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No hair general? I’ll start then. I need to go to the barber but idk what to ask for. My hairline is shitty, and I need to lose like 19kg, but it’s hot as hell and my hair looks like a mess anyway. I’ve buzzed it down to like 25mm in top and 7mm on the sides, but I looked like a white supremicist, and I’m not sure my current (fat) jawline can support it. Should I go Ivy league, bald (infantcore is a poppin trend rn), a certain buzz length? Please advise
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>ALIEN Edition

Post lunarcore fits and ideas of any kind, preferably ALIEN-esq
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Also looking for a fitted cargo jumpsuit like ripleys in ALIEN but mens sized.

I'd like to make a lunar fit that's a fitted olive drab cargo jumpsuit tied around the waist like pants, paired with all white hitops and a fitted black T-shirt that I can walk around town in but I have NO IDEA where to find any fitted jumpsuits like from ALIEN and is affordable

Please help /fa/!
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General discussion of tattoo ideas and inspiration
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lines that delicate/close together are gonna look like shit as they age
Inb4 that all caps arabic guy
I wanna get a forget-me-not flowers tattoo on forearm but I can't decide on design or style. I was thinking on something like picture related, albeit I bit more elaborate. Thoughts?

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Best colour frames for someone with black hair (aside from black)?
Anything you fucking idiot. Go pick up a GQ magazine if you want shitty arbitrary fashion rules
How about someone with ginger/light blonde hair?

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Which one of these should I get?
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buzz cut
full rick
preferably, none.

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What kind of pants are these? What should i type when i look for a pair like this online?
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Am I allowed to wear a suit even if I don't work in an office or have some kind of government job?
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Wear whatever the fuck you want. No one gives a shit.
I wouldn't look out of place if I just wore a suit everywhere?
you would look in place everywhere and people would think you were a successful person and not an autismo who needs permission to wear a suit

Are they effay? How is this core called?
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They're okay. Not effay but not bad either.
Looks like a metalcore band from 2014

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What makes a bike effay?
Share your nices bikes!
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im a big fan of these
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Not effay at all I guess but I really love it.
Specialized Venge Vias
Cervelo S5

Oi folks I unironically need some advice. I have tried my (receding) hair at basically every length, and I hate all of them. Which of these looks best? I either want to cut it all off again (I don't mind the almost-bald look) or try and grow it out shoulder-length. Thank you in advance for your brilliant advice.
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I feel u, grow it out if you want
I'd shave it, if I have the same hair genetics as my dad, I will.
either shorter than the first or the third picture

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george jacket.png
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Anyone know if it's possible to cop this?
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Yeah try any thrift store ever constructed
bump, would also like to know where I can cop that hairline
You can start by getting married and have 2 or 3 children and working a 8-10 hr job

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Share secrets to attractiveness you barely read or hear about anywhere.

I've been singing along to songs with my lowest vocal range daily and it has significantly lowerd my voice over the years

I've successfully lost the habit of putting my hands in the pockets in my jeans and jackets, and it's made me much more confident
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cool thread.

I have one, it's super broad but it's the idea of embracing and being comfortable with my masculinity. I think now it's become sorta accepted if not encouraged for guys to be showtune-y and expressive. And I find that shit super unintuitive for me (I'm real low-key). So I just stopped doing it if I don't want to. And I think girls are super attracted to that. A guy who, even when pressured, refuses to do effeminate things like sing along to a song, for example, and shows he doesn't give a fuck and just would rather keep drinking his beer, is very sexy to chicks.

that might've sounded autistic but whatever
don't know how to tell you this, but i think you might have autism
>smile more
>good posture
>be clean and smell nice

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so I'm going to order some sweaters, t-shirts and pants from uniqlo. I have 2013 uniqlo stuff and it's pretty good. is uniqlo quality meme still there? I'm from Europe if it matters (obviously have no uniqlo store in my area so that's why I ask)
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its still good
Yes, I'd say it's still very good. I wish they would focus more on basics, though, and not their meme "technology" (Airism/heattech).
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I like the Keith haring collab they did
I got this for 15 dollars and I love this shirt

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what's ur opinion on bape? talk about it in this thread
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Not going to lie, I don't mind it. I like old, subtle pieces and not the gaudy shark hoodies and camo all over t shirts. but it's been too appropriated by blacks so, that's a heavy no in my book.
meme trash
I dont find the appeal.
People just buy it at the moment for the hype, If Vans/DC or any non/hype brand made things like that everyone would agree they are trash.
Fuck hype : (

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