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Find me a way to come up with better fake Gundam character names/Hyundai model name than RNGing a list of famous Nigerians.
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Thank mr rodrol
I've heard that these guys are actually the biggest assholes in the construction industry.

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Hey /mo/ I just got this zaku II off zeonlist for 2k, what mods should i put on it to make it better?
Looking more for performance.
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just stick some propellant tanks on it and paint it red
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You could start by spraying the hamburger out of it

>Magnetic coated joints.
>High mobility Type thrusters on its legs

If you have the dosh, I suggest a reactor swap and eventually more thrust power and the use of beam weaponry.

But with that money, you might awswell just get a 'Goog.

>headunit thread?
headunit thread

any good website for their reviews?
opinion on X2800BT?
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if it doesnt have android auto or apple carplay its not worth the premium price.
keep the stock one
but I want to get USB, AUX input and put the rear view camera into the headunit instead of using a separate screen...

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Get in the fucking car, Shinji
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Now this is funposting
I don't wanna
>inb4 muh full tank of gasoline
Im so fucked up

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Gutted Wren Studios just updated. This is not a fucking joke. What the FUCK just happened?
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I got a feeling that they just pulled a homestarrunner.com sort of April fools prank by coming back

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>find a car I like
>the dealer only has it with the $8,000 "Cold Weather Package"
>live in fucking Florida
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What car do you like?
Cold weather package probably just means it has heated seats.

Which are nice even on 60degree mornings.

Heated seats also double as a great way to loosen up a stiff back on a long drive, or even on a long commute at the end of the day. For what it's worth, I'm in NW Florida. Just be sure to get the AC to a comfortable temp first.

ey yo, my opel astra combi 1999 elegance with an ecotec 1.8 engine has problems with the automatic choke sometimes not working. i start the engine on a held-down clutch and i steadily release it after the engine is working. sometimes the automatic choker kicks in and sometimes it doesn't. i have my doubts about it being a problem with the on-board computer but i can't spare the time or the nerves to get the computer fixed because i know that mechanics around here don't actually try to fix computer errors. i know that from personal experience. what are the chances that the automatic choke problem is not from the computer and i actually need to tamper under the hood in order to fix it? pic semi-related, its just a stock image
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>ey yo
>automatic choke
>on a 1.8 ecotec
Nope. Try again. That is fuel injected (source: 15 seconds on google). There's no choke, so this is almost definitely a computer problem (or something else that you haven't thought about).
i bought it like a month and a half ago, my old which i used to drive for like 8 years was a 1995 opel astra combi 1.4 so im not exactly used to maintaining cars which heavily rely on the computer. speaking of which, is it easy to fix computer errors by yourself if you have the required software+OBC chip? a friend of mine has a chip which i can definetly borrow but i have never worked with a OBC maintenance software.
Pardon me ,English Major. Please excuse my poor english skills. Would you like me to switch to MLA formatting instead, kind sir?

Hey guys, Looking to start riding a motorcycle, I need recommendations for a good bike to start on and tips and tricks that would be useful for me when I start.

>pic related, thinking about getting a kawasaki klr650
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depends on what you think you wanna do

but i agree klr seems like a good starter bike, are you thinking of buying a new one or used?
That's a tall bike. Go here to see if you fit:
Don't buy new.

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