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Stay on your own boards. There is no need to come onto other boards to proclaim the fact you're doing mental gymnastics to deal with your identity crisis.
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speak for yourself, /pol/
I may reside on a shit board but it's not even remotely dreadful as /pol/ is

/polgbt/ checking in

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Is it true that mtf HRT can make you sexually attracted to men? Or is that just a meme
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It can. But it can also make you attracted to women. There's only one way to find out.
It's no meme, E definitely does make your crave for the D. It's part of the many emotional shifts that accompany HRT, alongside killing your sex drive but making you want cuddles instead.

I was bi as fuck before transition. Really wanted a guy, but girls were sexually attractive too. HRT has pushed me toward being purely heterosexual, girls just do nothing for me anymore.

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ITT post your favorite homosexual fictional characters.
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My bf

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For whatever reason, I'm attracted to my father, sexually and romantically. I used to be a fag, and now I'm a fully transitioned mtf. I think in my self-hatred and generally horrible state of mind when I was young I horribly misplaced my attraction. I knew from a young age and I was bullied for being faggy and femmy forever so I didn't really have anything of a social life outside of home. It's really distressing. It's especially distressing because my Dad absolutely rejected me for being trans when he figured out in HS. Not only did my father reject me, it was also like a guy I was really into absolutely humiliated and degraded me. Now I'm filled with a mix of absolute adoration of him, and hatred of him for treating me like dirt.

How many of you other faggots and trannies know this feel, and did any of you make it go away?
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pls respond
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Christ, I think you have more problems than just GD

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This is probrably a question asked here a lot, but here we go. I'm 23 years old and I am questioning if I should transition or not.

I had severe depression and tried to kill myself a couple of years after I stoped crossdressing, them I went to a psychologist and things realy improved.

I'm just too nervous about it, because I can't be 100% sure of my feelings. I see that many trans people know right away about, but I dont, and that makes me worry.

So, the question is basically how do you discover what you realy are? I don't realy trust my inner voice all that much, because I had once denied all possibile o me being trans, you know.
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You should find a friend or two you are comfortable and trust enough to help you with this. What I recommend you do is to try seeing how you feel with being treated like a girl and if it improves the way you feel about yourself. If this makes you feel a lot better, then transitioning might be a thing that can help you.
well, a substantial minority of trans women only discuss their female identity through crossdressing or other sexualized scenarios and were not particularly gender-non-conforming in childhood or aware of their sex discordance at the time. the term used for them in certain subcultures is 'autogynephiles', routinely shortened to 'agp', but much of the research on agp is of questionable legitimacy and within trans communities agp trans women are widely misunderstood and assumed to be 'not trans' somehow -- but they are trans.
I already came out to a old female friend, and she was very suportive. I'm going to see if she could treat like a girl for a while. Thanks.

Tha'ts interetings. Today I don't feel like "pretending" anymore. If I was to transition, I will go head on.

I think that the real issue is that I'm fucking scared of transitiong and how society will see me. I'm also afraid of going back.

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Nice troll post. : )
>/lgbt/ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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I'm curious as to if there are SJWs on certain boards like this one. Do SJWs even exist on 4chan? I mean I've seen cucks and commies here and there but never seen a post that was made by a SJW that believes in more than two genders, is a 'otherkin' or does bitchy whiny replies that oppose people who hurt their feelings. The reason I ask about this on the lgbt board is because most SJW cancerous speaking posting retards are either ugly 'nonbinary' queers and feminist dykes or confused trannies. And I a SJW does read this post, Did I trigger you? Youre welcome.
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they do, unfortunately
especially here, because SJWs are all about their LGBTQRcodeCIANCISFBI rights
Honestly it depends on who's asking the question because "sjw" doesn't really mean anything but someone the accuser thinks is too far left. Just believing in trans rights like bathroom wise makes you a sjw to a lot of people, so yeah I would probably be considered one.
I hear this type of hate speech all the time against 'non-binary' and "cuck" but I've got fucking no idea what it means. I'm 24, I'm Trans and I live in New York city. It seems SJW is a meme too. I've seen ridiculous feminists and stuff, but I've never found a nest hive online (never looked).

The closest I've seen are mods on reddit using their "leadership" as moral rule enforcement. Which is why I'm not on reddit.

I don't hang on tumblr enough either.

Literally, I don't think otherkin exist or take themselves seriously. I think it's a boogie man cis people talk about to feel more stable in their terrifying POOR lives.

It's kinda pathetic all around - total degenerates are everywhere.

SJW in person are generally fucking retarded, but they're ALWAYS smarter than their fuccboi /pol/ posters who read just enough Wikipedia to convince themselves and their retarded under 20 friends they're literally geniuses.

Scientists, fashion designers, artists, programmers... I never see these people even talking about this stuff, not even online.

A few fringe minority shut ins saying some shit means nothing. There is a bigger population of schizophrenics talking (very seriously) about the illuminati than their are SJWs that hold any weight anywhere I know of.

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It can't be straight.
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Then I choose abortion
Lesbian honestly.
The lesbian could end up a TERF and killing her tranny mom.

Hey i secretly dress up in women's clothes and I just love when I look like a girl but I'm really afraid to do anything about it or like take pills. I don't really know much about it. Can anyone like help me out and just make me feel pretty. My Kik is dreww212
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kys my man
Here's some relevant general threads:
Try using the links in there to read up on the subject.
If you think these feelings of wanting to look like a girl will persist then, as hard as it may emotionally be, you probably should seek out medical help such as a therapist who can get you medication. Pills may seem scary now but if this is the kind of way you want to go in the end then the younger you start the easier things will be down the road.
I can't be bothered to hear you out and help you emotionally but how knows, maybe some people in the mtf general might so go there. Some of them will encourage you and if you're lucky even ask good questions that will make you realise things about yourself but watch out for the trolls.
Good luck with your life and all, I was just thinking the other day about how I regret not reaching out for help at a younger age.
Even if puberty has already started you can always get stuff like facial surgery and voice therapy to correct some of it though so don't be discouraged.
You should kys

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I don't want to sound like the low libido tranny stereotype but I am scared sex just isn't for me anymore. I was riding my big thick dildo while squeezing my oversized nipples and boy was I leaking like a faucet but I didn't come even near to an orgasm like I usually do. I was just too bored and not "feeling it" even though my legs were weak and convulsing like crazy so I stopped and binge-watched Rick and Morty instead.

I am scared that while it turns me on fantasizing about a hot guy or guys pushing my face into the pillow while fucking the hell out of me and everything I might actually not be that lively in real life. Like I can totally picture a guy whipping his dick out and me probably falling asleep or something.

How can I get excited about sex again?
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It sounds like masturbation is getting boring to you. Something similar happened to me so I stopped doing it far a while and found a boy friend.
you need to cuddle with a cute guy for a while to raise your oxytocin levels
You should try suicide

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As a white cisgender gay man, do you feel like your life is so much better than the oppressed, lesbian, gender-noncomforming WoC in America?

Tyler Oakley thinks so:
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Except that white """""""gay"""""" trans men are more privileged than their cis counterparts.
Here's your (you)

People say ridiculous things all the time, just ignore it. We're talking about apples to oranges here, there are many statistics you could cite to say one was more "oppressed" than the other and not a single one of them relate to each other.
Gay men and non passing ftms will always have it harder than women no matter their color/sexuality/snowflakestatus.

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Is it possible to go from straight to bi and then eventually lose sexual interest in women? Plz help. I don't want to come out as bi if I end up gay..
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jesus christ why even come out as bi, faggot
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Im starting to hate women a lot. Like I'm sexually attracted to them but were completely incompatible. I just want to strangle them and rape them. Fuck love.
Yes, it happened to me. But I regret nothing

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>tfw looking for smooth white twink who is faithful AND NOT A WHORE in NYC is impossible
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We should hang out. In NYC. Not a twink but it could be fun. Not sexually, I mean.
>who is faithful

go to church or join a church youth group, faggot
Fuck off with your loose asshole elsewhere.

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I´m a not heterosexual man that jacked off to lesbian porn(and straight porn most of the time, but sometimes gay porn). And now I just feel like I've made myself gay by watching too much straight porn with big dicks and not allowing myself or be able to fantasize about fucking girls.

I've always had a dick fetish, that makes me be able to jack off to dicks alone with no woman at sight and that's the reason I like gay porn. Ever since I started watching gay porn regularly I childishly thought that I actually was gay, it even drove me to experiment on grindr because I just needed some physical contact.

Now that I've cummed to lesbian porn I feel kinda sad, I'm a straight man that fooled himself into thinking he was gay and now I know what sucking dicks feels like, also cuddling with gay men feels pretty good.

I've ruined my sexuality, I've manage to mentally block myself from fantasizing about being with girls and I've conditioned myself to wanting to suck cocks(as a straight man).

I'm starting to feel so depressed, I've totally emasculated myself because of low self esteem.
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>He was originally straight in the long run
>chose to be a faggot

You are worse and more dumb than some fag whose been sucking dick since they were in diapers.
please respond
WHat do you mean? i I "choose" to be gay because of lack of females.

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yet another /lgbt/ discord: The Hugbox

come on down to the hugbox where we have a bot and a fresh server

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What is this? I may be interested.
just a gay old general /lgbt/ room desu anyone can some anyone can shitpost
bump hello

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