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Post the most /fa/ rooms you can find (can be yours). Let's get comfy.
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pits = shits
takes up the same space and puts everyone at foot level. maybe it works in colder climates, but I couldn't stand it in CA
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01 - P5rgL62.jpg
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dumping Deus ex rooms


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is white hair patrician?
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not if you're a cracker
thou dost watched the hungry lames a few times much
is this a jrpg game


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>black and white inspo
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Gay anime and fashion bullshit
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ss (2015-02-07 at 05.44.44).jpg
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really cool blog

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Tokyo Meetup.jpg
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Tokyo meet tomorrow, remember to come!
Contact is ClassicHighlighter on Skype or [email protected] for email.

Shinagawa anon and anon who said he'd show up, calling on you to make it!

I'll be doing some shopping earlier in the day. I'll post photos of anything interesting I find before the meet. See you there.
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>implying /fa/ has japanese anons
have fun you two.
yuruse! baka gaijin!

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basic bitches wear that shit
because gotta go innawoods
Because demand.

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Where can i get FULL PLAID pants like this. not this kinda split plaid.
The plaid needs to look exactly like that, or close to that.
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search for "punk plaid pants"
this is literally hot topic garbage tier

are you in middle school?

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what would you consider adderall chic?
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It makes you skinny and social so yeah.
its da bomb. Hopefully your parents are at least middle class enough to have decent health insurance (PPO instead of shit HMO) and make an appt with a psychiatrist (dude with MD, not a fucking psychotherapist who can't prescribe) and tell the doc that you got problems at school and social life cause all you do is masturbate, buy random shit on ebay, and can't focus when doin stuff like reading.

Typing this on adderall atm

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post your fav shoe
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raf owens geodunks.jpg
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Are u serious

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Opinions on Clarks? What are the best kinds?
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clarks is awesome, idgaf what /fa/ thinks
imo a great casual footwear brand for your money
their shoes have a lot of character to them
the best model's probably pic related but they have plenty of other cool ones
The only Clarks I have ever had started falling apart after a few uses, they didnt last a year.
I want to think its because I got them from a Clarks Outlet.

I was considering getting CDBs as my first pair of boots, but know I think I should reconsider.
should have gotten a refund or something. that doesn't sound normal at all, unless you beat the fuck out of them. also if they weren't from the originals line i guess that could have contributed, seeing as they're generally lower quality.

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Should I cop a 5.11 Rush 12?
They look pretty kewl
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looks nice, I bought this nike sb elephant print backpack three years ago and it is still in mint condition. I am not really familiar with the brand, but looks like a decent cop for $100.
It's a little heavy for me, but I admit it looks great and is functional of you carry a lot of stuff
>cop 5.11 boots too
Why the boots?
I don't want to look like some poser marine at university

File: CbH19OR.jpg (80KB, 500x750px)
80KB, 500x750px
How can a poor fag look effay but avoid looking /mfa/ please help
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i'm still trying to figure out why /mfa/ is considered bad looking by most of the people on this board.

is it simply because the reddit stigma is attached to it?
go grunge
OP here, I don't think it's bad per se I think it's because you end up looking like a basic bitch if you follow their rules to a T. Feel free to disagree with me but I just feel like their fits are often really basic and rarely push anything

File: bigbig.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
Webm thread - anything fashion-related.
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underrated trap-core
File: barfbrodito.jpg (128KB, 484x461px)Image search: [Google]
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a "trap" would imply that it would fool someone into thinking it was a woman. that looks like a man in a skirt with makeup on. absolutely disgusting.
File: ashley sky.webm (2MB, 1220x1080px)
ashley sky.webm
2MB, 1220x1080px
The only /fa/ related I have.

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last one is dead

post your tumblr, follow others, smiles all round



follow back fashion and art blogs
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>art, fashion, gifs, mostly b/w

>your new favorite blog

Does anyone here actually stick to a particular theme/style that you feel properly expresses yourself?

Or are most of you like me, where I just focus more on particular outfits and specific pieces that look good.

In other words, is anybody's wardrobe really all techwear pieces, or all palewave pieces, or all street fashion pieces, or, I don't know, all preppy pieces?

Or, do you guys end up looking differently everyday? Like how I'll sometimes dress in all black, and then the following day I'll suddenly show up in a navy anorak, hemmed wool pants, and a pair of slip-ons or something.

>pic unrelated
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curious about this. I'm pretty much the same as you op
I try and stick to a particular set of colors and textures, that way I can dress in a few different styles whilst still remaining myself I guess.

With a white t-shirt you can make a well-dressed and smart outfit or you can use it for b/w edgy shit (as an example).
Generally all black techwear / "comfy core" depending on the occasion / weather - it's an accurate reflection of my interests and don't make any style deviations

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New cop or naw thread. Last one is hitting the romans. Post shit you're hesitant to buy and we'll decide for you.
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File: vanssk8hilx.jpg (94KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
94KB, 1000x1000px
Recently bought the all white leather hi top Converse but I have a chance to buy the white leather Sk8 Hi's. Return the converse and cop these or naw?
Cop or not?

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