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So I'm currently a closeted but extremely drunk bisexual man. How the fuck do you motherfuckers actually take "pride" in your sexuality. I want to fucking stab myself all the time for not being the way men are supposed to be.
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>How the fuck do you motherfuckers actually take "pride" in your sexuality.
I'm not proud that I just happened to turn out gay; I'm proud that I've stopped lying about my sexuality and can just live my life.

>I want to fucking stab myself all the time for not being the way men are supposed to be.
Being into dudes shouldn't stop you from being what you think men should be. Just marry a woman and troll grinder looking for dudes to fuck on the side like every other bi man.
> How the fuck do you motherfuckers actually take "pride" in your sexuality
I don't. I'm just not ashamed of it either.

> I want to fucking stab myself all the time for not being the way men are supposed to be.
You're too focused on your identity.

Being closeted, I assume you never even hooked up with a guy. So you're suffering over your thoughts and what you "are", instead of acting on these feelings.

I just advise you to go out and have great sex, That way, being out won't be a strive, but a convenience.
I take moral issue with hooking up with men on the side or having a wife.

>im guessing you've never

You're wrong. I've been with more men than women since they tend to be easier to take the ned. I feel shitty everytime

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Vent, rage and scream to vent your dysphoria in this thread!

I'll start:





now your turn:
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>walking home from school with friends
>taller guy walks past us
>momentarily think of how nice it would be to be cradled in his arms

At this point i might be asexual since i'll be stuck as a male for the rest of my life and feel nothing toward women
tbqh i feel the same feel
but I wouldn't mind being the dominate one with transgirl.
>tfw tall
>tfw it's hard as fuck to buy cute shoes and onesies that fit

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osama bin cuck.jpg
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electroshock therapy or being thrown off a building for being gay.

Pick one.
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isn't transition an option too?
no, either get shocked or thrown.
How the fuck is that a real choice?

Since I'm a non-passer I'd with the first since I'd like to keep getting what little attention I get from girls and guys.
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I'll take visibly trans but incredibly attractive. I already am that pretty much.
t. femboy whose been popping hormones for years.
i want to put my feminine benis in your mouth
I'll take visible trans. I can work in politics as a lobbyist & make the world a better place for the next generation of trans kids while showing that not all trans people are ugly as sin.

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Degenerate Edition

Whether you're a supporter for sister incest, or just a lover of mom-daughter - you can feel comfortable knowing we're all degenerates here.

There are a list of filters via paste bin. They help by removing typical bait.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord past bin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent News
>literal clg anon did not show
>Girl was tutored in sex by an adult goth woman when she was 14 - anons rejoice in the existence of such proud degeneracy
>B L E A C H E D
>Pucci is a staple of our diet, and a delicacy to be thoroughly savored
>Woman has her first date this weekend. GL
>Beware the pizza delivery girl and her book of vengeance
>They could smell your Britney Spears when you walked in, STRAIGHT GIRL
>Gun owners talk guns
>Anon managed to get a date with her femme crush
>Girl hooked up with a dom, passed out from asphyxiation, but the dom just woke her up and was like "uh hey I need you to finish" and so the face sitting continued.

Previous: >>7715451
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I'm 22 today lesgen. Where's my celebratory pucci?
Sorry /lesgen/ but my body can't handle being pure anymore. I'm hooking up with a bislut tonight.
This looks hot as fuck, but the plot is cliche.


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How many of you trannies actually suffer/suffered from hardcore gender dysphoria that would cause you to have suicidal thoughts all day every day? How many of you just transition because you (((think))) that you were born in the wrong body.
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I transitioned because my mommies taught me that being a white male I was inheriting white male privilege.

I didn't want to be evil.
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Holy fuck those stairs look so fun to play on but the ground is like a marsh fuck

I once got drunk and epliated my facial hair cause I was too poor for laser that's pretty damn hardcore. Mostly I'd just catch myself in mirrors or see someone who I wanted to look like and lose my shit and not talk to people for weeks while acting reckless.
>take estrogen due to fetish
>hips get wider
>actual dysphoria sets in
>hate body, feel like its ruined
>literally daily thoughts of suicide, nonstop drug use
>decide to just go for it and transition, basically feel like its forced and I have no choice
>no longer suicidal druggie
sometimes it makes me happy to think there's another universe where all of this was avoided and I have a normal happy life

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Why are all gay guys so obsessed with this fantasy of seducing a "straight" guy?
I mean if you can convince a guy to have sex with you, he's not going to be straight any more.
It just doesn't make sense.
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A lot of it has to do with the transperson's ego. They like thinking they are attractive enough to turn a straight man gay.
Straight men are the forbidden fruit.

The thread is about gay guys, not trannies.
>The thread is about gay guys, not trannies.
Sorry got mixed up with another thread. But the comment still kinda stands. It has a lot to do about the person's ego thinking they are good looking enough to convert someone.

My sisters totally knew I was trans before I did

>start going to college and smoking a lot of weed
>always smoke blunts with my sister since we split a place
>over a period of a year we finish 4 seasons of The Simpsons over just blunt smoking time
>finish 4th season and start Gilmoore Girls
>Already loved the show when I was younger
>have a weird dream where Rory tries to steal away being Rory from me
>we start watching RuPauls drag show about a week later
>as they go to put it on "you guys know I don't like cars, right?"
>become hooked on RuPuals drag show to the point that I drop out of college and get a day job
>figure out what I've always felt and tell my sisters
>"Lol we already knew anon for like ever"

How do they always seem to know and where do I purchase one of these fantastical contraptions known as a "Gaydar"?

Been a couple years now
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i came out as trans because my mum directly asked me if i had been questioning my gender
ironically, she now insists i was a gender-conforming girl before coming out
My mom asked me if I was gay. Well I like guys but I wish I was a girl so she wasn't that far off.
>Hang out with hot sisters
>Don't try to bang them

Oh THEY knew alright...

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Just wondering if the memes were true, I am a self hating gay, didn't even know until I turned 19 last year. Have a constant ashaming feel of it, like I'm not a real man.

Is there an actual way to reverse homosexuality or is it just pence memes?
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Go sleep cara.
Seeing how the issue has been discovered recently, I'm assuming that you are just a guy who switched porn over time because traps and gays seemed more exciting. Stop masturbating for a while (couple months), your brain will unfuck itself and women are going to appear attractive again. Glhf anon, the only real meme on this board is actually being gay

caraposter is a tranny tho

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Do you find it offensive?
Can you see the funny side?

Do even agree with some of it?
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No, I don't find it funny when straights are boring lying dog shit who are terrified of hell and pure evil.
I don't think it's "offensive" per se, but it's not really funny because sounds like your average armchair psychologist spiel where they really think they know better than all the professionals because their logic is so supreme.
nice dubs
anyway, in theory satire of anything and everything can be perfectly funny, and i've read some great takedowns of things i agree with
however, the link you provided is an example of terrible satire -- and something with equivalent, uh, 'research' and 'reality' behind it would be just as stupid if it targeted a view i disagree with

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keyhole top surgery.jpg
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Peri and keyhole master race edition

Previous thread: >>7707483

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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There's some info out there for guys who were singers pre-T, but has anyone started singing only AFTER starting T?
Does anyone know if there's a compendium of information + photos for specifically Inverted-T top surgery? With my chest size anything else really isn't realistic or feasible, but because there's such a big push to go for the most minimal scarring, I find it hard to find resources.

Sorry for the intrusion, just wondering; is it weird that as an MtF, my nipples were that big before I was even on HRT?

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Is bisexuality real in your opinion?
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No. My ex was "bisexual", he later started some shit with a girl. Im not even one of these guys who hate on bisexual people but statisticly speking 90% of bisexual people end up with their gender counterparts. And it sucks because I really loved him, and it just sucks...
Also bisexual people tend to be more egoistic and only care for their lust, and nothing more, like animals.
I wont date a bisexual guy anymore.
"he later started some shit with a girl"
I should add, we were still in a relationship while he did it.
Yes, I'm legitimately attracted to both sexes. I once dated a guy who was married to a woman who was the love of his life - so adorable, they were still like newlyweds. (Yes, she was cool with us dating.) I had a roommate move out recently who had a crazy notch count that was actually roughly half each gender.

How is this honestly still a question for some people? Why isn't it enough for people to say, "Yes, I like both." Why would you not believe us?

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Why do AGPs and transtrender MTFs tend to force their way into leadership positions in the trans movements and speak over the lives and experiences of trutrans and early transitioners?

Is it part of the cis male obsession with speaking over women and 'explaining' their experiences to them?
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Cara, you said you would stop posting.
Does someone need to contact the college administration again?
File: 904583.png (1MB, 958x958px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 958x958px
they told me it was okay to keep posting as long as I didn't discuss you-know-who.

i had to give them a write-up on my posting activities which was really embarrassing.
You should just transition properly and stop with all this craziness.

I'm feeling bad at you even though I hate your compulsive shitposting.

He's right, you know.
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Im pretty sure everyone here hates Hillary, Milo and muslims.
Why waste your energy hating anyone?

I disagree with all of the above but why hate?
File: saudi_execution.jpg (55KB, 634x354px)Image search: [Google]
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Maybe because most muslim countries behead and throw gays off roofs etc.?


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Hey, I'm a /pol/ack and for most of my life I've been very homophobic up until very recently.

Recently I've been having lots of gay thoughts and stuff, I'm not attracted to masculine men, or any man I've ever met in real life.

But I get turned on when thinking about gay sex (I've only fantasized about topping) and I feel like I want to get a boyfriend.

I want to date a small cute twink/femboy and dominate him, I want to be the "man" in a gay relationship.

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But as much as I love the idea of dominating a smaller and skinnier guy, I still like women and vaginas.

This is very confusing, please help. 2/2
>I want to be the "man" in a gay relationship.
gosh that's very convenient op because i want to be the girl in a gay relationship~

You might be bisexual. Only time will tell..

Just curious: why/how did you hate gay people? In other words, what was the nature of your homophobia?

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