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I'm guessing some of you use incense and such to get your homes smelling better. Hopefully a thread to help people stop their homes smelling like shit.
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oh my.
1. Start by working on your hygiene and tidiness.
2. Throw out everything that stinks. Yes, I mean that old couch and that stained carpet.
3. Open up the fucking windows!!

That should stop your home smell like shit.

4. If you want to introduce some scents to you home start with essential oils. They are more subtle and airy that incense sticks, but do not fall for the pyramid schemes of esoteric oil suppliers.
If you want to burn insence there are roughly three options: japanese incense sticks (which are the most subtle burned incense), indian sticks (usually very heavy and hard to get in decent quality) and pure woods and resins.
Whatever you choose, do it in moderation and switch between 2-3 different scents.

Hope that helps
Thank you helps a lot. Have started throwing stuff out but needing to choose some good scents, is there any you recommend or is it mostly personal preference?
It's purely personal preference, although scents can be grouped according to different attributes.

There are three notes: the top note which is very light and dissipates fast, the middle note and the base note which is noticeable for hours. The fresh citrus smell will be gone fast while frankincense will linger around much longer.

Then there are the aroma families like Earthy, Woody, Spicy, Floral, Citrus... Knowing them may help you sorting through all the different scents there are. For starting out, as a soft guideline, don't choose two scents from the same family.

Different scents will be appealing to you depending on your mood, so exploring this needs some time.
Especially with incense sticks, the same flavor made by different brands can be night and day.

But basically: smell for yourself and buy whatever you like.

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what is this style called?
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Early 20XX Decker
"Not funny enough to warrant a thread by a long shpt"-core
i'm not trying to be funny, i'm legitimately curious

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What are the best stores to shop at in Cleveland? I live here, and I've never really explored anywhere except for when my mom would take me out shopping. Now I've had a car for a couple years, and I wanted to learn about the best stores.

I would describe my style as "hipster vegan coffee shop". I under stated stuff, earth tones, stripes, and classic or vintage looking clothes.
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We don't cater to your kind in The Land™
rip Cavs, Kyrie finally got fed up with the detestable monogoloid hypetrain that is El BJ
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Kyrie just wanted the media spotlight on him for a bit, he's not going anywhere (this year)

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I can't for the life of me find a pair on sandals that last more than a year. Any suggestions?
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romanian sandals.jpg
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Have you tried closed toe sandals?
I haven't. Seems like a recipe for stinky feet.
teva or suicoke?

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Today I wanted to see the ss14 slp campain(not the runaway show) video and realised that all the Hedi's era videos were gassed(they were deleted recently, because I saw them like a couple of weeks ago).
Does /fa/ knows a place where I can find archived campaigns?Because the only one that is up is the one on the garden brothers youtube channel.
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Why are this guy's eyes looking in separate directions? Don't get me wrong, he looks stunning. It's just such a strange expression that these models are always wearing.
>Saint laurent
Holy fuck these jackets cost thousands of dollars. They look pretty good though.
You must be new here

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Can you recognize the following sneakers?
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Arizona plates
I think there nike air presto's

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tell about soviet fashion pls.
>jeans were banned
thats all I know
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whatevers in the flea market
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What's harder to get rid of - fleas or bedbugs?
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>During the Stalin era, anti-fashion sentiments dissipated. Party-sanctioned magazines now promoted fashion and beauty as necessary parts of a Soviet woman’s life.

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amerifag here. i've been getting a lot into the british "football casual" style as of recently. before this i've had a good amount of designer sportswear that i wear when i'm out and about at night, but being an anglophile, when i've learned about this bizarre subculture i was naturally intrigued.

so for those who don't know, "casuals" are basically a "subculture" or clique of some sorts. it started in the late 80s when young british men would follow their favorite teams around europe to watch the matches. during their travels they've come across a few really nice tracksuits from brands they have never heard of (lacoste, sergio tacchini, fila), and adidas sneakers or "trainers", so they decided to steal this clothing and come back to the uk with it. this eventually evolved into different "firms" trying to dress nicer than the other firms that they were about to fight before and after the matches. to these young men, everything in their life was football, designer clothing, and fighting with members from other firms.

in the 80s and 90s the casuals adopted many new brands into their wardrobe, brands we would only associate with rich snobs and eurotrash, such as stone island, armani, dolce & gabbana, burberry, moncler. basically any super high end fashion brand you can think of, the casuals stole from the stores and wore them to football matches.

not being from the uk, my knowledge is rather limited, but from what i've learned on the internet and blogs today the typical style of dress for a casual is a cp company or stone island shell jacket, a pair of jeans (typically from levi's, but can be from any brand really), adidas original or spezial sneakers, and in the colder months, a burberry or aquascutum scarf. as someone who hates formalwear yet loves fashion, this look is very appealing to me, despite me seldom ever watching soccer matches. i have a large collection of adidas originals low tops with many different colorways to match the other clothes i wear. cont'd
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i've also stocked up on tipped polo shirts from brands such as lacoste, armani, versace, vivienne westwood, kenzo, lyle & scott etc. (the last 3 being rather difficult to find in the US, lyle & scott having to depend solely on online shipping from british clothing sites like harvey nichols or asos). i have at least 50 pairs of armani jeans from all the armani sublabels, because i like the metal eagle badge on the back right pocket and i am not a big fan of levi's. and since they've opened a stone island store in new york where i live, i've stocked up on tons of hoodies, sweaters, jackets and other articles of clothing from the store. stone island has gotten a following here in the us since the rapper drake started wearing it in his "fake british" phase, but i've known this brand for years, at least since the late 2000's.

i don't cover my face with a scarf or wear the cp goggles jacket like the picture because i am not attending matches and fighting other fans. i would be too much of a pussy to ever be an actual member of a firm in the uk. i just really love the style. it's very laidback yet smart looking

in short. i would like your input in all this, whether you think this is a nice look or stupid.
> it started in the late 80s

my mistake. its a typo. i mean't late 70's
Well I mean all I can say its quite a specific look and you seem v dedicated to it, but dont you think you might look out of place if you live in the US? I mean, what is the image you are projecting dressing like that? In any case this kind of look was and I think still is v promoted by gosha, so you probably would get many inspo from that. Its an interesting idea for sure

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Stop making individual threads for your requests, you dipshits
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If anyone could point me in the direction of a good place to buy these or any of her similar shoes, I'd surely appreciate it
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Where can I get sweaters for skinny males like in pic related. Want to try out the androgynous look. Looked at our legacy and Norse projects already.
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Where can I get this yves salomon bomber? It was on farfetch, even on sale last sales season, but now it's sold out and I can't find another website that even has it listed.

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ITT: Prove you're not a poorfag
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Because my wealth is not in currency, but in spirit.
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just bought an entire outfit at h&m, NO sale items
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I am a poorfag though, and even if I wasn't I still wouldn't spend >$150 on any pair of shoes desu

anyone of you have a suggestion for fa headphones? i'm looking to buy some new comfortable ones .
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headphones aren't fashion
*blocks your path*
V-moda is very fashionable.

If you want the best sound quality, I recommend going over to head fi and checking out their buying guide and their reviews. It's best to get a pair of headphones that sounds great and also looks great. I have a pair of Denon AH-MM400 headphones and a pair of Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Both are comfortable, but I had to get Audio Technica earpads for the denons, because the stock pads are too shallow and they rest slightly on your ears. My skin is very sensitive, so anything that rests directly on my ears causes pain after more than an hour of listening.

I also recommend looking into earbuds. I recommend sennheiser. I haven't tried them, but they seem like the best of both worlds of earbuds I like. I currently own the Trinity Atlas, the Trinity Phantom Hunter, the Echobox Finder X1, and the Meelectronics Pinnacle p1.

The pros and cons of all of these are as follows. The Trinity Atlas and Trinity Phantom Hunter are perfect, but you won't find them unless you're going to the trader forums. Very limited, the Hunters are especially pricey.

The Finder X1 is a great pair of earphones, very durable, although they don't have a detachable cable. I use them as my pocket earphones because they don't have parts that will fall off like the other earphones I have with detachable cords. That being said, one of the cons of these earphones is they don't have detachable cords. If the cord breaks, you can't replace it. It's very durable though.

The Meelectronics Pinnacle P1 is a fantastic pair of earphones. They probably won't be driven very well directly out of a phone though. They do require a bit more higher impedance output music players, like Fiio players. Your phone may drive it to decent levels, but this is typically a power hungry ear bud. That being said, they sound wonderfully clear and balanced.


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Does chokers make women sluts?
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You're the best poster on the board, period.

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I just smoked a cigar for the first time, I've never previously smoked anything (cigarettes, weed, etc.). What is the appeal? I do not feel any better or worse, and most importantly why is this considered effay in the eyes of /fa/?
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you are retarded, im so sorry
Cigar smoking looks like coprophagy to me and it is very much not effay. I have no clue where you got that idea.
smoking shows rebelliousness, youth, and a certain attitude that makes you seem cool, its like a poetic meme

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Why does everyone seem to be so fucking obsessed with Adidas shoes? They all look terribly boring and have a stupid silhouette. Only acceptable ones are the Raf collab models.
Let's boycott Adidas and laugh at all the normies still buying their memes.
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kill yourself
Cuz Instagram likes is a powerful indicator of self worth
>Why does everyone seem to be so fucking obsessed with _______ shoes? They all look terribly boring and have a stupid silhouette. Only acceptable ones are the Raf collab models.
>Let's boycott _______ and laugh at all the normies still buying their memes.

There you go, a nice template for people to copypaste and insert literally any other sneaker brand into the spaces because what you said amounts to nothing.

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Cara...what did you do...
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looks anorectic
A steady diet of crack cocaine and nigger cock will do this to you
Cara is a dyke

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