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this is my gf.jpg
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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): First Kiss Edition

How was your first kiss with a girl? How old were the both of you? Did you kiss again/ Do you have any tips for the kissless girls?

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Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
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Recent News
>Anon has come to terms with being ugly
>No. This is how we party, anon.
>25 yo social worker waits for marriage to lose virginity (cute)
>Hotshotgg fucks up their one job
>Nerds talk localization jobs
>Exploring New York coffee shops with anon
>Still waiting to bury my face in your boobies.

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You did it!
I was 17, dunno about her, we were at a party and we made out and smoked weed in the back of a car. Then she left with what I assume was her girlfriend. I haven't had a single good experience like that since.

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Exclusive matchmaking thread for straight trans women and straight trans men.

>hormones*? how long**?
>looking for
>anything else

**two years minimum
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Why two years minimum
keeping it legit
what is hsts and why does no one want to help me change my mannerisms during my first few months of HRT?

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>tfw you thought you were 5'9
>tfw you're actually around 6'1

Well I had a good run, looks like its honlife for me guys and gals : ^)
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So how did you think you're so much shorter than you really are?
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>thought I was 6'0
>I'm actually 5'11
It's an improvement.
Last time I measured, my grandpa took it for me and I think he just read it wrong or something.

Basically my measurements are starting to make sense to me now and I'm realizing I'm gonna be a hon, and I'm freaking the fuck out.

Feels so bad so so si bad

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>tfw want to be a girl more than anything
>look in mirror and know I will always look like a man
>realize there is no point in transitioning

I regret repressing when I was a teen a lot, but I just waited too long and now I'm almost certain I would end up a hon. I just don't know what to do with myself. I feel like if I don't transition I'm just wasting my life, but if I do transition and I end up a hon which is likely I'll probably end up killing myself. I mean I guess chances are I'll end up killing myself either way eventually, but at least I wont embarrass myself before I do it if I don't transition. I wish I could just be normal.
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What anime is that?
Ghost in the shell

Preaching. I know exactly how you feel.

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What's the right way for parents, childcarers, teachers, etc to treat trans or GNC children?
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You tell then the truth. There are 2 genders. All other forms of gender are just mental illness parading as liberal enlightenment.
t. /pol/
1) Parents and other caregivers should try to be understanding, give them room to grow and understand themselves better. Possibly delay puberty if thats what the child wants, avoid doing anything permanent until the kid is 18+.
2) Teachers should mind their own business like wtf.

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Is it gay that I want to fuck or get fucked by this? What is it? It makes my cock turn over.
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That's... Just a man with medium length hair. By definition, yes, it absolutely *is* gay if you are sexually attracted to this man.
I've seen thousands of dudes hotter than him I believe
In ancient times when t levels were almost twice as high as we see them today, this guy would have been considered a woman.

You aren't gay, just horny.

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daily reminder that bisexuals are superior to all sexualities and any opinion otherwise is just jealous monosexuals
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glorius bisexual master race.png
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this is true.

lmao what a pussy

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How many of you fellow mtfs transitioned earlier than caraposter?
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cara is early trans hsts ftm
when will we see progress HRT pics from caraposter?
nonsense, xie's AAP
Cara is the most kawaii tomgirl ever, she's extremely courageous for taking going the right path and transitioning.

She was inspired by Christine Chandler visual novels which have both a great art style and mention topics related to trangenderism.

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Military service edition
Have any of you guys served in the military? Or are you plan to?

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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How does it feel knowing you're appropriating the struggles of transwomen by claiming to have dysphoria?
This threads ruined now you have to make anothe r one OP
I wanted to join the military but for some reason they don't want a narcoleptic guy serving.

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Trannies, if you could be INTERSEX instead of trans, which form of intersex would you rather be?

Say why and if you're ftm or mtf.
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AIS mtf
I have MAIS, and my transitioning is going so fast that it's out of my hands. 9 months in (5 on correct dosage) and even in guys clothes I'm getting gendered female. Still dysphoria is strong but getting better.

In overall I look like either 14 y/o boy or 16 y/o girl, but more like a second option. I'm 20.

Also, being intersex probably screws your SRS chances so keep that in mind. Mine is possible, but only with Chett/Suporn and will be extremely painful.
>and will be extremely painful.

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Alright girls, enough sitting around wishing the girl of your dreams will show up, let's make some shit happen!

>hormones? how long?
>looking for
>anything else
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purest form of love
File: 1484235745727.jpg (243KB, 600x636px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll start:
>Montana, US
>yes, 3.5 months
>gaming, youtube, anime, swimming
>gf of any sort, long distance ok
>Ask for steam/discord/battle.net
So, do you guys also have a gold star standard for transbians like the cis lesbians have?
Let's say someone is trans and she may have done a couple of guys, is she allowed in the transbian territory or she's biscum yadda yadda?

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normal power chair.jpg
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Just wondering if there's another else. What kind of LGBT are you? How old are you? What's your disability or illness?
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Hello :)
Oh, and I forgot mine
>lupus and some other stuff

When i was 4 i was visiting my uncle's farm for the summer. I fell into a haystack from the barn loft and got a pitchfork in the head.
Penetrated parts of the left side of my brain, causing moderate paralysation to the right side of my body. My face droops, my right hand and arm grew unevenly making them small and useless, i shuffle when i walk.
Doctors told me I would never walk again, but i did, so that's cool i guess. Live unassisted in my own place now. Life is okay.
>inb4 lgbt is the illness

I'm kinda overweight(165 at 5'9) but I have like a mass of fat in my groin that swallows my penis and makes it look tiny because it recedes into the fat unless I'm erect. I've gotten down to 140 before but still had it. Not sure if that counts but it really used to wrack my confidence.

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What's /lgbt/'s opinion on Magdalen Berns?

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>It's a "L part of the LGBT is picking on the T" episode.

Also her voice is shit and she always looks sleep deprived.
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Looks like a yaoiftmfag.
I never listen to them since they always want me to be their uke boyfriend even though I'm a tranny which fills me with rage.
I want her to hold me down and hatefuck me with a strap-on.

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revy 04.jpg
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Tell me about your day /lgbt/ I'm bored and lonely.
>tfw got up at 10pm and proceeded to fap to shemales
>revising for a test now 1am
>Have 3 chapters to read tommorow then I'm going to get drunk and play vidya
I've been sleeping during the day and working at night for several days now.
Good for thinking, shit for social life.
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Get out straight man
Avatar fagging is against the rules
Went to work at 10 am, got home about an hour ago. Now I'm debating playing csgo before I rinse repeat until I'm off Tuesday. Every day is a blur.

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Alliance Edition
Bisexuality and Autogynephilia General

Bi and AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feels
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out
>Wanting the best of both worlds
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tfw still not even sure what the implications of calling someone "AGP" are.
It's just an orientation, no different to bisexuality.
File: IMG_20170527_151206.jpg (330KB, 783x1632px)Image search: [Google]
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Sorry if wrong thread but I need some advice.

I have to know does anyone else switch between being completely comfortable in their gender and crippling dysphoria?

Like someday I will be completely comfortable as a effeminate bi guy then other days i will feel like I want to be a pretty girl and how I will never be happy with my body or self.

So Idk what to do or think of myself.

I don't even know if I could pass.
Pic related is me.

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