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I don't like my masculine features, but i think i have to deal with them?

I mean, i've bought tons of cute clothes and cosplays, sex toys, and tried some shitton of things to feel more feminine. But i think i was I mixing things up?

I'm kind of a beta failed male, i'm 5'8 and 167lbs. This almost got me meme'd into transition i think, bc these arent the perfect male measures, but i'm too tall and fat for a girl, and this is what made me see the reality:

I'm just a fag i guess? I love feminine guys, and i was afraid my appearance would leave me alone forever (I look like the average metalhead, but without the black clothes n' shit). But i may be able to find someone that loves me for my personality. I should not fuck my body with mind-changing shit and then lose all my family and friends just because i want to pursue aesthetics that are unreal for me. This makes me believe that i was confusing gender with sexual orientation, even if i believed i knew the difference.

Anyway, i hate vaginas, and i have many misogynist ideas (Despite having common sense and not spreading them). So, by being trans i would become something i'm not even comfortable with. Also, even if it's my dream to cosplay in cons, it's way easier to do this as a boy than waste hours as a girl (This in the impossible case i'll flawlessly pass and be a cute girl). This dream doesn't even have a future. How would i earn money (besides prostitution)?

So maybe i should stop caring with this shit and drink some vodka while i think about what should i do in college (i'm already doing it anyway)? I'm still unsure about what i wrote, but i'm almost certain about that.

>Tfw you have to throw away a fuckton of clothes and cringy shit without anyone knowing.
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>but i think i have to deal with them?
I told myself this a few years ago.
Now I'm going on HRT soon.
Enough with the diatribes.
Just start taking your medication, young lady.
>5'8 and 167lbs
hey there fatty

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Kind of a /pol/-ish question but why are fags of other races (non-white) so fucking insecure with their masculinity? East/South East asians aren't so bad but Arabs, Latin guys and ESPECIALLY blacks are so fragile it's not funny.

DL people also need to be shot desu. Also the whole "muh big black dick, take it white BWOII" is cringey as hell. I just want to fuck people based on who they are, not their race, but other people have to make it this huge interracial fetish urgh
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Some people define themselves based on their race/culture.

White people from conservative cultures do the same thing.

I'd rather be with a black guy from a liberal area, than a white guy from Alabama.
Interesting question, whenever i end up with someone from a diferent race it's usually "Please fuck me white master" and that kind of shit. I dont know, apparently i give of a dominant vibe even though i'm a lot more into vers type of hookups...
idk about the other groups, but i've been with a handful of black guys. literally every single one had a tiny dick and tried to pull the BBC gangster act off. i kinda feel bad for it, but when they drop their pants and say "you want dis huge black dick witeboi?" and point to their 3'' pinger, i can't help but laugh and they usually cry or start sniffling and look defeated. all the thug types turn out to be super submissive bottoms, and it's kind of annoying. like they get off on the idea of being the thug getting beaten down by the police.

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>Tfw you came to this site a few months ago to see what it was like
>tfw you see this board, (hate trans people), decide to go into it to tell them they're not women/men.

aftet seeing their struggles i concluded they were infact just women/men that were born into the wrong body and want to be seen as women/men.

i feel like shit. (though i never actually said anything bad here to them, i just thought it).

sorry trans girls and guys.
you're not bad at all.
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meh it's fine dude. Life is like that. You gotta step into people's shoes to understand them better. And once you understand hate usually becomes pitty or empathy. Most older /pol/aks get like that about blacks. Wiser /biz/ralis get that way about commies and poor people. Alot of /lit/ and /sci/ feel that way about "brainlets." It's just a part of growing up and maturing. Even if you don't end up liking them you realize that it's difficult to hate things when you understand them.
/lit/ > /sci/ > /g/
thats true.

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What type of guys are twunks into? Twinks, bears or other twunks?
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Depends on the person, ya dingus. But most are aspiring hunks, so probably hunks and/or muscle daddies.
I want milo to fuck me
You make gay sex sound like a Pokemon type chart

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What do you do if you love someone but you're not sexually attracted to them?
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Mutilate their body to fit your perception of beauty.
Nothing? Just love them. You don't need to fuck everyone you meet. You love your family and friends don't you? Love your dog? Love Jesus and Mama Mary? Don't want to have sex with them right?

Great you are a normal person. No need to fix yourself.
That's called friendship. Treasure and support them.
There is more than one type of love.

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Look at the son's build. Hon in progress.
Nah. Look at that thigh gap and those child bearing hips.
Because starting late spring/early summer will not show enough breast growth to out you while it is warm, and there will be enough time to change during winter to girlmode by the next spring. Hopefully.

>pic related
I don't get why traners say they don't feel like a certain gender. I'm female, but I don't feel like a woman but I'm also not about to transition into a man. I'm not sure what being a woman is supposed to feel like. I only call myself a girl because a have a vag. If I had a dicc I'd call myself a boy.
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Does looking at your genitals cause you to break down and weep? Idk for me its a lot more about the physical dysphoria than like, "acting girly"
Tranny here
I dont know what feeling like a girl is either, i just hate my penis, it makes me wanna kill myself, and when i see cis girls i get extremely jelly of their bodies
I'm not talking about dysphoria, I know what that is. But I've heard people say they don't FEEL like a certain gender

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I am a trans who is in the closet, so I didn't the transition. I want to know how to identify a femdom in the day to day, where the people use to be discret.
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femdoms charge
you're not going to find one that will do it for free
Can you do better English?
It's terrible, because I want over all the feeling of love, not just sex. Much less paid sex.

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nightmare goggles.jpg
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/lgbt/ please help there's a really nice girl who likes me but I'm gay and not out of the closet, and I don't want to hurt her feelings because she's sensitive and just got out of a bad relationship, what do I do? I'm too much of a pussy to just say I'm gay, and I think she took my niceness as more than me being nice
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Just tell her you're gay and that you're still closeted. Most likely she's not going to spread it around.
how should I bring it up?
>tfw socially akward retard (not sure how any one could honestly like me)
If she's really nice then chances are she'll understand you telling her that you're gay and not spread it

Trust me, this happened a few times to me in High School and any other excuse ends with someone's feelings getting hurt.

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Life is pain.jpg
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Alright, so hips slowly grow troughout our lives. So why the fuck cant we still stimulate bone growth?

Or expand them with surgery. Or..anything?

I guess its good new they'll be larger as I age. But holy shit, I hope to see some bone graft surgeries in the next 10-20 years
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Estrogen technically does stimulate bone growth.
how does this help us tho?
so we're cutting off the breast buds of little girls, giving them a hystrectomy and preventing their growth in height and weight.

>cross-sex hormones too dangerous in transgender teenagers
>puberty blockers are horrible drugs that ruin children's lives

how can humans be so stupid

I think homosexuality was usually made illegal because it wasn't uncommon at times for a man to rape another man to humiliate him. Seeing this, it was made illegal because they didn't think a man would willingly give oral or be penetrated by another man, and they gave a way for men who were raped to get justice through the legal system without resorting to violence.

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men who were raped were considered homos too and were thrown in jail.
no, actually, you're wrong

it was just an ancient jewish law (they had a lot of arbitrary rules about everything), it became christian law and was spread by force throughout the conquered lands of the roman empire after the rise of the roman catholic church

roman law is the basis for modern law in the west, and thats why homosexuality was criminal activity
I'm talking about the original intention though, not how people interpreted it.

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Is it possible to like gay porn but be straight? I know it sounds absurd but I grew up only attracted to girls, discovered porn, dove into every niche you can think of, including gay, yet none of this had any effect on my real life preferences.
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how many girls have you had sex with?
I've watched straight porn but it's for the hot guys.
Since there are no girls in gay porn I assume you're masturbating over the men.
So no, you're not straight.
not OP but can't someone be aroused by the idea of sex without being attracted to the participants?

>Be me
>Identify as male
>99% sure I'm not trans, no dsyphoria
>Preffer to appear as female, love makeup, high heels, dresses, etc.
>Make myself look as fem as possible, as often as possible
>Consider myself straight
>Only attracted to girls, no urges to pursue men at all
>Aroused by the idea of giving oral to guys, never fantasize about the men themselves, only about being submissive and sucking their dick
>Feel immence shame and hate myself after orgasming to this
>Despite the crossdressing being largely non-sexual, I feel shame about it too, but generally only after orgasm

What the fuck is wrong with me? What the hell am I?
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>no dysphoria
But you do.
>looks at furry sissy porn
>i-i'm not agp, i s-swear!

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Why is it always anti-Blanchardians who try to end debates by shifting burden of proof and Blanchardians who want to actually debate the facts without trying to declare themselves correct by default?
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That Blanchardian DID declare themself correct by default lol
>why do rules of debate apply to people I think are right too?


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> this hon is so ugly

> kill me
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I want to watch the world burn
That person is why abortion should be legal.
This makes me want to kill all trenders while making their loved ones watch.

t. t-raging hon

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