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Can someone please tell me who this model is?
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Kate Upton You Mong.jpg
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Here is your (You)
all plus size models should be put in gulags.

Where can I get some German army trainers? I saw that jcpenny use to sell these for like $40 but they don't sell them anymore
>Inb4 Margielas
I don't want to spend hundreds
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Do you people even know what an archive is?
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post in fuccboi general for stupid shitty questions.

Check out the Adidas BW Army at END.

I don't want the adidas ones..

These Adidas sneakers don't exist, as far as I can tell.

Boys and girls I wouldn't normally post like this but I'm desperate. My dad has been wearing this pair to the gym for years but recently I wanted a pair and I swear to Jesus, I can't find the damn things anywhere.

Reverse image searches, checking the shoes for clues to their origin, asking in Adidas stores, endless Googling; my dad can't remember where he even got them and I'm getting desperate.

They're not even that good looking but after all this, they've developed this mysterious aura.

Please don't kill yourself looking for them like I did (not like anyone would) but if anyone has seen them before, knows someone who has a pair or knows anything at all I would be very grateful for any info.
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Another picture
And one more, of the tag on the tongue
I tried anon, I really did

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File: Bill Clinton Jogging Reebok.jpg (394KB, 1205x678px)Image search: [Google]
Bill Clinton Jogging Reebok.jpg
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surely this passes the point wear his dick would poke out the other end??? it might be adjusted sideways but i cant see that being comfortable for an entire jog

File: IMG_6949.jpg (69KB, 720x1172px)Image search: [Google]
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Ok fashionistas! Who can name the most boots? I know the ducks are sorel cheyanne snow boots but thats all i got.
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Ok or dont
I thought youd like the challenge. You are the fashion board fags. Show me how savvy you are........
What's the bottom one called? I'm looking for preppy winter boots and I hate ducks

File: IMG_20170721_091104.jpg (4MB, 2976x3968px)Image search: [Google]
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Show me your shoes
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>I just bought brand new shoes pls tell me they look good thread
fuck home family
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Nice dreambuckets, kiddo
You sounds angry.


Please can someone help me ID this blue polo sweater Greg is wearing? I'm not a fan of the guy and I don't want to hear your opinion on him I just want to ID his polo.
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Anyone know what these bad boys are called?
Can't find them on the Adidas site
Just reverse Google image searched(duh)
Apparently the sold out everywhere
File: IMG_1079.jpg (29KB, 299x426px)Image search: [Google]
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These boots??! All I know is they're from 2015

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It's hot as balls outside and I don't like being sweaty. Hod do I look good in the summer?
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This is the best summer fit I've ever seen posted here, one of my favorite fits in general too. And I usually hate summer fits
t shirt, shorts, low top sneakers, accessories

File: img.jpg (59KB, 1024x683px)Image search: [Google]
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i just bought a pair of these and i'm kind of regretting it already

they're not exactly my style but i wanted a pair of boots for casual/athletic wear and now i have no idea what i'm going to wear them with

i've seen them look great with shorts and even though i hate my legs i can't wear loose trousers and bundeswehr boots everywhere, everyday

my guess is maybe military short shorts or cut-off denim?
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Rick shorts>>12620200
I have this exact pair but I've never worn them with shorts before. What makes you not able to wear them with long pants?
I don't wear skinny jeans and I don't think they look good with another fit of pants

Is Coke Zero fa?

It tastes almost like the real shit, but no calories, 0 everything And it has caffeine!
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>tastes almost like real shit

I have noticed lately a trend towards hating fedoras (has come out more than once in this thread, for instance).
Fedoras got popular, and now all the cool kids hate fedoras, and those of us whose understanding of "fedora" is less "2000s 'hipster'" and more "Casablanca" are left thinking "But, but, fedoras are a perfectly cool kind of hat!"
(Not that I wear a fedora. I wear a purple beret. But I do have an ambition to get a sort of classic "Maltese Falcon" trenchcoat and fedora some day, only in a dusty purple, and wear them on certain occasions. And I will not be dissuaded by the current fedora-hate anti-fashion. Fedoras are a classic film noir thing and always will be, long after fads and anti-fads have passed)
As one might imagine, I suspect this /fa/ board is probably not my thing, despite no doubt being a perfectly good place to discuss fashion. Normal fashion ideas just aren't really . . . applicable . . . to me.
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Traditionally they're fine, its just that they've sort of been ruined by spergs thinking it makes them classy.
sweet blog xD
>Normal fashion ideas just aren't really . . . applicable . . . to me.

Your not special

File: IMG_7979.jpg (52KB, 820x820px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is this so difficult to find?

I really just need a black pair of any model that isn't hideous
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You could literally make a pair for like twelve dollars at any hardware store
You should try it out and show us how it's done since it's so easy, anon.
They look goofy as shit. Don't bother

Is bronzed skin /fa/ or no? I'm literally two shades below bioluminescent and can't help but feel I stick out like a sore, reflective thumb most of the time. Anyone have tanning tips?
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personally, i've been wondering this myself too. my skin has always been described as porcelain so i'm reluctant to tan and look like a thot, but my legs are blinding. any tips?
depends on where you live and shit desu. if you're in like southern cali and pale, you look ridiculous but it would look fine in a scandinivian country
Bronze is really sexy and gives me a raging boner every time, pale works better when you're going more for the cute and pretty type. In either case you have to be physically attractive anyways.

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post world powers, groups, military, or just historical figures good taste or at least a good stylist
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the most effay coming through
File: image.jpg (120KB, 768x1090px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.jpg (187KB, 1000x1313px)Image search: [Google]
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File: longline.jpg (117KB, 538x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Any examples of guys pulling off longline tees/tanks without looking like a fuckboi?
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nah dont think so
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