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new thread
(no "bully", be constructive if you can)
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reposting my last pic cause I got a sticker on my forehead and don't wanna take it off
Pass as an ugly girl but ugly nonetheless

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Why do gay guys keep on calling me "honey" and "sweetie" in a condescending tone? What are they playing at?
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Aww, honey, dont let those guys bully you.
It's ok sweetie, want a hug? I can be your friend and give you back massages. Maybe even cuddle while watching tv.
They're throwing shade at you. It's just a thing gay guys do.

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Are you guys actually this ridiculous IRL or is this kind of behavior unusual in the LGBT (and Q+, whatever the fuck that means) community?

Vid related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9_cAtfyhec
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This is more a left-winger thing than a LGBT thing, from my own observations, both the apolitical and the conservative minority of the LGBT community aren't like that.

As I've always said, I don't mind gays, lesbians or trans people, but for the sake of mankind, leftists must be gassed, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
there is no Q or +
q means queer, which is derogatory, and plus is for feminists to feel good about themselves
/pol/ : the post.

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The feels consume me.
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sucks to be a faggot famalam
Forgot to put away borrowed clothes once. Nothing was said, but they got put in the wash and put away.
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>you can never forget when your mom told you were a disgusting abomination
>you can never forget when your mom told you that a freak like you shouldn't be allowed around children
>you can never forget when your mom told you to die from aids / torn asshole

>all because she found a skirt, some dresses, and some underwear in your closet while you were at high school

All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me, to feel like all that you did and sacrificed for me was worth it, but instead I became the biggest disappointment possible to you. I wish I was never born.

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Twinkgen FAQ:
▶What is a twink/twank
Twink is a gay slang term used to describe young men in their late teens to early twenties. Usage of the term varies, but traits attributed to twinks can include attractiveness, having little or no body or facial hair, a slim to average build, or appearing to be younger than their chronological age. The term dates back to at least 1963, but may be derived from the older British term twank.
▶Can I be a twink
Often with enough effort, yes staying fit and being attractive are requirements just don't be a fatty and take care of yourself.
▶Should I go on HRT
Why the fuck would you do that back to femgen.
▶Is liking twinks considered gay or straight?
Gay or bi but mostly gay especially if the balls touch.
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this is it boys we finally did it!

gtfo trannies, gtfo femboys, and gtfo macs, we /twankgen/ now

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>this is it boys we finally did it!
wow gj you made a thread
He didn't tho it was me.


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Anyone know of any internet personalities who transitioned afterwards? How did they do?

I'm a trans guy and I wanna make videos eventually. I'm pre-T though and I don't plan on going on hormones for a few years (until I finish college and settle into my own home). Nothing big, just video game stuff and food stuff. It's unlikely I'd get more than 5 viewers on a stream if I ever decide to stream games and I don't plan on showing my face on Youtube. But, my voice... I don't mind people mistaking me for a girl online but it'd be a bit awkward if my voice suddenly started changing halfway through my videos. Maybe I should wait until I am on hormones then go stealth.
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Just do it. Talking every day will be good voice practice.

>I'm pre-T though and I don't plan on going on hormones for a few years (until I finish college and settle into my own home).

let's be honest, you're never starting T. You're going to 'settle into' living as a girl, it'll be far harder to transition when you have network /social connections related to your degree, job, house, etc.
Cosmo/Narcissa Wright.
She's become a disaster since transitioning
She was a successful speedrunner but now she's just trying to look like the little girl instead

I suggest waiting until you're on hormones before doing anything desu

-FtM who also wants to do some LPs on Youtube
>-FtM who also wants to do some LPs on Youtube
Are you good at least? Will you play instead of talking and creaming like pewdiepie?
I hate pretty much everything on twitch and youtube.

I am 29 years old.

I wish I had transitioned when I was 12.
Or at least when I was 23 when I last considered it seriously.

Now it's too fucking late.
My face looks too masculine.
My nose is too big.
I have male pattern baldness.

If I had transitioned back when I could I would be a normal, well adjusted, cute trans girl. Why didn't I?

Those missed experiences growing up as a teen girl will NEVER happen.

How can I shake this horrible feeling of a wasted life? The opportunity is NEVER coming back. Those years are GONE, FOREVER.

How do I shake these feelings?
How do I move on?

And before you suggest it, I don't want to transition now. It would be ruining my life for nothing, the best years are already gone, the chance to grow up carefree and cute is past.

How do I cope?
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lol game over my man
>And before you suggest it, I don't want to transition now.
You could try going on HRT and getting your facial hair removed while still living as a guy, and using minoxidil+ the reduced testosterone from HRT might help with your hair loss depending how bad it is. Just gradually aiming for a more androgynous or feminine appearance might help you to feel a lot better, and if you reach the point where it actually seems like a possibility you could always get FFS and try transitioning socially too.
Either way you should probably talk to a therapist who specializes in this sort of thing, a Tibetan hieroglyph board probably isn't the best place to get advice on major life decisions.
Consider starting the path slowly anyways. I started my own journey at 30, and while it wasn't with any balding, that still isn't the best either. I don't regret it at all, because at the end of the day I realized I had no future where I was going to be happy as a guy, so I might as well gamble it all on a future where I might be happy as a girl.

It has cost me some money, and my old inconspicuous lifestyle, but a year and a half later I am now with many friends, a steady relationship with a boyfriend of 6 months who I live with now, and now I actually want to do things socially for once in my life.

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Besides bathrooms, how do you feel about transwomen using female spaces like women's colleges and women's shelters?
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I feel they should absolutely be allowed to, because they face similar issues to cis women

t. tranny who feels scared of men now that I'm so fucking weak
Having gotten absolutely fanatically mindfucked / gaslighted at a de-facto men's space, I'm quite biased towards allowing that.
It doesn't make me uncomfortable but they can still fuck off to the men's room. It's cleaner and dudes give less of a shit than pissed off moms trying to get their kids to piss before they get in the car. Fuck you clowns trying to get social validation by pissing in the womens room and making it smell like a dog kennel.

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/mascgen/ - Olympic Edition
Now with amended ruleset!

Rule #1 - No tripfagging, no namefagging.
Rule #2. Section A - Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags.
Rule #2. Section B - Report shitposters.
Rule #3 - Post bara dudes.

>tiny chat:
> /fit/ sticky
> Husbando Mode Pastebin (mostly meant for Intermediate lifters)
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first for wtb hairy bf
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Previous thread:
>tfw no roid beef bf

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Anyone else here a NEET? It always seems to me like everyone on this board is a highly successful person working a job that is both well-paying and in accordance with their passions.

I just wonder if there are any others like me here, who just don't have any luck and can't catch a break. How will I (we) ever find bf like this?
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I personally am a very successful person. I work at Wall Street, I am a successful surgeon and also a rather gifted violinist.

I still like chilling out with my pepe homies on a finnish lewd cardboard art forum though. :^)

>It always seems to me like everyone on this board is a highly successful person working a job that is both well-paying and in accordance with their passions.

How the hell did you come to that conclusion? Most of the trannies from what I've seen are NEETs, including myself.
>How the hell did you come to that conclusion?

Just being here, it's the general impression I get. Plus whenever there's Skype threads or 'Do you have a job?" threads, it's always people with jobs. Never really see the word 'NEET' thrown around.

Not just trannies, but also gays.

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Hey /lgbt/ after the 2012 discrimination against the lgbt community, is there anyone who still forgives the company for the defamatory actions against /lgbt/ people, or does the /lgbt/ community refuse to forgive them for their disrespectful beliefs?

Pic related.
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fiend coffee cup.jpg
322KB, 792x825px

Funny how much you like to bring that reference up, and it has caused a lot of backlash against them.

Never go there, so I can't say for sure.

Personally, the same thing that they are doing today, do you think the /lgbt/ community refuses to forgive them for their actions towards the community?


I say here to you that you have a political agenda that you have?
The idea of ethical consumption under capitalism is a myth. Money is always funneled up to the wealthy who use those funds to reinforce oppressive social norms that keep the system of exploitation running. Choosing not to eat at a restaurant because you disagree with the owners politics may make you feel better, but is ultimately pointless, you are simply denying yourself pleasure for mental satisfaction without enacting any real change. Plus their chicken is bomb AF

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Is there anyone here who's into hons?

I am basically a twink with a handsome boy face, long hair and conetits. I know I will never look like a woman but I wish I was desirable to someone.
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It's depends how honny

Honesty when I see a somewhat sad shy smile on a not quite passable tranny I want to make them happy some how.
Photo? :)
>how honny
I look like a boy on the brink of puberty.

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>sexual orientation

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Here's mine desu
>no shedu bf
dat tail

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Reboot #2 Edition.

Intended to be a no-trips allowed version of /mtfg/.
This is to keep the drama low, and letting anonymous people be heard, as well as to avoid the erp/rp that goes on.

It's open for everyone, just behave.

>No trips (or names)
>No avatar fagging
>No erp/rp-ing
>No calling out on trips (or names)
>When making a new /tgg/, don't use meme pictures
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How do you guys deal with the thought of living with a penis forever?
I mean, body issues is pretty severe too... But, can't be sexy with a penis.
there is srs..
Reminder to report all the trips, since using a trip in a no-trip thread is shitposting.

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Post stuff you remember from your youth.

>me, ftm
>be 5
>rabid dislike of pink for no reason
>be 8
>no longer like skirts or dresses
>hit middle school
>start to really like boys fashion and wanna be a butch woman when I grow up.
>tfw forced to wear girls uniform with stupid skirts instead of superior slacks and tie
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i wish iwould be forced to were girls uniformand skirt
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>be me, NB leaning femme
>always 'too sensitive' to bond with other boys
>hated my body, wished I was a girl every day
>wore shirts in the pool because I developed a chest because I was chunky
>hated the attention my chest got me from other kids but otherwise was pretty thrilled about it
>wonder if anything will change down below
>then puberty hit
>always shaved my junk since forever
>no change
>much upset
>as a cosmic joke of some kind the hair spread all over my body
>eventually give up shaving because it is just too emotionally stressful
>give up on being femme
>really depressed in middle school
>stop taking care of myself all together from 13-23
>10 years of showering once or twice a week, never brushing teeth, haircuts maybe once every 6 months at a minimum and wearing shit clothes from clearance racks
>"well if I can't have the body I want I'm not going to care about this one until I get what I want"
>lose weight in summer of 2012 randomly, tummy is gone but tits stayed
>start caring
>dress better
>more haircuts
>more showers
>shave face everyday
>shave body twice a month
>feels good to care
>now; 25 leaning towards going full trap if it wasn't for body hair and obv male frame and skull
>happy to just be me for now

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