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Who or what turned you gay?
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Cute anime guys
realizing that girls could actually be boys
The little mermaid made me love 2d cock.

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Why are transgirls so obsessed with anime?
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autists gonna aut
I'm a transgirl and I hate anime.

A better question is:
Why does OP making broad absolute statements?
Im a transgirl and anime gives me heart cancer, so OP what's with the blanket statements?

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mfw Im not gay
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nice dubs fuck

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Question for all who possess the dick.
I'm aware that I'm probably an outlier and not trying to brag, I'm actually genuinely curious but what is it like having a dick under 6" - how does it feel knowing that someone would immediately trade up for someone who was bigger, do you get depressed or deal with it or not care?
As someone who has never had to deal with size being an issue I had never even thought about having a sexual experience where someone wasn't happy with what I had to offer.

T. 8" tranny
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>8" tranny
God has a cruel sense of humor.
Mine is so small I don't need to hide it when I wear leggings f.e.

I'm fine with that. Now mine 57 cm head this things trigger me the most.

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Basically one of my best friends who is straight (but everyone thinks he's secretly at least bi) is really cute and nice and I have a crush on him.

Has anyone else been in this situation and managed to seduce them successfully? I wanna try but I also don't wanna ruin the possible friendship. I'm attractive and could be with other people so it's not a huge deal nor would it even be remotely close to the end of the world for me, but I would like to try.
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I'd like to know this as well pease.
You shouldn't be asking this on lgbt since you're straight. Just ask any of your girl friends. Transgirls dont seduce differently than regular girls. Unless he wouldnt date a transgirl.
It's more that we were friends before my transition and I don't think he'd be down. If I met him after I think I'd have a shot.

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>cis hetero people "coming out" as allies
>claiming to be part of the lgbtqia community, as represented by the A
>meanwhile, ace people everywhere
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Seriously wanting LGBTQQIAAP

well bi and pan are pretty similar but so are gay and lesbian, so I can see people wanting to be represented

questioning doesn't mean shit in terms of actual identity, that's the whole point of figuring it out

ally shouldn't even be included since it literally stands for someone who is outside of the community

I'm honestly not sure if you were being sarcastic or trying to make a joke, but those are just my thoughts on that
You know, one day there will be so many letters on this that the group will no longer be able to claim to be minorities as the majority of the society will be somehow included.

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Do I have the body to camwhore/do private requests through snapchat?
Pic related is me
My snapchat is dennisdex97 and I want as many pervy followers as possible.
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>man shoulders
>small hairy tits
>doesn't even shave
I'm sure you'll do great hun!!
as a man you autistic tranny
I'd fuck you

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Well... I've been researching and watching videos online of actual procedures and figured that it wouldn't be so hard to do. I'm a trans woman and I dislike taking so many pills, and I don't want to reproduce anyways. I figured that this was the way to get me where I want to be. I performed an orchiectomy on myself Friday night and it went very well, besides a mild hematoma. I took a few pain killers and some wine to wash it down with.

This brings me to why I'm here: Should I go to a mental hospital? I mean, I just saved myself a ton of money, and I plan on removing the other the same way when this heals up fully. There's no infection, tissue looks fantastic.

But this doesn't seem like something the average person would do. Where do I go from here, just keep it a secret for awhile?
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yes dipshit, go to the fucking hospital and make sure you did it right
Please don't call me a dipshit, and I know it's right. Everything feels fine, I took many safety precautions and the tissue is doing great. I'm so sure that I'm going to do it again when I'm healed up in a few weeks.

I'm just here to see if I should go to a psych ward. I don't want to, my counselor doesn't know about it, nobody does. I'm afraid that if I tell anybody I'd be admitted
Holy shit anon I wanna see this

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Trans boys are superior, especially ones who keep their bodies female.

Why do gay men prefer poopy assholes over a naturally self-lubricating manhole? And why do they choose bodies with gross, scratchy guy skin and body hair stubble over a buttery-smooth, hairless body?

You all are a bunch of idiots.
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Gay men like dick
They prefer real men
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Trutrans boys are more real than cis faggots

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A reminder that it's going to be okay.
You will find people who love you.
You will achieve your full potential.
You will find happiness in the end.
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How does someone achieve their full potential after getting a shitty high school GPA miles under their ability and starting college years late?
There are many paths to the rainbow
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Why do i, after speaking a bit with mom, feel like "camping up" like a fag and want to feel a dick on my ass and be treated like a baby/sissy?
It goes away like one hour after i lock myself back in my room.
Does anyone have this same thing? Am i just bi?
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Is your mom hyperfeminine? Does she get that competitive spirit in you going to see who can fit the most cocks in their mouth? Is that it, you horny slut? Admit it you sissy bitch and take this dick in your whore hole.
Nah i'm not that sissy like those dick-craving i see on the internet.
I don't remember liking dicks until i started watching shemale porn. And it's not like wanting a manly man's dick, more like liking the aesthetics of the dick, and liking to please it the same i way i like mine.

What defines mom as hyperfeminine? Her voice's actually kinda thick. She was already 45 and fat when i born.

Do you think the reason is that you want to be a woman? How do you feel when you watch trans pornography? How did you feel about girls and boys when you were younger?

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Who here /selfloathing/?

Let's blog and whine about how much we hate being LGBT together.
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Then do something about it. It's been long proven to just be a massively common fetish like feet or anal.
But I enjoy being LGBT (G to be more specific) and I live in fucking Alabama. Get over yourself mate.

>stay with a girl for a year
>loved her intensely
>only gives bjs
>wonder why she never initiates sex
>she comes out and says she's a trap
>beat the trap within an inch of her life
What causes this anger?

How do you go from love to nearly killing a person over something like that?
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because cis men don't recognize the purity and beauty of trans girls, who should date trans men who will never hurt them for the medical condition they have no control over due to having lived it themselves
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This same thread was on /r9k/ yesterday nice copy pasta anon
I'm cis and straight and I made this thread.

I just don't understand the mentality here, maybe I skipped out on something by being home schooled.

Oh really? (Open the thumbnail anon)

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anyone else just spend all day making threads and posts about tfw no bf in hopes that someone magically from your area will swoop in and save you from your life and [spoiler]choke you and smack you around in the bedroom and fulfill every one of your degenerate fantasies[/spoiler] the cuddle until you grow old

i do that sometimes

[spoiler]like right now[/spoiler]

[spoiler]tfw spoilers not site wide wtf chink moot?[/spoiler]
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yep, every once in awhile i get lonely and do exactly that. then i get more depressed cuz everyone on the internet is either a heteroshit or only wants sex and i give up
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>post on meetup thread specifically asking for boyfriend and hookups
>"hey im straight but just wanted to chat so me and my girlfriend went to....."
>"hey want to hookup r u bottom??"
>and that's if I even get a single response

what the fuck is wrong with normies


dont make me become a fucking tranny i swear to god I'll do it

Obviously a generalisation but stick with me...

So I'm bisexual but when i started my new job i told a coworker who hit on me i was a lesbian (awful thing to do i know...) i just didnt want this guy to think he had a chance...so now i am often told I'm straight because i am a virgin and that i should fuck dudes and girls to see what i want (by not just him) and that if i was a real lesbian/bi girl i would come out already instead of being in the closet, it probably doesnt help am a frustrated pervert who loves butts....

It seems it doesnt matter that i want to wait till marriage to have sex or at least until i meet the one....or that my mum would kick me out or disowned me if i came out.

So i guess why do straight dudes do this shit and does anyone got any tips to help me deal with this?
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Ask for a date, break his heart, you will be "THE lesbian" at your workplace
I don't care to prove it. I just state facts. Lesbians don't exist. Bisexual girls exist, lesbians do not.
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good meme gay boy.

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