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Do we get to stay like this forever? I like the increased traffic and I usually don't get to enjoy mecha and cars together and they are nice complementary tastes.
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i hope so
anything to save bandwidth and help 4change stay alive
I don't think so, /mo/ doesn't have an in-site archive of the past handful of dead threads despite new threads having run their course already, so it's not set up like a normal board.

I think.
Vroom vroom

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Hello /o/, I'm considering buying a mini truck for the summer to thrash around in and use for Home Depot runs, but can't decide which truck will serve me best and not break down every 5 fucking seconds. My options are the Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, Nissan D21, Jeep Comanche, and the Chevy S10. Tacomas get taken off the market far too quickly around here.

The budget is about $1,000, and I'm looking for a truck that I won't have to do heavy work on, though I am perfectly capable of minor things. I typically love Ford, but I'd like your wisdom (?) and opinions on this.

>Pic related.
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Up your budget and get a Comanche senpai.
I have 2 Dakotas, they are okay. Rangers rot out around leaf spring, body mounts, all around bitch to bleed out hydraulic clutch. A 4x4, 5 speed Dakota, with 3.9, is a good set up, get you a 3 inch lift, some bigger tires, and you got a pretty good off road ability, also.
Comanche is based but probably the Ranger or S10 would be the better choice.

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>4chan merges Mecha and Auto
>Perfect time to introduce
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Rest in peace sweet prince ;_;
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nothing, value, etc etc
But there's just something really appealing about the boxy design, especially with all that glass.

No other SUVs are like it
it is also a ton more reliable than a land rover.

but then again it doesn't take much to be more reliable than a landie

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Is the i20 a good car for someone on a tight budget?
I'm a minimum wage worker and need a car so I can travel and hopefully move towns soon.
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Get a 2k dodge neon or toyota tercel from Craigslist if you're on a tight budget.
I don't think they use the Craigs over there in Yuropooristan.
Don't have Craigslist.
We have gumtree, but the sellers are all idiots who overcharge

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M.D. Geist is literally the greatest piece of fiction ever produced by human minds.
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>the Corvette being faster than the GTR is the greatest piece of fiction ever produced by human minds

ftfy OP

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So is the Clarkson P45 a Mech or a Power Suit?

You can not only drive it, but also wear it too.
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it's rubbish
looks like a tank to me
however from
>wear it
That sounds like a power armor

bet its rear is exposed

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I broke into some weird car, can anyone tell me what it is? thans
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3k civic

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4chan is weird.
i want the fuck that bot

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Find me a way to come up with better fake Gundam character names/Hyundai model name than RNGing a list of famous Nigerians.
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Thank mr rodrol
I've heard that these guys are actually the biggest assholes in the construction industry.

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Hey /mo/ I just got this zaku II off zeonlist for 2k, what mods should i put on it to make it better?
Looking more for performance.
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just stick some propellant tanks on it and paint it red
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You could start by spraying the hamburger out of it

>Magnetic coated joints.
>High mobility Type thrusters on its legs

If you have the dosh, I suggest a reactor swap and eventually more thrust power and the use of beam weaponry.

But with that money, you might awswell just get a 'Goog.

>headunit thread?
headunit thread

any good website for their reviews?
opinion on X2800BT?
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if it doesnt have android auto or apple carplay its not worth the premium price.
keep the stock one
but I want to get USB, AUX input and put the rear view camera into the headunit instead of using a separate screen...

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