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Is there a design for male glasses that doesn't make the wearer look like an absolute faggot on wheels?
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sorry it's your face not the glasses.
you could always get plastic surgery
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What are you looking for in a pair of glasses, OP?
Dude my op states the requirements quite concisely.

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How much does a minor cross eye fix cost?
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Should be coverable by health insurance if you're a burger.
Finland :(
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It's sexy witch tier

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Is this alright or is something more casual more appropriate?

I'm not really good at this sort of thing
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It's alright if "going out" is code for your first day at GeekSquad
I generally suit up or wear something similar what would you recommend?
wear a tshirt under the collar shirt
maybe wear a blue or black shirt instead
dont tuck it in but if you have to wear a belt

w2c this shirt?
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Trump is a traitor, I can't believe it's taken everyone so long to realize this. He's an opportunist who saw an opportunity and didn't care about the consequences beyond his own personal goals

A horrible person to have as president

what hentai is this from?
We know, but this is a fashion board.

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Do you get flattered or annoyed when people not-so-subtly copy from your style?

I had a friend do this to me the other day, and I instantly felt very very annoyed. A bit ashamed at the same time, since I wasn't even aware of how much of an entitled shit I was about my sense of style. Guess it kinda just got a little too personal for me idk.
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both. im flattered that they find my style worth imitating yet im extremely annoyed because i want my style to be my own

the worst part is that you can't call it out without looking like an egocentric douchebag
None of my friends are remotely interested in fashion/style so it's never happened to me. I've always been with the artsy/nerdy/school shooter groups. We either dressed like each other already or I grew out of clique clothing style archetypes. I even went full prep but found out I don't like it that much anymore.
Nothing wrong with it, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Best thing you can do is steer them in their own direction, or modify your own style.

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Which sweater do you think looks better with the shirt?
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Also a third one as well; I don't like it as much, though.
dark one from first picture


Your hair is disgusting

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do i cop for full slavcore
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absolutely do not buy

CDG play is an incredibly lazy line. you can pick up a navy polka dotted long sleeve without the ugly heart for a fraction of the price.

do not fall for this meme
yes, these are great. is there an alternative to this shoe from another under the radar brand less touched by most interested in fashion? I want something similar, but a friend already has FILA leathers. Was thinking reebok, but even that's pretty played.

Are these jeans effay?

Also general punk rock - skate thread
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what you posted isn't punk rock at all
>distressed skinny jeans
>punk rock
look like some cumstains on the jeans

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I wanna get a cosmetic surgery to actually get the cauliflower ears. Would it be possible to do in some India or surgery tourist country? This is gonna make me look badass as hell.

Also, I think I will be the first person to ask for this surgery.
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how about i just kick your head in
would save you the money
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Quebec represent.jpg
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How about you suck muh dick
ask some guys to fuck you up and piss on your face for the authenticity, you know

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>you are working on a pair, aren't you anon?
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Dumb questions coming in;

>my Levi's 501's are baggy and wide on the legs, but they fit really well around the waist, should i jump in a bathtub like people tell me, wash them, or get them hemmed?
i've done this and it works. will shorten them a big though
I got a pair of raw jwnz from like 2012 or something I skate in occasionally
Never bothered with the autistic no washing or shit, just threw them in with other clothes every time
They are pretty faded at this point tho

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Effay eyebrows thread.
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hey /fa/ what's the best very cheap pair of lightwash denim I can get for palewave/goshacore fits. something not too baggy but not tight either.
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Tailored levis 501?
i may get bashed for this, but i got some thick h&m skinny( its actually more like slim) jeans, and they just costed me 25€. If you dont want H&M, probably levis will have it

but levis 501

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Negative Feedbac.png
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Very cringe, that SS-looking logo on the side doesn't help.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilbWxDFwNFw rule number 1 noob
>asian basic bitch talks about mens fashion
I say go for it senpai, the problem is original SS rings cost 2000 or more, this is obviously fake but cool if you go for a minimalist nazicore

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Going to a courthouse wedding tomorrow. Pictures will obviously be taken. I wanna look good, but don't wanna be overdoing anything. I'm not gonna do anything expensive. I'll probably hit up H&M, Forever 21 and Ross. With the knowledge of those stores, what are some simple, yet affordable styles to look good at a wedding? Sample outfit pics are encouraged. I have some black oxfords and some brown wingtips.
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? spending money at these stores is about the worst thing you could do. with ~100 and a bit of time you can get a high quality suit that'll last you and be a lot more comfortable. believe me, the prices you see at hm and f21 are roughly the same as used prices for far better construction + cloth.

I know the quality and construction of clothes from those stores. Honestly. I know they're shit. I try to buy things made in the USA/UK/Germany/France as much as possible for that reason. I know what I'm getting into buy shopping at those stores, but honestly I only plan on wearing this outfit like a handful of times in my life.

So would you recommend a suit? just for a courthouse wedding?
>some simple, yet affordable styles to look good at a wedding


A fucking suit. Dark blue, grey, or charcoal. No black ties to avoid dressing like it's a funeral.

What do you guys think of under eye bags & hooked/ ”roman" shape nose?

Pic related
me :/
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this is an 18+ board
I am 18 :/
Well this was me when I was like 15 but I literally look the same, I'll take it as a compliment :/
I worries anon I look young af too.

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