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File: roof koreans.jpg (185KB, 950x647px)Image search: [Google]
roof koreans.jpg
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Roof Korean inspo
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It's impressive just how well they managed to pull off those giant glasses

Nog-shooting Koreans were the epitome of effay culture
unironically top fucking tier, bar none

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How does /fa/ feel about gyaru fashion?
Non-Lolita J-fashion thread, I suppose.
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i wanna fuck a gyaru girl real bad
they dress like every girl in the midwest did pre 2010.

Ha, me too anon.
I was obsessed with them years and years ago, but I've started noticing it as a trend recently?

File: shaveballs.jpg (33KB, 675x450px)Image search: [Google]
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Can show dick, or just the pubes, or balls, whatever. Or just say what you do. I'm going to do some work on my pubes later today, will post pics in a bit.
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Leave a little neat trapezoid shape patch above my benis and rest smooth
shave it all
short and sharp so you can beard burn those thots with your dick

tfw making 21 year old sexually inexperienced tinder girls throw up by jabbing her gag reflex

File: 1493054009711.webm (2MB, 960x720px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 960x720px
What was /fa/ like before the rise of hypebeasts?
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Peacoats and Clarks desert boots.

Goth ninja shit

and before that

was like SLP and the /r/malefashionadvice uniform believe it or not
It was not very fashionable at all in the beginning. People were pretty cool, though. I remember things picking up when everyone started getting into HY haircuts, Dior Homme and gothninja stuff.

I wonder what all the old tripfags are up to.

File: image.jpg (221KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
221KB, 1280x960px
So I spent pretty much all of high school as a NEET loser. I pretty much had zero confidence, but recently had a thing with a girl for the first time, which brought me to my feet. I have a few questions:
-facial aesthetics, is mewing just a meme? I am still not so sure about my facial aesthetics, and would like a quick opinion on what I could do to improve
-facial marks, I have a very prominent mole on the right hand side of my face. Should I be trying to hide this with makeup or something or just rock it?
Pic related is me, please excuse the retarded haircut, probably going to just buzz once I am back from this vacation.
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File: image.jpg (234KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
234KB, 1280x960px
Pic related is the mole I mentioned above
mole looks good, gives you character. quit being an insecure pussy
I cant even see shit or the mole it doesnt fucking matter, you are insecure as fuck

Just take up a sport or an athletic activity and you'll be healthy and probably make friends

File: image1 (1).jpg (995KB, 2016x1512px)Image search: [Google]
image1 (1).jpg
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I took a four week trip to India a couple months back and I came back with these bad boys. They cost me 900 rupees, approx. $14 and they're falling apart.
I want to know what shoe the shoemaker was trying to replicate, or anything that looks very similar. They're dressy (I bought them for a wedding), but almost casual at the same time. They say Stallions on the inside but I'm pretty sure that isn't a real brand. I will post some pics from my trip if anyone's interested, somebody help me!!! :^)
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File: 90100023.jpg (2MB, 1791x1188px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1791x1188px
Wasn't supposed to be sideways :-S

Met a 38 year old sugar mama after taking this photo, she was a tourist from England. Super hot, funniest chick I ever met. She did design set work (whatever you call it) on the latest Star Wars movie and Mr. Robot.
Camp Moc
Canoe Moc
Boat Shoe
Driving Shoe
Penny Loafer
File: 90280016.jpg (4MB, 3088x2048px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 3088x2048px

File: chinese-shirt20.jpg (220KB, 750x1125px)Image search: [Google]
220KB, 750x1125px
What do you guys think of incorporating kung-fu shirts into casual fits? What other non-traditional garments do you think would look good for everyday use?
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File: HTB1ygG5KVXXXXcKaXXXq6xXFXXXh.jpg (402KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
402KB, 800x800px
>kung fu-shirts

But in any case, it should look more like pic related, and not puffy and ill-fitting as your example
>>kung fu-shirts
Are you genuinely a retard? That is what they are called.

File: normies.jpg (50KB, 520x520px)Image search: [Google]
50KB, 520x520px
femanon here, first time posting on /fa/ because I want to actually want to look like a normie before classes start. I have a habit of dressing up like a grandma or homeless woman, and I want to change
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Lose Weight.
Wear Uniqlo.
File: 1491085597619.png (6KB, 415x416px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 415x416px
I'm 4'11, 96 pounds and completely /fit/ lol
File: 1497755646770.jpg (9KB, 238x183px)Image search: [Google]
9KB, 238x183px

File: IMG_2096.png (1MB, 740x972px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 740x972px
What ever happened to Denim Dan?
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what the fuck is wrong with his body
he denim died

sieg killed him in his sleep while doktor komme watched

File: Where to cop.jpg (20KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
Where to cop.jpg
20KB, 500x500px
W2c thread.
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File: 20160719005153683_500.jpg (86KB, 500x667px)Image search: [Google]
86KB, 500x667px
W2C umbrella or one of similar model and colour?
Colour can be green, olive or whatever really. Just looking for one with the floppy and rounded top look.
File: 1490448804853.jpg (1MB, 2448x3060px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2448x3060px

why is nobody posting here btw

File: 1499041726574.jpg (2MB, 3024x3024px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3024x3024px
I have a problem.
I am literally only able to wear completely black chinos, and no matter what I try nothing else works for me.
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/fa is about variety my man
actually you can't go wrong with navy/beige/grey trousers. try different fits and materials

sauce on the jacket?
Jesus man this shilling is pretty blatant

File: lcblowingsmoke.jpg (167KB, 600x854px)Image search: [Google]
167KB, 600x854px
So...people say that smoking doesn't look anymore. I know all about it being unhealthy and whatnot but on an aesthetic level it still looks dope as fuck.
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Lung cancer also looks dope as fuck
>giving a witty answer about it being unhealthy when I already acknowledged it's unhealthy

File: tuck-in-shirt-02.jpg (271KB, 1824x1062px)Image search: [Google]
271KB, 1824x1062px
Why is tucking in your shirt considered good fashion sense? It looks disgusting 95% of the time. It's really a shame the business world thinks that tucking in your shirt looks good. Most of the time it just ends up making men look dumpy
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It's effay if you're effay. Loose some weight and find some decent pants.
Looks good if you're fit and your shirt has been tailored.

I'm skinnyfat with untailored shirts. So what do I do? I wear a jacket over the tucked shirt. It's that simple.
Another thing that might work is suspenders instead of a belt. Why? Because having this tight belt cinched around your waist lets your shirt untuck and stay untucked, right? Probably less of that with suspenders.
I've never tucked and it's always done me a good one so fuck the tuckers... it's purely choice.
>Don't tuck.
Fuck it, there's been thousands of people that do either... I'm honestly sick to fucking death of people on this thread thinking they know what's cool or best, but in reality everyone has a different feel, everyone has a different style, everyone has their own style that WORKS.
Stop thinking your puiece of shit hipster style is the one style that actually matters.

File: minion_0.jpg (77KB, 500x509px)Image search: [Google]
77KB, 500x509px
>wake up tomorrow with that
>what do?
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Brutal Black Project to cover it up

File: adidasnmd1.jpg (23KB, 720x480px)Image search: [Google]
23KB, 720x480px
What are some alternatives to adidas NMD's?
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Nothing. Or ultraboosts
Ultra boost, pure boost, Yeezy, iniki

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