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Just a reminder:

>Trump has no intentions bringing back DACA
>He wants DREAMers to be deported
>He will veto any legislation that includes DACA
>He already said privately to a WH staffer that he hasn't forgot about "the base" and is only saying he will sign DACA legislation as a formality

Shareblue and Discord shills need to leave immediately. DREAMers are going back.
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>no source
Dems will get daca but they will trade healthcare, tax reform and the wall for it.
I'm a bit confused here, he said "legalize DACA" which is a strange context, also, he has been against DACA his entire campaign, also there is a lot of liberal butthurt in the comments of his tweet, as if it is saying he wants to get rid of DACA. Can someone please explain this to me?

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I'll believe it when she is in jail.

Who cares. The CME that's coming will destroy all electronics.
Even Republican congressmen may have to take notice now

...so why are you letting them scare you into backing down -- why do you all shit YOUR pants when you hear the word "racist"? The entire world is racist and laughing at white people for being pussies. Maybe its time whites found their testicles and learned to be racist without flinching.
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This typically happens. The right wing makes major gains, the system bucks them, then they retreat and PRcuck themselves into obscurity. Boomerfront was full of patriotard morons larping as teatards.

Gas the PRcucks, stay fanatical and we will win.
>comparing 1929 to 2017
Its a bit more complicated than that I'm afraid
can it be.... did we started the fire?

Enjoy your refugees, Hungary and Poland!

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I can't read arabic, please translate
I am saddened to live in the same country as you presumably do.
>I am saddened to live in the same country as you presumably do.

Your tears sustain me.

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What's become of us so meek to accept all the oppressions of a foreign nation in exchange for supplement humiliation and enforced irrelevance? Deprived of our Kings and power, beholden to a foreign tribe, enthralled by an aristocratic class with no regard for our people and a cowardly desire to have us fail and not flourish.

Read our Declaration of Independence (Arbroath), wherein our noblemen state that 'For so long as there shall but one hundred of us remain alive we will never give consent to subject ourselves to the dominion of the English. For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honours, but it is liberty alone that we fight and contend for, which no honest man will lose but with his life.'

At what cost would you give up your freedom?
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We Scots once fought for God and family.

Now it is for handouts and cheap drink. Sick, venal. Weakness which deserves destruction.

This is not a bad thing because rebirth can only be found in death. My dream is to live long enough to see the seed of that new birth sprouting.
You might add ingratitude to the list of achievements:

'PUBLIC spending per head in Scotland is almost £1,500 greater than the UK average, according to new Treasury figures.'

Bbbbut muh freedom!

The year is 2020

He finally cleaned the swamp and most importantly sent all the spics back home.

America is white, and manufacturing is slowly returning #MAGA

What are you going to do when Mexico in need of economic support turns to China (still a very large threat and world superpower) and creates an Sino-Spic Alliance.

Chinese Military bases in Mexico begin to pop out. and on top of their military prowess they have a significant Mexican military backing them (say what you want but numbers don't lie)

You can't nuke the fucking country because you'll get some right back. You think you can survive a China-Mexico relation? You've alienated your neighbors, don't cry when they become a threat right in your backyard. Even the great Ronald Reagan was able to envision this with Cuba-USSR

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As usual /pol/ sliding the real problems with idiocy.

no one will dare reply. you're all too much of a bitch.

I can't wait for Chinese military bases in Mexico.
>He finally cleaned the swamp and most importantly sent all the spics back home.
>America is white, and manufacturing is slowly returning #MAGA
This is what amerigoys actually believe.
What happened? Got nothing to say faggots?

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America doesn't get made fun of enough anymore, so give us your best.
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hahahaha yeah man usa=gey
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bumping my own thread because I'm a fag
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emu veterans.webm
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>losing a war to flightless birds

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Why girls go for shit skins?
Are whites so pathetic ?

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but this guy is so cute anon ^)

and he's not black/looks like italian
more like poo in loo

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If the Nazis were so superior, how did they lose to some Russian farmers?
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This I would like to know haha
I thought Europeans were superior because they knew how to handle the winter.

Name 1 problem that genetic engineering wouldn't solve.
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a reason to reproduce at all
pathological altruism
first you have to red pill me on it

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