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What do you plan on wearing to your wedding?

I would wear a suit even if I married a man. I have never heard of that but, screw it, it's my wedding day.
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Like hell you would. Your parents will make you wear a bridal gown whether you like it or not.

t. parents expert

It's not their wedding. Your supposed to have a perfect wedding day so there's no use being stressed because you're wearing a stupid dress and gross makeup.
I really don't know what I'll wear to my eventual wedding because I'm not sure I'll have one
I was engaged to an ftm for a few years and we were planning to have a small traditional wedding with him in a suit and me in a dress, but he left me pretty suddenly and my relationship emotions are all broken and useless

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Remember the homocaust when it has been proven that homosexuals are their own worst enemy?

This faggot held the door and helped the gunmam who was also a supposed homo.

I guess it beats dying from HIV
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>he and another witness held closed a small exit door
>it's true
What the fuck
And he was on tv bragging about it not feeling bad at all. HOLD THE DOOOOR
Can someone give sauce on this? That's some sinister shit right there.

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I got my blood checked a month a go and it turned out my testosterone levels were borderline low(340 something). I asked the doctor if that was normal and all he said was "for u maybe, maybe u just ment to have low testosterone hurr". I got so shocked discovering that, and I got angry because he didn't even address it or see it as a problem.


Now that I got grindr I never feel honry enough to actually want sex, I HAVE NO SEX DRIVE. I might jerk off(that's a daily activity) but I got almost no sex drive and I'm pretty sure I jerk off out of compulsion.

I'm so mad that I'm being robbed of feeling youthful and horny. And last time I checked I had delayed ejaculation and don't really feel any joy from other people touching my penis.

I just never seem horny enough for hook ups.

I'm /fit/, I go to the gym and watch my diet. I srsly want to an hero.
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You should keep pressuring your doc to prescribe you testosterone imo if that's what you want. A biological woman could get it if she wanted to be more masculine, you should be able to get it too.
It would also help me gain more muscle while being at a low bf %.

I do find it quite odd that I have low test because I go to the gym a lot, I got muscle definition, I can see my six pack and I'm not scrawny.

I'm going to the urologist tomorrow, I hope he doesn't do thatt "it's still normal cuz it says from 300-1100 so... u good." Meanwhile the average test level for men is 600-700(and im 340 something).
>I might jerk off(that's a daily activity) but I got almost no sex drive and I'm pretty sure I jerk off out of compulsion.
These things are connected. Try taking a week off of masturbation and see how you feel.

It's international coming out day October 11!
Are you out to your friends, family or colleagues? If not, why not?

Tell us your coming out story.

Previous thread: >>7032988
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>coming out
>Are you out to your friends, family or colleagues? If not, why not?

Yes, I am. I feel for the coming out meme many years ago.

>Tell us your coming out story.

Things were bad. Then I came out, and things got worse, and they never did get better.
>if not, why not

I'd rather not give gays a bad image ;^)

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>tfw all boards are deleted besides /lgbt/ and /pol/
is this a good thing ??
lgbt is perfect for milo
pls sell hiro
4chan confirmed for social media site

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• Makeup for beginners: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
• Transition temps aslag: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

Previous thread: >>7036754
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I want to die ;-;
Oh I need the full face one. Tho in think my cromag brow might be more noticeable then
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hrt dva.jpg
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I know lol
it's owned by the guy that owns 2chan, right?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQngg8iQipk [Embed]
well the quads don't lie
well i think then you should resort to body positivity or something
then you need MORE CAFFEINE
seriously i ingest so much caffeine
is nice
it's a series ^^
they just finished their second season, but the episodes are pretty long
thanks i guess ._.
though one day i hope to have a cute ~girl face~

>be me
>bi fag living with homophobe parents
>in ldr with trans girl, we'll call her C
>been dating her for almost two years now, parents still think she's my boyfriend
>homophobe parents haven't caught on cause they think i'm straight
>be around four months ago
>casually mention once that C went to a pride parade to my mum
>"what, is he queer?"
>"he's bi"
>mum shuns me almost entirely for three days
>only starts talking to me again since I offered to pick up youngest brother from school
>be now
>bored, scrolling through instagram
>i'm normie trash, kill me
>see post about 'coming out day' on october 11th
>probably tumblr bullshit
>but i've been in the closet longer than the fucking narnians so i need some excuse or i'll never come out

TL;DR - Parents are homophobes, considering coming out tomorrow. Advice? I'll answer any questions anyone wants to know too.
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Unless you feel for your personal safety or financial security, do it.
1) Fuck anyone that would reject you for some silly bullshit
2) Visibility IS important, lots of people 'change their minds' about gay shit when one of their kids turns out to be gay. Happens all the time.
3) Fuck straight people, do all you can to annoy them
They're not homophobes in the superstrict "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL, FAGGIT!" sense, more so just the "eww, gay people" sense.

They wouldn't say anything outside the house, basically.

I don't think they'd kick me out, just might make things a bit awkward for me and gf
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Gotta go for about twenty minutes, but if there's any questions and the thread hasn't 404'd when I get back, I'll answer whatever.

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what are your weird fetishes gays?

>i like it when guys burp
>my roommates realized im turned on by this
>always does two big ones in a row then laughs when he looks at me
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What the fuck?
i like big dicks and cum
>both really turn me on

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he won't come back.jpg
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When you suddenly get the irresistible urge to go visit your ex-bf's website, but you know full well it will hurt and nothing will come of it.

I still miss him.
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What's his site, I'll visit for you and report back
What is worse is being paranoid about other people having the same ex as you and being mistaken for them online. Also if i ran into my last ex there is a high chance that i would kill myself in the next 24 hours.
>my last ex there is a high chance that i would kill myself in the next 24 hours.

This, pretty much. The possibilities of running into each other in real life are non-existent (different states), but I feel - knew - that just looking at his picture might drive me to suicide, especially since I'm already extremely depressed and unstable.

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I'm currently in a horrible situation right now. I REALLY need your advice. I'm currently in a horrible 3 way love triangle.

TL;DR Currently in a horrible love triangle where everyone is unhappy and I just want things to go back to how they use to be, or get into a 3way with this new guy.

I NEED your advice more than Ive ever needed help before!

Ill explain in detail below
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I've been going steady with my bf for about 2-3 years now, and recently hes been talking with someone who also happens to be gay. I was a bit jealous at first because my BF didn't mention me as in a relationship with him, and only referred to me as roommate, all while staying up all night messaging this new guy.

So when I asked him about it, he claims he was just super excited to meet a new friend and didn't want to scare him away by saying he had a boyfriend right off the bat. I believe him 100%, my bf is not much of a deviant, and he's always been super close to me, but hes super socially awkward so he doesn't have many friends.

Long story short, My BF introduced me and we all became pretty close friends, and the other guy says no harsh feelings about my BF being in a relationship and I tell him the same about him flirting.

Just recently I talked with this new guy and he admits to have had a massive crush on my BF when they met and still does. he says my BF holds a special place in his heart. this makes me feel a bit uneasy and I told my BF about it. He now feels really guilty for leading him on and agrees with me saying it was bad of him to do.

BUT this is the part that really fucks with me. I really like that new guy, were into all the same stuff, and hes super fun to talk to. My current BF is very sedimentary and likes to just stay home all day. This new guy is almost exactly like my current BF, only he enjoys the stuff I do.

My BF really loves me and I feel it, but I also cant help but have some feelings for that new guy. That new guy likes me a lot, but its very clear hes more interested in my current BF because he reached out to him first and they were flirting for a while (my BF didn't think he was and is now upset seeing what he had done).

What do I do?!
Id love the situation to either end with the new guy liking me just as much as my BF (possible 3way)
or for me and my BF to drop conversation with the new guy
are u me? LOL
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Right now EVERYONE is unhappy. I told my BF to not talk to the new guy till he gets home today, and the new guys been asking me if my BF is mad at him. I can tell he's way more concerned over how my BF feels to him, than he does to me.

My BF is super upset because he realized last night that I was right that the guy started crushing on him.

I'm super upset because I don't want to feel like a 3rd wheel to their friendship, and I feel like a relationship should be held to a higher standard than a random guy you just met online.

My BF doesn't want to stop talking to the guy, and I don't either, I just wish this could all get worked out.

Also, I'm pretty sure the new guy would be really into a 3way. He knows I'm a jock and is super into it, but i think he fears mentioning it because he doesn't want to damage the relationship between my BF and him.
Honestly, the only person who I don't know if they'd be down for it is my current BF (again, because he really loves me and he'd think it was weird if i in sexual contact with another person even if he was involved too. Hes not a sexual deviant)

tfw you start crushing on your best friend who is straight

should i just end it all now
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I think I take my watered down homosexuality for granted. I hate straight people. Don't like them one bit.

Have some dignity faggot
Fuck you, straight dudes are awesome.
Is that all you had to say? Straights can all go die in a ditch for all I care

What's so special about them anyways? Their dicks? Who cares.

Do intersex people fall under the LGBT banner? If so, why isn't it LGBTI? Are intersexed people being marginalized by the LGBT community?
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There aren't many intersex people in general. According to your figure, which is obviously made up, they'd be .5% of the population. There are extended acronyms that include intersex but in practice intersex people interested in whining about being intersex in am organized manner probably wo t be around anyone else using that acronym.
Because if we keep adding letters the abbreviation is gonna be longer than most words which destroys the purpose of an abbreviation

I'm not a mathematician but isn't 1/1000 = 0.1%

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anyone got some?

>pic related messages me today
>talked to him like a year ago
>im a writer, hes a director, we talk about possible collab
>i give him my script and he says he wnats to direct
>i ask for extensive directors note book, namely for style
>he comes back with a couple pages about potential motives for characters and nothing else
>'sorry man, said im looking at style'
>he says 'okay'
>pulls out his phone
>sits there
>for fivem inutes, just on his phone
>'are you okay?'
>yeah im fine...
>sits there another five minutes
>i keep telling him he should leave
>'no im good'
>wont say anything other than 'nah its okay' and shit like that
>finally after ten minutes of just staring at him tell him he has to go before i call security
>he leaves
>messages me saying he would have been a great director
>tell him i need someone who won't shut down after he hears something he doesnt like
>fast forward to now
>still pretends he has no idea what im talking about
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>im a writer

its a pilot. a lot of what he said was spot on, essentially predictions for why certain characters are interacting the way they are. and thats great, but when you're given a month and multiple reminders to focus on style, it was a sign were not going to work well together.

I already know my vision. notes are great. parroting it as opposed to showing me his was a bad idea.

and thats all beside the point.
Ohh look it's the gay mafia. Fuck off you unbearable faggots.

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Am I asexual or just a loser?
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I might be asexual.
Although I'm unclear: if an asexual can masturbate and engage in sexual activity, how are they asexual?
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Same here, what the fuck?

How do you guys dress? Does it set off people's gaydars? Do you consider any fashions "gay"?

Trans guy here. I'm drawn to cute designs and bright colors like baby blue, pink, robin blue, mint green, red, yellow, etc. I like looking at other people wearing fashions like pic related but I could never wear that. I like dresses and stuff but only looking at them. I lean towards unisex-masculine clothes such as cardigans, sweaters, ties, etc but in bright colors. People just think you're gay tbqh.

Sidecuts are totally a gay fashion if there ever was one. It seems like the only people who wear them are bi, gay, or trans. Likewise, pastel seems most popular with lesbians and trans people than straight ladies.
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Earth tones or muted colors
Blue Jeans or cargo shorts
Comfortable, plain shoes
Almost always a jacket of some description
People seem to just assume I'm some nondescript variety of faggot because everyone I associate with is
Little do they know I'm secretly trans (mtf)
Except some of them know and it's uncomfortable

Closeted, I assume.
I prefer to either dress casually neat like suit jacket + chinos/jeans, or relaxed and comfy with elements of workwear and militaria.

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