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Most of you don't know anything about fashion, which is why this board has always been pretty shit


Watch as many panels and head to heads as you can, preferably from older seasons

Get educated you dumbass
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Do you think the panels and head to heads are understandable to the person who is new to all this?

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Asked a barber today to line up my neckbeard. What do you guys think?
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Looks shitty, but i cant grow a beard or am barber so my opinion doesnt rly matter
00's. disgusted. unnatural.

I'm not happy with it either desu

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Here's the proof, /fa/. If you shave your head, your gf won't love you any more. There is no hope for bald white men.

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Depends on the grill homie

feels good being black. If anything I look better with a shaved head.
Yeah this is true, black men do look better with shaved heads

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Thinking about getting a face tattoo to be kinda ironic. Any good looking face tattoos that aren't too edgy or horrendous
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You're a loser, you know that?
A dick tat on your forehead.
Don't do it.

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this is it.jpg
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Imagine being colorblind but all you can see is blue. That's my collection of pants. All blue jeans. I need some help choosing what to buy so I don't have the same shitty jeans on every day.

I do have a couple pairs of slacks that look okay, but one is for my suit and the other is hardly wearable with the rest of my clothes. Basically, I need help choosing new pants/shorts.

Also legwear general I guess?
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Legwear so chaps, butt exposed??
Vineyard Vines corduroys are great.

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When did you outgrow graphic tees?
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W2c pic related.

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I want to look more like an adult instead of a too-serious high schooler (I've been out of HS for years). Please rate give me some advice to dress better than I'm doing now. Advice from both women and men is appreciated.
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You look like you spend all day acting like a humorless cunt and then at night you make weird music on your laptop and finally let loose. Also your mom keeps asking when you'll finally get a bf.
le intact hymen face

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effay shit to put on a credit card? looking for some inspo

>no text/letters
>no copyrighted stuff
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already tried didn’t get approved :–/
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yeah yeah beebiss I.png
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you guys know what to do
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Yep that's pretty accurate, are you me OP?
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Face it /fa/ggots, sleezecore is bestcore
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yeah if you want to look sleazy, stupid

the only people who look sleazy look like that because their lives are already at a point where they are allowed to look sleazy. that is to say they have women, money, baubles, drugs, you name it - they have it. you don't. sleazecore is a lifestyle that comes with age and specific interests. something of which most regulars of /fa/ today do not have an inkling of
thats spot on
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Prepfag detected. How about you go back to your r/mfa hugbox, kid

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K i need help.

What hairstyle would you recommend for me? I'm 18 and slightly overweight but working on it.

As you can see my hairline is shit and it looked this way since always.

Currently I'm rocking Hitlerjugend hair or this faggy hipster BS, whatever it's called but I believe I look slightly shit with this hairstyle.

Can you show me some good hairstyles for me?

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Yeah I know I'm an ugly piece of shit but help would be appreciated
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i'd suggest doing this. you're hair looks pretty thicc though, so for it to work you'll have to go to a barbershop and tell them to thin your hair, makes it look and fell so much better.
oh also keep working on getting fit or skinny, i dont think that hair aesthetic would work on someone chubby

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welp, girls have started ""ironically"" wearing jncos for instagram/twitter likes
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who the fuck cares what girls wear, the point is to get it off of them
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desu i think the silhouette created by some of the less large jncos can make any relatively fit girl look cute.

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'Fratshit is not welcome' edition
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>anyone know where to cop this hat?
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Didn't see any recent Instagram threads so here's one. Post your Instagram and follow other people from /fa/!
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Just graduated from fashion design recently and posting more editorials of some clothes i've made on ig!

I'll follow back if i like your feed <3
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