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Does anyone from mech keep up with what Boston Dynamics is doing? I'll post their most of video here, it's up to you to find the rest
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Wow, that stuff would be cool if it was animated in a Japanese cartoon, too bad it's 3dpd trash, nobody cares
Ahhh, still learning about /m/, thanks for replying!

You fucking cunt

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Sucks that /mo/ has to die

This was me all day because of /mo/
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Hey, what's up /mo/?

How the fuck do I watch gundam?

I'll admit I'm interested due to watching a few webms on 4chan, but I have no idea where to start.

I don't mind watching some old ones, but I think about 100 episodes is my cut off point before I watch some of the newer stuff. What are some absolutes that I should watch?
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old chart, give OP the current one
You don't need a retarded chart to spoonfeed what you should think, just watch in production order and form your own opinions

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so, what gundam model should I do as a newfag?
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HGBF, IBO, and Revival line is good for beginners, since they're all simple and easy to do, also cheap, look good on a shelf and have good articulation.
I find 1/100 models are a good place to start. The bigger pieces make things a bit easier.

Maybe Barbados or Exia.

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For the jpg in the sticky about how to inspect a used car, is that what's considered a PPI? Or would I still have to take it to a shop after all that? Is this jpg there in case you can't get to a shop? Seems unnecessary to go through all that work just to take it to a shop anyway and have them look at it again. Am I not getting something?
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Not the same as a PPI?
Pee Pee Inspection? I remember those in elementary. Mr. Donald would always pick me to go first.

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The best of both worlds?
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Being merged with /m/ has been really nice, yall /m/ folks are a great bunch of people. /mo/ has definitely been the coziest board merge out of all the merges. I mean, could you fucking imagine if either of us had to be merged with /pol/ for a day?
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This should just be a regular weekly thing
stir shit up and make people realize other boards exist lel
/m/ and /o/ was a breddy gud match
We'd just post zeon memes
can we agree to be best board buddies? so that if moot or the mods ever decide to fuck either of us over we can seek refuge in the other?

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Great /mo/ series or Greatest /mo/ series?
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Greater /mo/ series
Favorite Autobot?
Favorite Decepticon?

Is this an April Fool's joke?

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Nismo Twingo Evo when?
>implying the twingo 133 rs isn't already the king of the a segment
Anon pls
Just after the new stealth

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Post the last photo of ur car
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Hope i'll see you at the RUCC meet tomorrow ;)
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pontiac parked.jpg
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hey /m/en how good is ambassador Magma?
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Haven't seen, but it's theme song is ON POINT


Whatchu think, nogs?
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get a civic for 3k. infinitely better car
Italians did an ok job
but major points deducted for gay LCD screens and tactless controls

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What comes to mind when you see this mech, /mo/?
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dead zeeks
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A disgusting Frankenstein abomination
Also Katoki a shit

My brother wonders why false emissions tests charge you $80 if you have no engine check light and $100 if you have an engine check light. I tell him the extra $20 accounts for the riskier customer getting a false pass. He says they just price it like that and it's not based on risk. Can someone please explain for my brother?
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Dumb frogposter
A check engine light is an obvious sign of failure, while bad results but no light is easier to consider a mistake in testing or recent issue post-inspection.

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