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A store was having a sale and had 95% $200 v-neck sweaters for sale, so I bought 3. how do you wear these? Are they effay? Share some inspo pls
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v necks are trash
V necks will never be effay you fucking goon

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What does /fa/ think of health goth?
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So 2012. OUT.
This particular fit isn't bad.. if it wasn't for the crossbranding
maybe its an american thing to think sportswear is cool but in the UK, its the uniform of the lowest of the (not)working class.

ITT: Effay of or otherwise aesthetic characters from movies/tv, books and games.
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I like Fulgrim being portrayed Griffith-like but that's just straight gender-bender crap.
Best Traitor, best legion.
too bad hes stuck in a painting and all the other purple boys died

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Is this Kekistan shirt, or any 4chan apparel effay, or would I be gunned down in the street?
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Not effy at all, get a swastika shirt for true political effines
I consider myself a peaceful person but I would swerve to hit someone I saw wearing this
Sure you would pussy

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How do you pull off being short and /fa/? Skinny jeans are either too big or too tight, any tops you wear make the whole outfit appear as top heavy, and a whole other laundry list of problems. Do short people just give up?
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Manlets need to die
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You get limb lengthening surgery

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Can you realistically pull a fedora anymore or is it too ingrained in meme culture that it's impossible to wear one without looking like a fool?
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You would have to have such a fit going, and be naturally very attractive to pull it off. I dont think most pepole could do it, I certainly can't.
Oh, look, it's another fedora bait thread!

> posts a picture of the oddest-looking thing that could possibly be called a "fedora"
Spotted the neckbeard

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> the photo that killed /fa/
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I don't even know whether or not that's his real neck.
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mfw everybody makes fun of that guy for his long neck but I also have a neck like that and I've become overwhelmingly insecure about it

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is death grips merch still effay approved or is it now considered autistic?
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Their music and their merch are trash that somhow only weeaboos listen to.
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have that exact t-shirt lol

normies seem to have nothing against it and fellow listeners like it

thinking of buying pic related too, it’s c-cool right?
got this shirt back in the day when it was /fa/ its confirmed pleb now.

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How /fa/ can a programmer get, or ar they meant to always look like cringy?
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white button up, gray slacks, minimalist sneakers like CPs or dress shoes
tie optional, nice glasses
good haircut, properly groomed, good hygiene, no neckbeard for fuck's sake
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Virgil Griffith is as /fa/ as it gets
Where to crop the shirt?

So i've been wanting these Ozweego's for almost a year now but i didn't really want to pay ~300 dollars for shoes that will probably be in for a year and be a meme the next year. Everybody in my friend group has one of these and it sucks that everyone has them now because they used to be really special

So i want an alternative sneaker like this, i like the "ugly" design of it and i really need a bulky shoe in my wardrobe.

I've been looking around the internet and i only found the Nike air maxes from 95' to 99' and also the air griffey max 1 wich i have never seen IRL

You guys have any suggestions?
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Fila disruptor II
At least 3 thots I know have this shoe. Everybody is a fucking hipster
Honestly nothing, just get Ozweegos but in a rare cw.

They are too weird and expensive to ever become full-blown meme, I admit that those idolized nigger rappers have ruined them for me as well, but I think they are still a great shoe if you know how to wear them which luckily most people who buy it just for ''dont touch my rafs XD" don't.

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what happened to /fa/? we used to have several active xcore threads and now they are all nearly gone. Hell even the hair threads barely stays alive.
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I honestly have no clue. even the OG high fashion posters have up and left. place is a ghosttown
And what have you done about it, OP?
/fa/ works in 3 year cycles. the new cycle is establishing itself. xcore threads got way out of hand at one point though. noone here even buys hifa anymore and posts about it.

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download (5).jpg
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Winter will be here soon enough, what pieces have y'all found yourselves thankful for when the temperatures drop below freezing?

I'll be studying abroad in Russia this next year and am in dire need of recommendations for boots. My grandpa has offered to buy me some pic related but I need a pair that would go with:
-lightwash/black jeans
-khaki, black and white chinos/slacks

Please feel free to post inspo, I live in the southeast so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to actually layer
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I'm wondering if the Austrian paratrooper boots from the kommando store would be good alternatives
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download (6).jpg
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You are on the right track OP, you for sure want water proof try to select the one with the thickest sole you want your feet as far away from the cold ground as possible. You may also like Hunter and Dubarry. And remember when selecting a jacket that it has a concealed or flap over zipper so that wind can't get through your zipper.

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Post your tumblrs, rate, etc. Not starting off with one bc I just made one and looking for people to follow
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Anyone who uses Tumblr doesn't deserve to post here
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lol i deserve to post here more than you, you faggot.

What's the queerest clothing brand or store in the world? I was hoping to go for a mind genderqueer look, but I don't want to go shop for woman's clothing. I was hoping to just go to one place that I won't have to feel awkward trying stuff on in.
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kuzu of fa.jpg
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bruh your face already looks like a chicken lady
What? You can't see my face.

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Texas Tech.jpg
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where my raiders at
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lol get out
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Canadian Uni Boys

Any lurker Golden Bear/Panda here.

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