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Post more sleazecore inspo
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based bobby.webm
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Moving out at the end of the month. Need effay room inspo. Help ya boi out
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So guys, I'm kind of in despair. I've seen this anti H&M sentiment being voiced over and over again and I bought a bunch of H&M basic Ts and pants for this coming school year. Why the hate for this brand? I got several of their t shirts. They seem form fitting stylish, and reasonably priced. The same goes with the pants. I don't understand why this stuff is seen as so bad, it's not like it's some gaudy failed attempt at a fashion statement.
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try to wash the tees, after a few wash they will lose their shape, if you want better basic tees, Gildan or FOTL is better at an even lower price point
Gildan have these retarded arm sleeves.
They'd be perfect otherwise
yes, that's how the sleeves of a tee supposed to fit, they should not hug your skeleton biceps

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will personally organize this if there are enough people interested
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can't be that hard to organize

[meetup location]
[date, time]
[suggested activities]
[means of communication, for example Kik or Snap]
[photo policy]
Then you can post photos right into cringe thread
I expect bape/palace/supreme/thrasher logos everywhere
Please for the love of God, everyone who goes make sure to wear good fits. Post your fit on here so we can judge them before taking pictures at the meet so we can finally redeem ourselves. Make sure to get a good photographer as well.

Please, this could be our chance.


Is this the new fuccboi anthem?
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Rocky is iconic
hope so.
The song is shit without uzi and frank.

The blue sweater look comfy af

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Give me some male bleached hair inspo, planning to do it but i have no idea what hairstyle should i choose.
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Last year was all about bleached hair, cuz lochte did it in Brazil
So he shouldnt do it now?
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Byzantine Fashion.png
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What people from ancient times up to the modern day do you consider to have the best fashion sense and why?

Mine is without a doubt the Byzantines. Pic related. The patterns, the precious metals, the color scheme and the overwhelming feeling of condescension. Beat that.
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The main goal of fashion in a general sense is affect (followed by function, as well as some more abstract artistic concepts), which is so contextual that it would be more of a sociohistorical question than a personal aesthetic preference one. So what I think you’re really asking is what time periods fashion is most aesthetically appealing to other anons in their contemporary perception of style. Am i correct? I apologize for the pedantry, but these are different discussions so I feel like communication might be improved by a clarification of goals
the western culture looked similar to middle eastern yeah ? pretty interesting. there are lots of references to middle eastern cultures in western names or other things.


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Hey guys sorry if I sound stupid but I have a limited edition young and reckless shirt crossed over with asap ferg that i bought like 3 or 2 years ago and I wore it a couple times but its clean. Is this hype or is it just mall core?
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Oh and pic related And another question, I dont really like this shirt either so I was wondering if it would be worth something since this is a limited edition crossover with Rook
I like it

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Soooooo I just bought an adidas Boston marathon jacket at a thrift shop, It was cheap and still had the tags. Once I got home I realized it's the 2013 version(the year of the bombing) I looked on eBay and it might be worth some money, should I sell it or does that make me an awful person?
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Not sure why it turned the picture sideways
You should totally sell it and yes this does make you a bad person
Thought so, the woman's jackets are listed at 400-500

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Belt general? Just post effay belts/buckles/etc.
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That's dope af
Hahaha I'm broke you fucking shill I can't buy that shit

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Need some black shoes to replace my raf velcros

Thinking either triple black qasas, black cp low/mids or damir doma satur sneaks

Any other suggestions?
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5 2 4 3 1
5 1 4 3 2 ya idiot
Switch 2 and 5 and I agree

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What happened, /fa/?
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the planet got hotter
Germany lost. China and America won.
That's cherrypicking, you can find a man wearing a suit this year and a cringey looking faggot in the early XX century as well.

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Post your pickups

>also, I picked this up today. Really cool design in my opinion , just don't know what to wear with it. inb4 a noose
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What am I looking at here? Post more pics OP. Also I will contribute to the thread after work.
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copped these patterned jeans. they were originally flared but i tapered them. ive been on the look out for cool pants
File: 1500931421175.jpg (386KB, 1131x806px)Image search: [Google]
386KB, 1131x806px

linked wrong picture dam. I also copped that sweater too and the vest the same day

Is it wrong to hide some of your girlfriends/boyfriends clothes if they look really bad? Even after you told them and they ignore it

How do you deal with dating someone who dresses like shit?
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Yes, it sounds stupid and petty. If you've already discussed it, the best you can do is occasional encouragement towards better pieces or buying them nicer clothing as a gift. But they probably won't change to any significant degree.

You deal with it, or you don't. Pretty simple imo.
How the fuck does the way your partner dresses matter at all? Are you a retard?
Bitch don't touch my raf

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what's it like to be a model
male and female
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unless you are at the top it sucks, also heard that it is worse for guys
The guys are almost universally unlikeable. Literally Zoolander-tier..
Girls are nice.

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