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For my birthday, my mom gave me $50 for clothes. What should I get, /fa/?
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Clothes naturally

pick one faggot
We're poor. I have to work with what I have.

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Is there point in being /fa/ if you have ugly face?
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The Ukrainian is a bitch. It's about your vibes, not the face. remember this.
Fuck off with this thread you already got BTFO by /fit/
no, there's not point furthering yourself physically in anyway if you have shit facial aesthetics. you will never go above 7/10 at best

use the time and effort to further your social status instead

Music merch
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Good album, bad shirt
I disagree, I get compliments for it all the time
"What the fuck is that?" doesn't count as a compliment.

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Is reviewbrah effay?
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of course
he's got his personal style, and he pulls it off well
even though I'm not a fan of his content I'd say he's quite a bit more effay than most of this board
absolutely. not because of the way he dresses, but because of the way he carries himself and doesn't give a fuck.
Yeah, but in a way, you could copy.

he's effay solely because of his brute force in how many times he wears a suit and still doesn't care. He's garnered his own aesthetic, of which only one person can have per generation

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Is the feeling of shame you get after masturbation effay?
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Yes, very effay, OP.
Masturbation is never effay
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>shame you get after masturbation

Are you like 15yo?

What kinda product do you use to achieve this hairstyle?
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Another man's semen.
regular shampoo and a mask after it, 2 times a week

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Serious question. Where could I find glasses that are the same brand and model, or otherwise identical or nearly-identical to his own?
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They're quite cool.
Does anyone know Soros' brand in eyeglasses?
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Loot them off his corpse

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Is the buzzcut still in style? I think I might start balding soon and I hate hair upkeep anyway so I just want to shave it off. How short should I go?
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the buzzcut is always in style because it is the quintessential men's haircut
quintessential my ass
go for a #4 first, if you like the look then go lower

Thoughts on Adidas Campus?

I've heard people complain about them being too narrow/tight. Also, I've heard some people complain about the insole making it super uncomfortable. I have high/medium arches. Do think that would still be an issue for me?
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I have them, I'd size up if I were you
although i've never actually worn them, having seen them irl, they are really just cheaper quality gazelles imho. I'd go for gazelles over Campuses even if they are meme shoes.
Why are they meme shoes?

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last one was literally a meme
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Sure sure
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>implying every waywt thread isn't a meme
>implying you aren't a meme

I'd be fine if this board got nuked nothing good ever came from it
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What is the ideal /fa/ body?
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tall and lean
Chubby and small

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Try to show me a picture of someone who looks good on a biker jacket
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anyone who has manly features and the frame to pull it off you faggot

which would not be you, me or anyone else on this board
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Lads my girlfriend is a fucking fashion disaster. Can you post some inspo that you like for girls. You will literally be picking out her future clothes.
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Full rick
>letting other men dictate your girlfriend's wardrobe
You are a weak, weak man... Cuck.
You seem confused. If OP let other men fuck his girlfriend while he watched, then he would be a cuck.

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Boards across 4Chan have been discussing the possibility of board specific changes from the ban of certain threads and features they want to see.

It will be important to discuss our dislikes of the board, problems, and try to find a solution for Mods to implement.
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Ban: "Is 'X' effay threads"
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make a strict rule regarding joke threads and "is this effay?" threads. all such threads should instead be posts inside of other threads, specifically the 'Fuccboi General' because that's where they belong. and let's use 'Questions that doesn't deserve their own thread' (QTDDTOT) as the name instead of 'Fuccboi General', because newfags aren't familiar with the concept and they don't think of themselves as fuccbois. that's probably why a lot of them refuse to use it

if someone wants to ask if a piece of clothing is effay or if conor mcgregor is effay then it has to go into the QTDDTOT thread. if someone wants to get instant feedback, either their face or their hair or their outfit, then we'll have another thread for all of those. can call it whatever, 'Quick Check' thread maybe
What we really need is a good updated sticky.Because the threads are constatly repeating themselves asking basic questions about basics, jeans etc...
Having a great sticky and mods deleting those threads asking those basic questions the board will get better.

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some random low top docs from ebay, Converse CTAS pros, Chuck Taylor II, Adidas Busenitz Samba Vulc, Converse x John Varvatos One Stars, Vans Velcro Old Skools

on my list to grab is DM 1461s (the docs i have now are too thicc for my taste), Ann D Scamosciato Velcro Lows, some sort of nice quality combat boot (dior if i become rich suddenly), and some yellow one star pros if they ever re-release those
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Stop buying so much converse
worry about yourself
not while you're posting pics and describing your rotation and shoe wish list

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