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Can we get a /mo/ vehicle thread going?
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Does the gadget mobile count?
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Anything goes

What do you have to say about Zeta Gundam?
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Still not as good as the Zeta Camaro.
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And for the /m/en who don't get the reference

This is our future!!

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Who links to images on an image board?


3 6 9
My bad my mouse shortcuts are fucked cause I had a game running so I thought I copied and pasted the jewtube links and pressed enter

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Which dash cam is the best?

>low cost
>ability to delete old footage automatically
>front and rear recording
>parking mode

Show us what you have, and your thoughts.

I'm in the market for one and want to see which are affordable and meet all green text criteria
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One that automatically goes from driving to parking would be nice

Something that records when there's a collision and makes sure I'm able to pull that footage
fuck off to google and do your own research you lazy cunt
Lick my gooch

>nothing personal kid but you don't even own a car

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>when /m/ wants /o/ dick
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you'd get more if those boxes were from Jegs or Summit

Alright maybe y'all can help me out. I bought a 2005 Saab 9-2x aero today, and there seems to be an engine problem. From about 1,500 rpm to 3,000 rpm, I have major power loss and it runs clunky, similar to limp mode, and there's a solid CEL. Then once I get around 35 mph it smooths out and accelerates normally, but with a blinking CEL. After I get up to highway speeds it drives fine with no CEL. I did not notice this during the test drive, it drove perfectly, it was only after I filled the gas tank on the drive home. Any ideas on what the issue could be?
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Could be either your maf sensor, spark plugs or o2 sensors. Run a scan tool for codes. Most auto shops will do them for free.
Get a scanner or go to autozone and have them scan it, then bring us the code. The code will tell us where to look.
Alright, I've been looking all over the internet but aside from one forum there really isn't a whole lot of info. I will try to get it to an autozone tomorrow and report back with my findings

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Does /mo/ like donks?
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Does /mo/ like low riders?
I'll never criticize anything with a Mcdonalds logo on it.
as long has it doesnt have those stupid rims that stick out a foot from the car

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im looking for a cheap DD and i know i want a toyota. im 6'5 so i wanted to know how much bigger the late 90-early 00's camry interior is compared to a corolla. is it night and day or only slightly bigger
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dare i say it

this bitch too thicc for me

lmao dis bitch built like a water tank famalam
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I know it's not what you want, but hear me out.
The Volkswagen New Beetle.
As small as these fuckers are, you'll have plenty of room. Jeremy Clarkson is 6'5. With the seat all the way back, he couldn't reach the pedals, and with the seat all the way up, he had enough headroom to wear a tall hat.

And the Turbo versions are fun and fast.
fuck off

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No replies in the DB for this post!

This is /mo/, right?
Zoids thread.
Can /m/en recommend me an anime? I enjoyed Zoids Chaotic Century
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Gundam Wing, Gravion, Armored Trooper VOTOMS. Mazinkaiser SKL

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