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What are some effay computer accesories?
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Mechanical keyboards, especially 60%s
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Since /g/ is slipping in can I ask why Razer stuff is so tacky looking? They just stick glowing neon secondary colors on anywhere they'll fit.
desktop pcs aren't /fa/
laptops are

also iphones

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Post aesthetic musicians
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What's the most nihilistic brand of leather shoes/boots? I'm kind of half kidding. I think I saw a pare of Doc Marten boots that looked pretty cool. I recently went to Dillards and picked up 3 pares of shoes. 2 of them were from Jonson and Murphy, the other one was from Josef Seibel. I picked up a ton of stuff from H&M. It was nice and cheap, and I think the stuff was more stylish for general casual wear than the stuff you can find at Dillards, which seems more like dress clothes.

I don't really think the look I have in this picture is "nihilistic" I think it just looks casual and maybe a little more stylish. I'm not really sure what would look "nihilistic" besides laced up black boots designed to look stylish. What do you wear with that, army pants? I don't know. I just like how that sounds "nihilistic shoes".
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Full rick
"could" "you" "please" "stop" "using" "quotation" "marks" "for" "everything" "?"
My bad man. I don't wanna fight anyone here. I do have a habit of redundancy in my speech, but it's not intentional. I will admit that.

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Fashion Design Schools:

Worth it ?
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if you want to be a starving and unemployed graduated might aswell go for fine arts senpai
Is style and fashion a passion or a hobby?

My parents fucking hate me for going to college for film but I love storytelling and filmmaking more than I love impressing my parents and living "comfortably"

Have the drive to understand that in an art, you'll fail way more than succeed, but the success lies in doing what you love, whatever avenue that may be.

even if i end up starving out of school, I'll be at peace knowing I'm sating my hunger to create.
fucking gay.

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Bonganon Edition
Last: >>12614717

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
/thinspo/ for guys:
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When you guys sit flat (not perched or on the edge) on a chair how much does your thighs spread out? Do you loose your thigh gap? If not, whats your bmi?

Also post stats of your thigh circumference.

mine are huge, like 21 inches (top thigh near ass)
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>finally accept myself as trans
>bmi rises out of underweight levels

I guess I have a long way to go again, guys
Remember to drink water
Take vitamins
And Calisthenics

going to get some printed, share favorites
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I think japanese posters always look cool, I'll post what I've got

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This is a thread about where fashion is at right now

I've been following high fashion for 6 years now and this recent ss18 season feels like the final nail in the coffin before a new cycle, everything is so fucking boring and the same right now
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Which show was the best?
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CdG H+ was a standout show, probably the best collection from the line in years, last collection that was this good was maybe fw11. cdgh+ has always been off kilter in that it's very meta : no matter what the seasonal theme was, it was always filtered through cdgh+ staple codes / vocabulary / construction, and so while it was always respected / never disrepected, it never felt "of the now", it always was "cdg doing cdg", but recently (esp. with the exhibition at the met and cdg as a brand having gained wider recognition as a brand that you should know and respect if you're a "fashion person") it seems more fashion ppl (whereas previously it was only cdg diehards that really appreciated it) are feeling like they need to like it, but it was never "of the moment" enough for them to really get into, but this collection really broke through that barrier and gave the fashion normies something to chew on while still remaining very cdg, while at the same time offering something very exciting for cdg fans

cottweiler was good for how on point its direction was in relation to the zeitgeist, very of the now, idk how it pulls apart as a line / product though, havent looked that closely into it but the few times i have, lots of pcs have been kinda weak on their own

and on the opposite end of that spectrum gosha was particularly great for the product, lots of covetable pieces apart from the bread&butter graphics. in previous collections the non-gfx pieces were still good in getting the overall message across but never felt like they stood on their own, and they always went on steep discount at the end of the season from what i saw
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JWA is usually one of my favourites but this season it was a little weak for me, because his charm has always been his quirky, autistic in a good way signature, but this season he decided to take a step back and pare it down to be more "minimalistic", which in theory could have been a hit if he hit the right balance and infused wardrobe staples with just the right amount of quirk but alot of the pieces missed that mark for me and ended up looking "just" autistic, not autistic in a good way.

this season really felt like the time for new brands. the old guard has been consistent but one by one these past few years alot of the brands have undergone massive change / fallen off, and now everytime its fashion week, it feels like to me the meat isnt really there anymore, not alot of brands to be looking out for.

in contrast ive been seeing a fuckton of new brands pop out of nowhere on instagram and really start gaining exposure / followings, and im not talking about gay streetwear brands im talking contemporary brands (like pic related). joseph is one to look out for for sure, but there are so many others i cant even list right now. although i do feel that joseph would benefit from a more atmospheric artistic direction in their imagery for consumers like me who aren't purely product / wardrobe oriented, but need to be sold on the all-encompassing vision of the brand to really invest in it. i feel like if the line was presented in a way that told a story, it would add so much to the brand, because the name "joseph" alone evokes so many ideas, but idk maybe that's not what they're trying to do. but dope stuff regardless

Lets have a thread for the most /fa/ You tubers
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Magnus Ronning
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Casey Neistat

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last one over 300
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it's the pants i'm wondering about btw. on sale for $30 from $100
become my gf
oh yeah and cop, its a good deal

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Does anyone recognize the brand on these shorts? My [spoiler]girlfriend[/spoiler] wants them.
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I know Birddogs makes some swimming trunks or shorts with that design, but they're men's as far as I know. I don't know if Birddogs makes stuff for women or not.
more than likely not, you can see the brand name ends in PSD when she pulls the shorts up
looks like shes wearing these mens briefs?

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Bought pic related from Aliexpress for 90 bucks. What am I in for?
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Very thin clothing that, while outwardly good looking, falls apart very quickly.

Also, expect to smell like plastic for 1-2 washes, assuming it survives the wash. I wouldn't risk it
For fuck's sake

How much do you reckon a suit like that costs on Hugo Boss? I am considering paying the price that they ask for it.
Fucking Suitsupply, not these retarded designers

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effay political wear thread
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>mom found the bra's and panties
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Mum asked where I am with my sexuality and I told her to piss off
>mommy found her lingerie in my room
Once I stole this girl's panties and busted a couple nuts in them. Later my mom said she found them and threw them away and said something like, "well whoever's these are must be a whore because its a thong".

I wonder if she thinks I actually got pussy or if she somehow deduced it was a cumrag

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Share inspo, ask questions, give advice.
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Also join discord if you want

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Gonna dump
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