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I just tried fingering myself for the first time.
While I definitely didn't hate it, I had a hard time reaching further than 2cm in. Does it get easier with practise? I know I can't expect to be hitting my prostate right off the bat, but even so, it seems like I wont make it far enough.
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>I had a hard time reaching further than 2cm in
Uh, why? Your finger certainly isn't bigger than the biggest turd you ever squeezed out. You don't need anal training for a fucking finger. There is no physical reason you should not be able to get your finger all the way inside if you simply relax your anus and push, so I have to assume your inability to do is the result of a psychological block that does not allow you to relax your anus.
>Simply relax your anus
I guess it could have been that.
It wasn't so much getting the nerve to put it in, but it was getting a better angle so I could get in further. Getting 2cm in was after reaching the best angle I could get myself in.
I just figured maybe it was still too soon to try and stretch out the muscles, since this was my first time. What I was able to feel felt great, though.
>getting a better angle
The best position is to squat down like in pic related, reach down between your thighs and back from there. Putting your fingertip to the sweet spot and pushing. You will want to do this in the shower if you haven't cleaned yourself with an enema kit. If you relax your anus your finger will go in all the way. From there it will be easy to begin stimulating your prostate. Prostate stimulation will be underwhelming the first few times, but then it starts to feel insanely good.

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>Be AGP(?)
>Be a Hon due to indecision and fear
>Want to be opposite gender
>Fantasized about being opposite gender throughout literal entire life as far back as can remember nearly every waking moment
>Can't get aroused by opposite gender so sexually alone
>Can't get aroused by birth gender unless imagining self as opposite gender so sexually alone
>World views you as sick fetishist pervert even though you don't want to be with all of your heart
>Parents didn't support anything you did as birth gender, would disown you if you tried to transition to opposite gender
>Friends would all view you with disgust and/or laughter
>Family would all view you with disgust and/or laughter
>Hurts to live as birth gender, but can't win this late in this game as opposite gender
>Could never have children as opposite gender
>Can't be happy now, won't be happy then
>Due to AGP, even LGBT community views you as a sick pervert
>Don't want to live like this, but have no control over it and love life too much to die

what the fuck i was fucked from the beginning i literally had no chance
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>as a literal child

I don't think that was AGP, friend.
AGP does manifest before it is sexualized.
That's so dumb. At that point how do you even tell the difference.

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Real lesbians don't like trans women. Thoughts?
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Why is this tranny dyke arguing with a green-haired goldfish.
Real ___ don't do ___
really makes me think

reasons people hate transfucks #1927830917823019273071209371029371092371092731097230123123

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so i'm a fairly girly looking guy, and a close friend of mine seems to be a bit confused.

>thinks I'm closeted trans
>thinks i like him
>thinks i like men in general

whats the quickest way to convince him otherwise? none of the above are true.
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File: 1486334253402.jpg (5KB, 236x282px)Image search: [Google]
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Get a gf
Cuckold him.
so set him up with a girl them fuck the girl? good plan

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>tfw black
>tfw gay
>wide hips
>115 pounds
>5 inch cock

I'm fucking cursed. I hate porn. Every guy that messages me always thinks that I'm """"'super hung"""". Can never be a trap, or a femboi, so I'm stuck in garbage limbo. At least I don't have any diseases, I guess.
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>tfw passing body with thicc ass and relatively narrow shoulders, and naturally feminine voice
>tfw ugly hon face with strong brow and Robbie Rotten chin
Black twink...

Huh.. I've never actually considered that before. You know I could get used to that. Don't fret OP you don't sound to bad to me. Also 5in is not bad if you know how to use it.
I'm not a black twink but I can understand why you feel the way you do. And yes porn really dose lack. It mostly all fits into a single theme.

But it all depends on where you have been looking. For me and black men I look for a certain body type you just can't find any where else. Pic related.

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>go upstairs
>don't want to be a tranny
>take a shower
>want to be a tranny
>go downstairs
>don't want to be a tranny
>get back to computer
>want to be a tranny

This is what my days have become. Every 10-20 minutes I am either 100% certain I do or do not want to become a tranny. It's even just me being on the fence. I go from 0-100 literally multiple times per hour and completely switch my mindset over and over and over again.
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I thought that was Micheal Jackson
just order hormones and do it and if you don't like it then stop.
Maybe you (unironically) have a mental illness. Ever heard of bipolar?

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I can't believe that just 4 months ago I was making "progress", going out shopping, wearing more and more androgynous clothes, going out with boys and stuff. Now I am scared of going outside and I never go out in girl clothes anymore because I am ashamed of my face, my body and my everything. Sometimes a day goes without hating myself then I think about texting someone but then I realize what a freaky unlovable abomination I am and I just completely shut down.
I mean it will not get any better, will it? I am probably just about two steps before inevitable suicide, right?
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Nothing will ever get better if you continue visiting a board where people take pleasure into making others insecure.
Not sure if this is bait or not, but fuck it. If you were already going down such a good path before, what stopped you? Is it that one day you looked so closely at yourself that you somehow convinced yourself that all these little defects and flaws you find with yourself make you an abomination? If you were enjoying life before, why would you stop? From what you wrote it seems like you were doing fine, and were living a somewhat happy life, with a mix of relationships here and there. If you're feeling this way because your looking on your past mistakes too much and are downing yourself on something so stupid like your ability to pass then you shouldn't. Doing this thing where you push everyone away just makes your life harder for you when you eventually do decide to come back to it. Only reason I assume you're not going to go through with killing yourself is the fact that you still try to cheer yourself up with the thought of getting back out there. I won't assume whether or not you pass, but you really shouldn't let it dictate your life. Say what you want about hons, but they have the right mindset. Who really cares what your wearing or doing as long as you're not hurting anyone. At the end of the day, we're all going to die at some point, some sooner than others. Why would you make yourself miserable over a couple of defects that you find with yourself. There's a really limited amount of time for all of us and it's more about what we do with that time. I don't know what will happen to me after I die, nor do I care, but I want to at least be happy before I leave; because at the end of the day, realistically, you will be forgotten and just another body filling a casket or urn along with millions of others that don't matter anymore.
Fitting in and being happy in life has more to do with how you act and treat others. If you act like some wacko like a tumblrina or hon, then yeah you'll feel defeated and hopeless constantly. If you pretend being trans for you doesn't exist, and you're just doing what you're doing to fit into your skin, then the world seems to open up a bit more. People really don't notice as much as you think, and once you do this you won't either. From personal experience I stopped focusing so much on that I'm trans and focused more on how I could be a happy girl. Obviously no matter what you do your still male, but its more of how you cope with that fact. Don’t have the mindset that tranny bangs are tricking other people into think you pass, your just simply doing what you have to do to pass and get to live the life you’ve wanted to. Your focus shouldn't be on how terrible your body is, it should be how can I do things that will make it less noticeable to you and only you, not the people you think are going to notice. I’ve asked many close people in my life and none of them notice stuff the same way we do. For the most part a lot of this stuff really just is in our heads. I used to go through the same shut in periods, but decided to spend this year giving the other side a try and I’m extremely happier for it, and it seems like you were originally too. You probably just hit a little snag in the road, just don’t let it destroy your life and turn itself into something it doesn’t need to be.

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Any lgbt approved ones?
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Are you looking specifically for lgbt streamers?
What kind of games do you like?
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So look, I don't even lurk here, but I guessed that "how to act manly" should be a constantly talked topic in here and /adv/ is dead. slow as fuck.
My question is:
How to be more dominant?, How do you "man up"?. I saked to my gf if she would like me to be more dominant but how do you do that?. How do you become a chad?

Pic related I guess
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This isn't being a man.
Take up more space, speak a bit louder, speak a bit less maybe, things like that.
I think OP is asking about how to be macho.

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Hey /lbgt/, youngfag here.
I really want to get a dildo but im still in high school and I cant drive without an adult in the car or anything rn. Anyone here have any idea how I could go about getting one, preferably in a sneaky way? Are there any good alternatives? Should i just talk to my mom about it? Help me out here fellow fags
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Order online
Order online to a friend's address.
just dont :)

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kiss anita.png
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How long do you think till AGP gets a national geographic or time cover?
If it takes more than another year we should take to the streets.
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That's already a thing.

Have you ever told someone that you loved them in a romantic sense? Never have and would like to know what happens when you tell some1.
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Nope. Every time a girl says it to me I chicken the fuck out and break up with them
Had a guy tell me he loved, I just said thanks and went to sleep. Wasn't into him so it doesn't amtter.
If they love you then they tell you back.
If they don't they try to change the subject or just stare at you blankly before trying to escape.
Once I had a guy laugh at me and say "No you don't"
He stopped seeing me after that.

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I've been told I have androgynous facial features and a feminine body shape, but I'm 6'0 tall.

Is it impossible for me to be a cute femboy?
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There are multiple ways to be tall:

* Men turn testosterone into estrogen, and estrogen is what makes you stop growing. If you have very low T then you will also have low E and will have grown for much longer than other men, but while that makes you tall, it doesn't make you masc; this is basically god-tier sexy femboy genes (as opposed to god-tier cute femboy genes), and it's likely what you have (if you really are androgynous).

* More commonly, tall men are tall because they've grown a lot and quickly (e.g. due to high growth hormone). This makes them masc as fuck.
that first option fucking scares me though because im m2f and im 5'2 so im pretty sure i was tanked out on testosterone
High T also increases growth hormone, which increases masculinity (especially when compared with T). More likely you've just got low growth hormone, low androgen sensitivity, a high rate of aromatase, or similar, basically something which makes you less masculine or more feminine.


* God Tier: the tall feminine sexy low T tranny

* Good Tier: the cute androgynous tranny (you're probably here)

* Bad Tier: average tranny

* Hon Tier: high T high hGH masc tranny

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>tfw no female friends
How do I make female friends as an mtf?
I feel like good strong relationships with other females is far more important than finding a significant other at this point.
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Also I feel like all girls if they found out I was trans would view me as some sort of joke lesser than. Since I'm very passable should I just not say anything?

Idk I'm so alone
I've got invited to hangout by just doing art stuff at community meetups

idk get a hobby
Ye, thats probably true. I'd keep it a secret until you know you can tell them.

ps hang in there!

File: 1486107664829.jpg (84KB, 639x700px)Image search: [Google]
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have any sissies transitioned here or just trutrans/AGP?

asking for a friend
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what is difference between sissy and agp
>not agp
"Friend", right.

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