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WAYWT Thread Feb 12-13
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I'll start I guess

All over the place desu, but if I had to point one thing out it would be the black shoes. They really dont work here

Not so much an outfit as it is a collection of nice clothing. Try to tend to a certain look rather than just weraing things you like.

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Clothes you desperately want but can never afford.

God I love these things they're so slick holy fuck
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these will pair with absolutely nothing and make u look like a total goof

2/10 would not cop
want these so bad
First of all, the DEVIL wore Prada and he was the slickest motherfucker of all time.

Second of all, if I bought these, I would base my entire wardrobe around them.

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we've got some good inspo threads going atm, keep it up
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Is she right, /fa/?

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1 thing women should NEVER wear
>that grandma dress
i expected worse, surprisingly she got most of the stuff right
She's is so right about longline fucking hate that shit

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Can we get a thread on rugged outdoors style?
Can it be done well?

>Flannel fucking everywhere
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i miss stinky

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What is a strong jawline

I have a very broad square shaped jaw but it doesn't protrude forward very far and I have a recessed chin.

I see some people with smaller, more narrow jaws, but it protrudes forward a lot farther and they have stronger chins.
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>What is a strong jawline[?]

I honestly don't see the appeal in jawlines.

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I find this epic inspo for normcore fits
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id love to see inspo for this, but i dont think there is much out there though. Pretty interesting concept though
w2c Tim Heidecker's scarf?
good fits desu

I like this designs but have no idea where to get them ? Who are the best making them ? Not a very expensive option please, up to 150 per pair; thanks /fa/mily. Btw ID on pic ?
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This are cool too, who makes this kind the best ?
They are most certainly not cool. Possibly the worst kind of shoe

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Starting new thread since last one is past 3hunnid.

Can't I.D something? Want an alternative to something? Ask away in here.

I'll start. I absolutely love these CP derbies but they're out of my price range (student life). w2c similar or nice alternatives for around £100 and under £200? Gotta budget myself sadly and not in the position to spend big.

For reference I'm UK 13 so nothing bulky
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File: red-wing-101-postman-oxford_u.jpg (398KB, 1020x1211px)Image search: [Google]
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redwing postmans on sale? At least they don't come with a shitty crepe sole.
Ay, these look nice. They normally end up low, unsure where they sell them in the UK or shops that ship here. I'll look em up
seems like they dont come in uk 13 ::(

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post some dope SL fits, pic unrelated
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who is that
mikey estrada

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feel free to contribute
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What is the best hairstyle for men /fa/?

>pic unrelated
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What is that hairstyle called?
The comb over
The classic mullet, business in the front party in the back baby

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>tfw 170cm height (male)
>can't find a good pair of skinny jeans anywhere
>stores don't sell size 38 skinny jeans
>anything smaller than 40 is in the kids section and too small for me
I still resent my dad for passing me his manlet genes
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M, 175 cm, 50 Kg
I can feel your pain, also I depend on my parents and they don't want to spend money on clothes. God hates us.
I once found a size 38 and it's the closest I've ever been to being satisfied with a pair of skinny jeans. They weren't as skinny as I wanted them to be, but they were okay. And as I said, anything smaller than 40 I can find for sale is in the kids section and too small for me.

Best yeezy ever?
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/r/streetwear that's enough
Imagine how fucking disgusting these things must look when they get dirty
When are these dropping?

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i like his air
he'll ya

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