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This is now an EFFAY board where we talk about the best car in the world, the Geotracker. Post geos and jerk each other off here
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gay car that no self respecting man would drive
Generation 1 Trackers/Sidekicks were pretty good. Like cheap little road tractors. I'd love to own one.

That being said, fuck you.
These are superior

>buy new car
>clear coat already scratched

its not fair
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>about to buy a new car
>some fucker smudged the windshield on a test drive or something
>"oh yeah they'll clean that I promise"
>pull the trigger
>pick it up
>smudge is still there
>"oh whoops haha I'll have them detail it can you come back tomorrow"
>come back the next day
>outside of the car is totally pristine
>smudge is mostly gone but still faintly visible
>now there's another smudge on the instrument panel
>fuck it, I'll clean it myself
>take delivery
>scrub that shit as hard as I can
>won't come off
fuckers sold me a defective product, fucking pissed about it

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It is time /mo/
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Time to split up? So long /m/echboys and aut/o/motives. It's been real. I was from /k/ the whole time and wanted a change of scenery.
No I think he means the /m/ and /o/ were made for each other. At least that's what I got from the Trans-Am going transam.
Our road is not prepared for that awesomeness.

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This is your takumi for the evening. Say something nice about him!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What does /mo/ have under their hood?

I just did a lion head engine swap with fuel injected human spirit and chip locked it with G-stone
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>not having a modularĀ® fordĀ®

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>board is now mecha and auto
>only one is both
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You have learning ahead of you.
Is megas /mo/ approved?
It's /m/ approved, I can tell you that.

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Guys, someone dinged my car. It's not a paint scratch, it looks more like a scuff. It's rubber in texture. How do I take this off? I've tried soap and water, WD40, and using friction to rub and still nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks
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Here's another pic
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Close up

Any ideas on how to get this off? I'm not really sure what it could be, but this happened in a parking lot at a store.

Does anyone also know of a good dash cam that is affordable that will record front and back and dump old footage automatically that has a parking mode feature?
get some automotive polish and an applicator pad or a microfiber cloth and rub

honestly it looks like with a shoe or something, too weird of a height and inset to have been don with a car

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Something tht both boards can talk about!
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Nice Drive!
Toku is not /mo/
Toku has always been in the /m/ board. Its a toku series themed around cars.

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Well, what do you think newfriends?
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I love Initial D memes, but I'm not quite sure if we could keep this on forever.
I support the merge to kill all the power ranger cancer off the board.
There was another poll thread and it was something like 50+ saying merge and 20+ saying don't.

This poll seems like its going to reflect the last one. i legitimately wouldn't mind the merge although i guess the problem would be bringing /o/ autism and dry shitposting into /m/ and i don't think mech anons would want that. not sure how things on /m/ are but we can spiral into political shitposting that can last 150 replies. there's also alphonse.. would we get more mods if we merged?

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How do you guys think the new civic looks?

>Very busy front bumper and grille with weird bloated fenders and hood
>20 inch gloss black wheels
>30 series tires
>Doors so fat they are the biggest panel on the car and define its shape
>Blacked out turn signals on the fender arches
>3 tail pipes
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Its the synthetis of mecha and auto
like shit.
it really doesnt look good in that color

but I like it

not gonna lie when I first saw pictures of it from Geneva I thought of Char

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galvion 2.jpg
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Galvion subs when?

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You're not missing much, friend.

I heard it's not super (Doesn't even han an ending Iunderstand) but it's very much in the spirit of today
The endings is just dialogue of them saying what they wanted to do because they couldn't animate it.

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Zeon did 9/11.
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ah yes. Manhattan, the capital of Australia.
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That's not just WTC, that's all of New York. It's 9/11 times a thousand.
OBL was confirmed to be a spacenoid. The Titans have proof!

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[ D a i l y - B i k e - T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

Super AmeriMeet Edition!

New poll here:

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Routes & Meetups
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Adventures & Blog Posts
>Motorcycle Pictures & Webms

/dbt/ map:

Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator:

Noob? Git gud:

webms with sounds:

Previously on /dbt/
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first for honda a best
second for honda a shit
Honda is good

How dumb is it to buy a 6.0L power stroke?

How dumb is it to buy a extended cab, long bed pickup and expect to take it to do light off roading in Colorado? It would mostly be a daily driver.
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Why do you need such a big, expensive to operate truck?
Yuropoor detected
Haul motorcycles to the race track, haul dirtbikes to the mountains, haul me ass to my office job five days a week, and haul guns and crap into the woods to shoot a couple times a month.

My WRX doesn't cut it.

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I'll miss you, /o/.
Come visit every once in a while.
Today was a perfect day.
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Don't worry /m/, one day ours boards will HAVE to merge.

See you in space, guys
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>go back to /o/
>get this

Im not that crazy about mechs (I like some Gundam and Evangelion) but I will probably check by every once in a while and maybe get some new shows to watch

was fun
>yfw the merged boards will continue to exist indefinitely just because hiroshimoot doesn't bother to delete them
Our stickies still have santa hats for fuck's sake

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