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So /mo/, what did you learn about each other's boards today?
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literally never visited /m/ before and was pleasantly surprised.

very nice, will visit some time again/10
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Yeah everyone was really cool, /o/tists and /m/en assimilated great together. Both boards were more than happy to talk about cars, animu robots, and the board culture that went along with them
>meanwhile /mlpol/
i mean, are /m/ and /o/ so different
we both like big machines and going fast

/mo/ for life

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in all the nonsense it seems none of us saw bakabt.me's April fools joke
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What does /mo/ think of Motorcity?
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Lame storytelling. Great visuals.
Great concept that went nowhere fast. I never felt invested in any of the characters either.

It's too bad, since a successful show alongside Tron: Uprising could have pushed Disney to do some more action-adventure stuff.
Detroit is a pretty rough city

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Is it bad that I really want a B5 S4?
I feel like I'm gonna get fucked when repairing it because >lolgermancars but it looks so goddamn good
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I'd say it's peak 90's sedan design for euro cars.
After than things got gaudy as fuck.

Before you get one you should learn a ton about maintenance stuff and if you keep on top of maintenance there's not much to worry about
>buying this over an e46
E46s didn't age as well as the B5 did.

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How effective is this stuff? And Shell gas in general.
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Can /mo/ redpill me on the AE111?
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Stop saying redpill
Integra is superior
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/pol/, your partner was /mlp/.

Fuck off.

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I notice they changed back pol, yet /mo/ is still here?

We did it bois
We made it
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nope they just bitched enough
You can still get to normal /o/, but can't post there, it tells you they're performing site maintenance. You can also sometimes access normal /v/ and still post there fine.
/pol/ is still busted actually, you can't post. It just doesn't redirect you to /mlpol/ right now.

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When did you realise that this board is perfect and will be merged permanently?
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Special Search-Party Private Car
1961 Chevrolet Corvair. Pretty much a stock car with no modifications.
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Ultra Garrisson's Pointer. Modified Chrysler Imperial. Can travel by autopilot up to 365b km per hour. Heavily modified: smokescreen, jet engine, missiles, energy barrier, hover system, puncture-resistant tires, and ray gun.
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Monster Attack Team's rather lamely named "MAT Car" is one of my faves, is a Mazda Cosmo Sport. Nothing fancy, just looks great and gets you to the kaiju action. Can mount a rocket launcher on the roof.
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Ultraman Ace's TAC Panther. Never seen the show and can't find any info on these!

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Are you that dangerous, impatient driver swerving and cutting people off only to end up having not traveled any further than safe drivers?
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Yes. I don't care if we get there at the same time, I'm gunna have fun while doing it.
No becuase motorcycle, I cut in front of people and make progress.
>not traveled any further
You're fucking retarded, op. We only travel as far as our destinations. Efficiency is measured by the time it takes us to get there.

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It's not.

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What the absolute fuck was that?
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cocksucker rebbit

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well, guys, it has been fun and comfy, sadly like all good things, they have to end. I'm glad we spent this day together having fun. A toast to end this board on a good note.
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>merge /o/ with /m/
>no mention of Megas XLR

Please tell me it's just because I missed it
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Goodbye, /o/

See you again

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I'll miss you /o/, this has been really fun!
Best crossover episode
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see you in some other sunset, cowboy

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