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Fucking go
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Looks cool.Nice gun-hand.
Would pilot/10.
is that a roush?
How fun with detonating apex seals in space. I would have thought that they would have abandoned rotaries long before space flight.

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What's the saddest movie about giant robots and why is it The Iron Giant?
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What the fuck, don't remind me.
Sometimes being reminded is a necessary thing.
>Me stay, You go.

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Dear /mo/
REV MY COCK, Evangelion with your cartoon robot pictures THANK Twingo, I bet yall don't vape FUCKING WEABOOS, DO YOU LIKE MY CAR? BIG METAL MEATY TURBOS V-TEC, fuck you, hon hon hon do you even know how to manual? Congratulations! Y-you too. In this silly simulation now that the dust has settled I am a Toyota Curren. BOIPUCCI I liked all the transformers that I saw. Back on the rocks baby
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M8, you forgot the burning finger, matilda, and a "GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT".
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You do know that's a Crab, right?
That's from Xabungle.

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Are luxury cars really worth it?
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t. poorfag
If you're expecting anything other than shit flinging and badge whoring you should lurk moar

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What are some good /mo/ games?
I'd start with the F Zero series.
A lot of the characters themselves would be toku and kaiju based, while it's a racing game.
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Most futuristic racers are pretty /mo/. I think most noteworthy are F-Zero , WipEout, Extreme G and Rollcage (which is getting a spiritual successor in the form of Grip) series. Also one game I'm looking forward to is Redout for PS4 because my shittop can't run anything.

As for my dream /mo/ game, think of Dirt in solar system. Rally crossing on the moon, baja in Mars etc.

That's the arcade game but there's a 3DS version.

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Before /mo/ separates let's have a /mo/ thread.

Pic related is an example, what is your kind of custom Ace Colours that you would like to paint on your mech/car/plane/bus/scooter etc. and represents you as a whole?
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>/pog/ is dead and /vap/ shall succumb from its ashes edition

It's thy time to have a good old thread about the finest German trio! Do you own a VW, an Audi or a Porsche? Do you have any questions or plans to own one in the near future? Do you have a Ferdinand Porsche shrine hidden away in your closet? If so, post it all here!
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Hey /mo/, aside from poor modifications, what problems am I looking at with the 3rd gen integra? I've heard they are pretty reliable and nice handling cars. /m/en, feel free to throw to your opinions about the car in if you have them
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Plan to replace all the lock cylinders from the doors, trunk, and ignition.
Because over the years, they get worn down, to the point you could probably unlock/start them with a screwdriver. This is partially why you commonly see these things on top 10 most stolen cars lists.

Beyond that, engine wiring harness problems, rust, all the rubber suspension bushes, oil leaks, and the automatic transmissions are all big places of worry

Never touch a car with a Salvage, lost, or rebuilt title.

All cars have some problems they're known for.
Thanks, what kind of mileage are we looking at on the lock cylinders. Aside from that, the other issues seem pretty normal for a car of that age. We arent looking at any fatal defects though right?
>We arent looking at any fatal defects though right?
aside from the automatic transmissions, no. Those automatics were trash known for failing even while brand new.

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Yesterday I got introduced to /mo/ and I wasn't so sure at first but I'm really happy with everything that's happened. I send feedback to tell Hiroshimoot that I liked this place. Best part of it? I woke up this morning and it's still here.

Wish granted, or am I just waiting for the other shoe to drop?
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I don't know how long it will survive, but I hope it does. It's strangely comfy.
The other boards seem to have split, even /ml/pol// Saviour the last remaining days of /mo/ OP
/mlpol/ is still there. Is there a complete list of the merged boards? I bet they hang around as hidden boards for at least a month

Those old advertisings are perfect for this board.
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Damn skippy.

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