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I missed you.

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Hey guys. Scroll to the bottom if you don't feel like reading the entire thing. Felt like posting here because, why not...

So I sold my car on a payment plan back in November of '16. I've never done payments before but was moving across country and couldn't find a storage unit in time nor anyone in town to buy it.

He gives me $500 up front with a remaining $1,500 due. 1-2 months goes by and nothing else. During that period, I contact him and he gives me the run-around. He even thretened me saying "I'll kill you." and "I'll go, right now, and burn the car down!" all for me just touching base. He also said he was going to be in Memphis but figured out through the grapevine that he moved back to FL where he is from but didn't know exactly where.

Bill of Sale ended in January and I started a new job then and was busy. The other day, I decided to try to find it and found a CL ad. of him trying to sale it. He was stupid enough to post the house address and I found the full street address.

I'm wondering if anyone lives in the Melbourne FL area and would be interested in seeing if he brings the car back by the house or if it could be stored elsewhere. I'm going to be serving him a small claims court notice within this or next week probably.

I've never done payments before and never will again. What do you think I should do?
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Small claims prolly your best bet. You fucked up for agreeing to a payment plan on a craigslist sale. It's all or nothing if you want to do a private sale. You might win in small claims but the time lost from taking off work foe court might not end up being worth it.

>Small claims
>let it go and take it as a life lesson
>taking a payment plan deal through a CL sale
Lmfao op what were you thinking
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>initially thought this meant OP sold his car while he was still paying it off
>realize it actually means he let someone "buy" his car using a payment plan

Holy shit, that's retarded.

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black rs camaror.jpg
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If the third gen Camaro could turn into a mech, how would it look?

Also, Camaro thread, I have really been thinking of getting a 3rd gen to work on. any anons on here have experience working on them?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Ok /o/, help me pick from 2 donercycles.

Bike A is a 2005 Vstar 650 for $1200. I like the price, and it leaves me some extra cash that I could use to bob it out. But I could easily spend any savings on customizing it, and I could easily out grow a 650. (Pic related)

Bike B is a 2002 Honda shadow 1100 for 2100. I'm used to 1100s, and I like how it currently looks, but still may want to bob it or bag it.

So do i spend a little money for a bike I'm not thrilled about but it'll get the job done, or just spend the extra cash for something that looks better and is a size I like more?
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Bike 2
If it's not your first bike I'd get the shadow.

That being said, the 96-98 shadow American classic edition is much cooler.
is the shadow shaft drive? less efficient but I would pay more to not lube chains, I'm never as 'on top of it' as I should be

What does /o/ think about Zeonic Toyota?

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They don't

Fuckg those wapanese brands threads. I've just bought an old Fiat 128 and I'm loving every single bit of it.
It's kinda rusty, but not in the underbody luckly. The radiator fan used to make a weird chewbacca noise but it went away with some WD 40. Also already replaced oil filters, turned around a front headlight that was wrongly glued and fixed a leaky fuel intake hose.
Still have to: unrice it (proper standard muffler and suspension), change all the doors seals, change the windshield, do all the interior door panelling, fix the hood lock and open the gearbox to see the synchros (gotta double clutch to engage 3rd, 4th and 5th).
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>FIAT general

I wish these were more frequent.

I've got a '14 Uno here in huehueland.
FIATs are cool. Reliable little fuckers. Do their maintenance and they're like cockroaches; will never die.

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fuck semis and their snail races with other semis. Jesus Christ you make interstate driving worse for everyone else
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Tell me about it man. Commercial vehicles have absolutely fucking destroyed one of the major highways running through my state. It's absolutely unbearable. It doesn't matter what time of day you get on, it's just every type of truck under the sun occupying two of the three lanes. You can get around them if you want but you're only going to make it so far before you come across even more. Sometimes these retards clump up into groups of (i shit you not) 6-10 all on top of each other. semis, dump trucks, cement trucks, tow trucks, plows/salters, etc...

fortunately they aren't allowed on the commuter highways
A three lane highway is the best solution, so the left lane can stay clear of semis,

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Lets welcome our new friends by discussing our favorite transformers

Transformers are truly /mo/
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my favorite transformer doesnt even turn into a car
what does it trans*form into
>Cybertronian Laser Gun, Mazda RX-8, steam-powered warship

according to the wiki

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Toyotas and Lexuses are all prone to rust from beneath the door handle. This started around 2003MY, Before that, Toyota door handles would just eventually snap off.
Do you think this could have all been avoided if Toyota got their head out of their ass and diverted the money from just one PR campaign and funnelled it directly to "door handle R&D"? I think so
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>rusting easily
what a suprise
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It's not like they're constantly embroiled in rust class action law suits of anything. The highest grossing, most profitable car company ever who got that way under the impression of quality, has rust issues in 2017. Amazing, isn't it?
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>No Carranger thread
Let's fix that.
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Isn't this getting Shout Factory subs sometime this month? I've been meaning to see it for awhile, I'd like to be able to do so legally.
Yeah, on the 25th.
Red and green sure have some meaty thighs.

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Whatchadoin' here /o/.
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/mo/'s thoughts on the Mad Max series? And if you enjoy it, favorite movie?
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Ive seen all the old ones and I liked the new one alot, stoked that their filming another one AND using Roadkill's Stubby Bob, General Mayhem, and the Challenger in the next movie.

Id go to wasteland weekend If I lived near
I loved them all.
I love both Road Warriors and Fury Road equally.
They are some excellently put together films and tons of fun to watch. I still need to see Fury Road.

My favorite version of Mad Max is Hokuto no Ken

Saw it requested in a thread.
/r/motube on Cytube
Be sure to put "." between u and b on Cytube. I can't actually link because it's spam to the chan bot.
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Bumpin', get in here nerds
Don't these guys want this show dayum

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/o/, /m/, wait! Take us tan/k/ers with you! We don't want to be left behind with the plane fags!
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Fuck off, we have enough insecure manchildren as it is
fuck off furfag
As long as you can find first gear.

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