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I don't want to be gay. I just want to look at a woman and feel sexual arousal. It is impossible for me to feel good about myself. Yeah I'm whining I don't care.
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Well at least you know you're gay. I think years of repressing myself have fucked me up for good, I cant tell what the fuck I am.
I know that feel anon. Spent the better part of my youth repressing my sexual feelings. But know that I've realized this is the way I am it still hurts even more knowing I can never go back. I wish I had the strength to say fuck it and that it doesn't bother me. My hate for my own weakness keeps growing.
>tfw zero chance of a relationship ever so it doesn't even matter that it took me years to come to terms with my sexuality or that I'm still in the closet

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Seriously, you think some scientist somewhere would've created a cure to transgenderism by now. There's anti-depressants, why aren't there anti-dysphoria pills? A cure that didn't require transitioning would be groundbreaking, and i'd take it in a second just to be a normal dude
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There probably are, kind of in the same vein as that some anti-depressants just turn you into a full robot. A robot probably doesn't feel dysphoria, because a robot doesn't feel anything.

Maybe you could ask your doctor for those. I think most people reject them because they don't want to become robots.
M8, they just shift your issues elsewhere but don't solve them.
I'm bipolar 2, the meds available for me are far less effective than HRT is for dysphoria.

Psychotropic drugs are a fucking meme unless you have something minor like anxiety.
There is, but it's still very taboo at the moment. It's called suicide.

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Dear LGBT, why gay?
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>implying there is a choice

>implying that I wouldn't give anything to be a normal staight guy who gets hard for tits

>implying I don't contemplate suicide every fucking hour
Why not?
Wow... you really need a boyfriend.

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Do FTMs have it easier than MTFs culturally?
>"Tomboys" are accepted, sometimes even praised
>Girls are allowed to have any hobby they want
>Can buzz their hair and call it a "fashion statement"
>Can lift and getting swoll as hell with little to no ridicule
>Can wear men's clothing, no one cares
>Gaining a little weight and not wearing makeup automatically makes them look more manly
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Obviously. And if they get on HRT, they have much greater chance of passing than MTFs.
Yes, until they pass, and get to be beta autistic manlets with no dicks and probable balding that they wouldn't even be that assmad about if it didn't reveal their female skull structure and size.
No , they end up looking either like a lesbian or a tomboy.

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Did you know there are lionesses in Africa who grow manes and act like males? Nature's little trannies
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I bet it turns out that male lions who act like lionesses and lose their manes get driven away from the pride and starve.

There's no way a proud king of the jungle could just let some perfectly good lionpucci go to waste like that.
Yeah but fuck getting fucked by a chaser lion.

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>tfw first got HRT legit when 18
>live in a shitty small town, and this was back in 2007
>had no knowledge or real access to information for trans stuff back then
>even google gave shit results back then
>stop taking HRT
>fast forward till 2015
>alcoholic, life a mess
>go back on HRT
>feel a lot better about myself than I have in years
>still resent myself
>tfw perma hon

Probably my biggest mistake in life so far. Am I a bad person for resenting people who transition younger now and act like everyone should have done so no matter their age? I guess I should be happy for them. It still angers me though that younger transitions don't understand that is was a lot harder even 10 years ago.

Anyway, bad trans feels thread I guess.
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i dont understand why people go off hrt
i'm literally on WoW rn
Normalfag trannies care more about how they appear than how they feel. Autistic trannies and femboys are the only genuine trannies.

Im scared, what if they check your internet history?
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Not let anyone find out I'm a filthy tranny.
Kill straight people.
gay liberation front

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Straight guy who just wants to try sucking a dick.
What do I do?
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download a hook-up app or go to a hook-up website and make a profile that says "Straight guy who just wants to try sucking a dick."

most of the apps make you show your face, so if you have a problem with that do the website and just show your chest or some bullshit.
i would suggest adam4adam.. tons of whores on there to choose from.
just ignore all the messages from old dudes and guys with aids.
no you are not
hook-up apps?

Just to name a few. Also, look up the kinsey scale. You're not 100% straight.

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>these 2 guys want to fuck me tomorrow
>both are cute and have 7+ cocks but one is Jamaican and one a chubby white guy

I like both and we've fucked before but i can only spend the night with one.... Who do I choose?
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Eenie meenie minie moe
If the dicks are the same then do that
Me personally I'd have em both at the same time but hey
Shouldn't even have to think about it, white is always right. Disgusting you'd go near a nignog.
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Well the white guy is my age but he cums in like a minute

The black guy is 10years older and we fucked for like 2 hours.

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What's stopping you?
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I look like a man.
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I would rather be a pretty boy.
About $15,000-$20,000 for jaw/chin/brow/trach shave

That's the price tag for that combo right? Or am I underestimating? I want the best surgeons.

I'm a cute tranny but I won't be a girl until I get those done.

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>be me, an European tranny
>post an ad on CL
>twenty replies in the past 2 days
>surprisingly they aren't nearly as bad as I expected
>some of them are hot /fit/ bros, some are rich white bois with obvious gayfaces, some are men from abroad often Americans who want to "spend the night" before going back home
I never expected handsome guys to be on CL. Also what's up with the "I am here for two days, wanna hang out?" crowd? I almost picture them do this pretty frequently, like they spend some portion of their business trips plowing femboy boypucci in every foreign city.
Can anyone explain CL to me and how dangerous it actually is?
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Bring a knife is all I'm saying, one of them might try to keep you
serial killers often have such jobs that permits them to travel a lot (for obvious reasons)
We can cuddle together if you want, european sister :3

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Does anyone underdress with female garments? I'm currently wearing womens tights under my dress pants and it feels comfortable and warm, especially with fall arriving.
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They're called long johns anon, I wear them all the time, much more comfier than women's tights.
Do they cover the feet?
Panties too?

Tights are totally different material from any male clothes.

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I was watching youtube, and happened upon a skater channel

>tfw you will never
>Transition super young
>Get bullied in high school because they know about it
>Take up skating with the "older" guys
>Find one of the mature ones
>Making him your great bf

So many things I never get to do
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For a second, I thought you were Caraposter. So was the skater channel by the trans girl or her boyfriend, or did you construct a fantasy using skating as a theme?
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Can you link the channel? I'm in the mood for some emotional self-flagellation.
bumping this

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Is it possible to turn gay?

>grow up getting crushes on girls
>talk too and hit on girls a lot
>jerk off alot
>start to watch shemales fuck girls
>start watching 2 shemales
>start watching shemales and guys
>traps arent that bad
>1 in 1000 femboys are alright
>what the fuck am i gay
>still like girls
>some gay porn isnt that bad

what the fuck happened
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its possible to realize you like both to some degree
i never liked guys before
i dont think i was repressing anything either
Op is only attracted to the penis part though. I have a theory that part of bisexuality stems from an understanding or commonality in genitalia despite being 'straight' or something which is why op is drawn to the feminine apperance of a trap, being a man himself.

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Is it weird for a straight person to prefer having sex with a man, over a trap?

One of my friends mentioned this and I can't understand it. He prefers feminine women, I can't fathom how he could prefer to have sex with something masculine over something feminine.

How does the fact they have a dick matter?
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Rather get a brojob than touch a mentally ill tranny

Isn't a trap just a man who looks feminine enough to be mistaken for a girl?
You think a feminine woman is more masculine than a trap?
You're delusional.

A "trap" 99% of the times look like a guy.

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