If she doesn't cover her face completely, what's the fucking point? Oh yeah, oppression.

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I've been talking to God in my head. And from what I've learned, every living thing's soul is apart of God, and God creates everyone's dreams personally.

God identifies as a 16 year old Australian girl called Stacey.

God has chosen me to be a prophet, so here is some information:
>The Universe abruptly ends with an edge
>The most advanced alien life-form is a crustacean the size of a cat
>The black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is a sphere with no ejection corona and a swirling purple gas around it
>God has influenced human history through dreams
>God is 5th dimensional
>God can read everyone's thoughts
>God has taken control of people's bodies in front of me
>God has a Triangle and 8 shaped spaceship.
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Congratulation, you are schizophrenic
File: 15045130085791115.jpg (113KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some of your points are correct and some are curropted.

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>civic nationalists will defend this
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just cuck my country up tbqh
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please god smite us

Based. Is this a live thread right now?

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>Extremely pro-Trump
>See all the shit going on in college campuses
>Decide to take a political science class at my community college
>Plan on redpilling some dumb liberals and cause a ruckus
>First day teacher just lectures about power and political parties and shit
>Eventually start talking about current events
>People start praising Trump for the way he handled the hurricane stuff
>One student says he understands the DACA decision
>"Professor" starts talking about bias in the news media, specifically CNN but also mentions Fox News
>Class collectively laughs at the dumb liberals in Berkeley

Whats going on? Is it just because im at a community college or something? Everyone is so normal. Im in Arizona if that matters
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heres my thoughts on this matter

the libs are way louder, therefore we think theres more of them than there really are.
like, if you were in a huge room and there were people with all diferent colored shirts on, and you heard ten people yelling "I HAVE A BLUE SHIRT ON" over and over youd start to think there were hundreds of people with blue shirts on, when theres only ten.

tldr libs are louder so we think theres more of them.
There are some professors who became professors because they want to spread knowledge to willing students.
There are many professors who are professors just to spread propaganda and control students' thoughts by pretending that their degree makes their opinions mean more.

You are lucky.

isn't arizona 'the one with machine guns'?


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HAPPENING. All Americans left 3 days ago from NK


ICBM tonight?
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>Planes flying around


File: Excitment.jpg (18KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why is God punishing Florida?
You do know these things aren't just "accidents", right?
What did Florida do to anger the Lord YOUR GOD?
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because Florida was developed by out of staters and pensioners looking for a life of idleness and indulgence under the generous sun.
Try the deep state hurricane machine
it is not even going to make landfall on florida

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Its a shame they didn't kill her

Good to know. Thanks OP!
Woah it's like people don't like having their country invaded by millions of violent shitskins who woulda guessed?

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swede pepe.png
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what can I expect?

pls no meme answers
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High crime rate, but the cities during the day you'll be fine. (Sudden appeared of a truck of peace not withstanding)
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