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What was the most bluepilled shit you believed before discovering, /pol/?

>used to be staunchly in favor of gay marriage
>believed racism was for dumb, uneducated rednecks
>thought immigration and multiculturalism were good for America
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There were good guys in ww2.
Hard works pays
>Hispanic is a race

When did Libertarians come to be in favor of open borders? They weren't 10 years ago.
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They are cucks, but who cares? The market is purely natural, we just need to use it in our favor

Besides, it's nice to hijack their name and take it back to the roots
When (((they))) subverted the movement. About 10 years ago
I first notice Californian libertarian candidates were open boarders around 2006.

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>Why are you against DACA
>Because the executive branch should not have the power to write law, only to enforce laws

So why should Trump have the power to write law by getting rid of DACA?

Fighting evil with evil?
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>write law by getting rid of DACA
he can only get rid of it this way because Obama abused the power you're talking about through executive order.
If Obama actually used the legislative powers we wouldn't be here and Trump would have been cucked in Congress.

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Hey Portugal,

I am deeply concerned for your future. Of all the European nations I have visited you have been the best. I have toured all around you country. Your culture, your food, your music, your hospitality is unmatched. Your people's commendable and virtuoso sense of immense national pride that is expressed in such an understated and humble manner.Your civility and social and civil awareness even as one of the poorest countries in Europe is headturning.

I love you Portugal.

And as such I am deeply worried of your future.

Every single young person I spoke too, as much as they love Portugal, wants to leave for France or Germany or the UK as it is the only way they see to a career While the population of Amadora grows rapdily.

The towns and the villages of the north have become so sparesly populated through generations the only people still existing there will be extinct in 10-15 years time and their properties are already being bought up for 500 Euro by Londoners.

Recently in the Algarve, for the first time in my life I seen even saw Mosques in Portugal.

Portugal I love you, please don't die.
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We've had mosques about over 700 years. What are you talking about?
2nd for oldest allie
Alberto Barbosa I am happy for you and I am going to let you finish your conquest of Europe but there is literally about 40000 Muslims in the entire Nation of Portugal and I never saw one Mosque in all my time in Lisbon and the rest of the country until I went back to the Algarve this year.

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has /pol/ gone too far?
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lol, add this kid to the list of black nazis right after ben carson
You know he's gay, right? A gay black national socialist -- truly an anomaly.

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So I've accepted Hitler was wrong and Jews are actually the master race. They are only 0.2% of the world population, yet they run the world. No other race even comes close to that level of power.

Also for all the hate of jews on here, you realise even if we killed all the jews tomorrow, someone else would just take their place.

So I've decided to join the jews in their plot against Christendom. In public I will promote liberalism, diversity, immigration and race mixing, whilst in private keeping my family and friends strictly WASP and conservative. Moreover, like the jews I will foster culture of only handing transferring wealth and power to other conservative WASPs who are intent on preserving their heritage and in-group.

This is the path to real white supremacy.
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Now to learn the Dark Side of the Jew
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/nsg/ threads now being moved to /bant/, no other general being forced onto /bant/ like this, make your opinion known:

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The publisher has decided to destroy all remaining copies of his book before it can do more damage to impressionable boys.
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There is no natural purpose to things. It's 2017.
What else do breasts do? There's a reason for the phrase "useless as tits on a bowl".

Seriously, name another use.



>[Hurricane continues to charge]
>Windspeed 185MPH, tracked for possibly 200+
>Pressure 913mb, could fall below 900
>Lesser Antilles currently being hit; heavy rain Puerto Rico
>Next reconnaissance at 5:00PM EST
>Stores throughout the ENTIRE state of Florida are basically out of food, water, and gas
>If you're planning on evacuating, you need to leave NOW. Travel will become impossible later on



>Real-Time Irma Guidance

>Storm Visualization:

Emergency Info:
>Florida Department of Emergency Management

>Hurricane Preparedness

>The Weather Channel - Music from Local Forecasts in the 1980s-1990s







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lets do this
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Southern PA here, any chance of catching this shit?
whats the latest on US landfall?

How do we deal with this degeneracy?
Arresting them does nothing, they go right back. Slap on wrist at best.
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Live in a whiter area, promote white nationalism.
We need to consult Ted Kaczynski for pointers
Thats YT: FadedHolySoldier

Are the Burmese military, dare I say, /our guys/?
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Tbf I want to fuck a chinky burmese whore

>tfw no thicc in burma
Will backfire hard on them.
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>Thinking this is good
It's a fucking ISIS psyop to get immigrants into Australia you fucking retard.

>ISIS drums up conflict in SEA, gets people fighting
>Muslims get hurt and persecuted
>Apply for refugee status
>Can't go to India, no gibsmedats
>Can't go to China, no gibsmedats
>They all come through SEA to Australia because we have by far the highest welfare and government support in the region
>Our cities get flooded with refugees and we have bombings and stabbings weekly

We are literally the next Europe. Prove me fucking wrong.

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