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I found out last month I have HIV and I want to die

Will I ever have sex again? Because I'm way too afraid to even try.
>pic unrelated
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How much of a slut are you?
Stick to other pozzed people or die alone.

If this happened to me I would have killed both of us.
modern medicine senpai. u good

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how do girls type?
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with their dick.
With a lot of emoticons. Also if they bring up your sex life when you disagree with them its either female or a female worshiper.
lol hai <3 just saying hey!! thought you should know i think ur cute hahaha <3

just txt me if you wanna hang out bb k tnx

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MtF's of 4chan, have a question for those of you that like to debate.

I have a therapist that i've been seeing for a little over a year that's overall been really helpful with transitioning and is pretty much the reason why i'm on HRT right now.

The only thing we really don't see eye to eye on is the importance of passing which to a certain extent makes sense when you consider the fact she is a pretty conventionally attractive cis lesbian that doesn't even look like a "lesbian" if that makes sense. In other words she blends in perfectly with the rest of society, which in my opinion makes her incredibly biased when we talk about why or why not passing is super important.

I kind of feel like we are beginning to hit a wall in our relationship because passing is extremely important to me, I wouldn't be transitioning if there wasn't a part of me that didn't believe with enough effort I can pass and live with a certain degree of stealth.

Her argument for why passing isn't important is best captured in the old saying "those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind," which to me basically translates to please disregard all of the people you will interact with on a basic level for the rest of your life because they are unimportant, what matters is that you have a base of support that sees you the way you see yourself.

Now this approach may be more necessary for MtFs transitioning in later in life, but all memes aside I started pretty young (21) and really feel like my goals aren't unrealistic.

So basically my question is what are some ways through reasonable discussion I can prove to my extremely liberally minded therapist passing is important?
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Passing absolutely does matter. It's not just about personal relationships. It's about opportunities and basic safety. If you pass, you'll be far less likely to face discrimination or be harassed/attacked. Even your friends and family will subconsciously treat you like a man (or an "other") if you don't pass. It's not bigotry. It's just human nature.

There's also romantic options. If you pass, a straight man is more likely to give you a chance, especially if you wait a few dates to tell him (so he gets to know you before judging you as a transwoman).
>even your friends and family will subconsciously treat you like a man (or an "other") This is something I strongly believe as well but the evidence feels very intangible and hard to describe without sounding paranoid, does that make sense?
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>the importance of passing

your therapist isn't biased because she fits in.

she is biased because the goal of therapy is to get you to stop caring about what other people think about you and instead focus on what you think about yourself.

she's right.

what other people think of you is none of your business.

whether they think you look like a woman or not is simply not important.

what is important is that you feel internally cohesive with your outward appearance.

what is important is that you look like you feel.

stop caring what other people think, you can never make everyone happy.

you can only make yourself happy.

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>tfw after 4 years of being an MtF it's becoming increasingly more apparent that I am going to have to inform my family and friends that I actually feel more comfortable living as a hot, estrogen-infused androgynous guy than being a tranny and that I no longer want to be referred to as 'she' and 'her'

Who else fell for the tranny meme here? I'm just glad I didn't change my name or fall for the surgical jew.
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ayy lmao.
Also Cara stop making so many threads what's wrong with you today?
You have shit taste my man.

>Also Cara stop making so many threads what's wrong with you today?
I haven't actually been to /lgbt/ in monthsbut it's quite funny that that autist still comes here.
who is this

I need the advice of gay gentlemen.

My two best friends are a gay guy and a straight girl. I myself am a straight guy. We've all been friends since high school. We graduated college together. To save rent, we're sharing an apartment. And we hang out all the time, pretty much to the detriment of our external social lives.

As a result, there's a pretty close bond. We know almost everything about one another. And I've grown closer to the girl, to the point where there are moments when it feels like more. We've spent a lot of time together, just the two of us. I think perhaps the biggest reason it hasn't become more is because of our other friend.

He's never admitted to me directly that he has any feelings for me, but the girl once caught a glimpse of his journal on his laptop and noticed him speaking almost longingly about me. She said she thinks he's depressed, which is something he's struggled with a lot due to his sexuality and other factors. We've tried to hook him up with people, but we don't really know many people, let alone gay people. And I feel like I catch glimpses of jealousy from him when she and I are laughing together by ourselves on the couch or in the kitchen or wherever.

To be blunt, he's starting to bring the mood in the apartment down, and we feel like we can't advance beyond where we are now for his sake. But how do you deal with a depressed gay guy who apparently has deep feels for you without breaking his heart or making him suicidal or some shit?
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And for extra clarification, he seems perfectly happy when it's just him and I hanging out together. But there seems to be this faint tension when the three of us are together anymore. She and him used to be very close, but I seem to be the hub in our group now.
Give him some cuddles. The girl sounds like a bitch to be peeking at his journal and then reporting back to you something that would put her gay friend in an awkward and embarrassing position. She's not much of a friend to him, she should have talked about it with him.
He semi-cuddles with me already sometimes on the couch, I didn't mind him leaning into me and stuff. Looking back though it's probably been a mistake. And I'm more self-conscious about it now.

I don't think she had a nefarious plan in mind when she saw his journal. I think it's just from the mood in the house which she's trying to work out a solution to like I am, and telling me was probably for the best. I think she's talked to him already, which would be where some of their awkwardness is coming from, but she hasn't told me anything. Nor him.

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Dont know what to say.. but I'm not very masculine, rather slim and feminine actually. Honestly femboy-ish.

My problem is I'm just insecure about it.. I still somewhat have problems of being dominated for the most part, but it's not that big of a deal.

What i'm more insecure is being seen with a bigger guy. I just would feel "lesser" if I was seen in public by a Chris Redfield looking guy and me being smaller than him. What people would think etc.
I'm also very insecure of ever introducing boyfriend to my parents, just because they'd see me and then him.. Like i'd be his whore or something along those lines.

Sometimes I kinda feel guilty for being so submissive too..
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I don't really know what to tell you my dude. Just think it over, gain some perspective on things, get over it! There will always be people who want to put you down for being a faggot. Who cares what they think? Those who mind don't matter. Those who matter don't mind. You already know all this of course but your comrades in faggotry are always here to remind you.

What about my parents? I dont know how they'd feel seeing a huge guy next to their already smaller son..
Do you have a boyfriend anon? I'd be down to be your big shield against the world anon

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Why are chasers (and/or bisexuals) such unbelievable pigs? So this guy who topped me didn't reveal his faggoty urges until after a couple of months later when he casually asked me if I don't want to "fuck" him, ha ha smiley face wink wink.

Why do they always try to pull this shit as if I had a Ron Jeremy benis and could give them what they want when what I have are measly 4 inches and half-erect at best and am not interested in topping ever? Why do they do this?
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why do you always want to be fucked instead, we have our own needs to you whore. check your privilege
Did you just say no? How'd he respond
But I don't want to fuck YOU (or whoever) ever. Look, I wouldn't get so awfully buttfrustrated like this if he just wanted to lick it or something since that's not the worst thing out there but fucking him? That's nuts! I'm not some Cialis-popping shemale pornstar he probably confuses me with.

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other best thing ever.jpg
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Convince me to do it.

t. trans girl who's gonna be stuck being a 6 foot hon forever
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Cut your legs off. Instantly cuter. No more big feet!

Think about all the prosthetics you can have. Any size heels you want.

Why don't you inject testosterone then and become fucking rambo? Sounds better than dying or being an ugly tranny, honestly.
>get bald
>get hairy
>get fat
>kill everyone blinded by masc rage

yeah no thx

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Are masculine gays the next target of feminists?

They are misogynists and "sexist" as fuck.
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I'm not a feminist, but I hate fat scumbags like on the OP pic. I'm fatphobic
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Too bad real men will never care nor cather to the opinions of spoiled bitches and mentally ill patients, they'll continue to make the world move while you guys bitch about first world problems.


When will this meme end? Btw, having a beard and taking steroids doesn't make you masculine.

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Yours first op
Not really news. People upload all kinds of porn to YouTube and they get tons of hits before getting pulled. Did you actually manage to see this one? Was it any good? If not then was the dialogue at least funny?
It had no dialogue. It presented itself as a music video and as an "eductional" video on gay men's culture, but then it got kind of lewd, then it got really lewd, then it had a guy shitting on another guy's face.

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Post some music you qts enjoy :3

>What is a fem?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay.
>Are fem guys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a fem?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking fems considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.

Last one: >>7688392
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I very much enjoy the Furi soundtrack and Drum & Bass.
>music edition
Nice. Does /femgen/ produce? :3
and no, unfortunately not

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Is it true there is a shortage of tops worldwide? Why is that? How do we resolve this?
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erasure of the female gender so there is less competition
>How do we resolve this?

Import more Muslim Bulls, obviously.
>I love that Pakistani Tea Maker btw
Bottoms are horrible aids ridden sluts. They will get fucked by every top in town and then wonder why there are no more tops.

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Is it possible to report rape without your parents and school finding out you're gay?
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being raped doesn't mean you're gay.
however if you were raped by someone you met on grindr or at a gay bar then you may have some explaining to do.
But I am gay, and the guy knew I was gay, and he goes to the same school, and I sucked his cock a few times until it became awkward, then kept doing it anyway since he pressured me into it, then he pressured me into anal sex, and now he doesn't take no for an answer.
probably not because they would likely be interested in and following the trial/case

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>meet guy on tinder
>good looking, looks masculine
>meet him at an upscale pizza place
>he insists on paying
>he's really fem, annoyingly so
>eh i'll give him a chance, whatever.jpg
>he makes little eye contact at all
>when he's talking he's looking around him not at anything in particular just not at me
>I ask him a shitload of questions because if I don't awkward silence
>he asks me hardly anything
>an hour in two of his friends come in and sit next to us
>the two guys are FLAMING, and I mean flaming
>he's talking with them, occasionally to me
>after about five minutes of that I say I'm ready to go
>we get outside, he says sorry he didn't know his friends would show up
>he asks if I want to go somewhere else
>ask him, "you're not interested in me, are you?"
>don't give a fuck cause i'm not interested in him either
>he starts this laugh, like he's shocked by how brazen I'm in
>"well I'm just getting to know you"
>doesn't seem like it bitch
>walks me to my car as he keeps laughing nervously and annoyingly
>"okay nice meeting you, text me if you want", >i don't give a fuck. bye
>never hear from him again

what would you do ? am I in the right to be turned off by how he acted?
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I'd say you caught some red flags, and that it would be right to not take him on a second date.
He was either a bitch or not interested.
Don't worry about it.
Sounds about right
to me if you're compatible with someone you should feel pretty comfortable only a few minutes into a date but maybe that's just me

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I wish STD's didn't exist so I could be a degenerate buttslut.
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Just become a degenerate slut specialized in virgin boys.

>>>/r9k/ go there and do something good for mankind.
This, or find one man who has an extremely high libido and fucks your butt every single night.
I'm too paranoid about getting STD's so no, I don't want to risk it.

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