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Hard mode: no manbuns
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>greasy as fuck

fucking disgusting
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Old one hit 300.

Is it possible to give myself this haircut at home? What would I need? Thinning scissors, clippers and semen?
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what kind of cut should i get? i usually just ask the barber for "short on the sides and long on top", with varying results...
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another angle
Buzz cut or pointed on the top.

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is cheap monday good quality?
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H&M tier.
wut but it costs like twice as much as H&M
everything thats not rick owens or raf simmons is hm tier

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looking for some pants inspo

i like the idea of slim and tapered
i don't like them being tight around the thighs though
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also post w2c your inspo if possible
So do we just add spo to the end of words now and that's a thing
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yeh m8 its sick get with it

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you guys like music, right?


let's hear some tunes

also talk about fashion and memes and stuff. whatever
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bump for palewave
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What are your thoughts on typography in fashion?
>pic related
bump for handsome young men who enjoy some tunes

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Does anyone know where I can get these boots or anything similar to them?
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black docs poorfag.

wheres that coat from? looks sort of interesting, whats the point of the strap
w2c pants




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what went wrong?
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>Trunks marrying a degenerate gook

When will they learn.
These ugly chinks will always go to any white male they see.
i wouldnt even touch that ugly chink let alone put a ring on its finger
imagine what kind of beta loser you'd have to be to do that

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Rate your facial aesthetics and see who your match-ups are.

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>91% masculine
i'm okay with that

OP is at 100% he probably looks like a neanderthal no doubt lol
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this is so inaccurate
lol im 23 and it said my age was 46 haha doubled

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Post your favorite layering inspo pictures.
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w2c shoepants?
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how do I into jihadcore

I never knew they could produce such haram fits. is apc x kanye a good place to start?
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i think the word you want is either mustahabb (recommended) or wajib (compulsory)

halal is sinful
i meant haram fuck
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nigga looks like he came straight out of a acronym photoshoot

Hey /fa/, I'm going to a masquerade event. What should I wear and where can I buy it? I'm a dude btw.
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I'll be dressing in black denim and a light turtneck.
Please help it's in five days and I don't know what to wear.
watch Eyes Wide Shut, will be gr8 inspo

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/fa/, which brand should I cop for mens dress boots?
Is there any cheap option?

Also, as I have to try them on first, I can't buy online but will have to stick with brands available in stores.
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JCP stafford wingtip boot or deacon. Dappered has a review you can get them for $50 easy. Btw the boots in your pic look like shit. leather has ample amounts of horrible creasing on the quarter with no wear. Also I think buying cheap footwear is a bad idea usually.

I've seen the deacon boots in person, the leather does look and feel fairly plasticky. never buy cheap shoes, but do buy expensive when discounted

allen edmonds seconds would be a good option, they have a sale on them right now. it's a bit of gamble with them though, you could get something with a very small visual defect, or you could get mismatched colours on the boots
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The good quality options: Alden, John Lobb, Crocket and Jones

Which dog breed is the most effay?
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Your mother
French Bulldog, or an Italian Greyhound.

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So what do you guys think? I think floral is a few years too late, but I honestly like it better than last season. There's a lot more solid pieces and some of the shoes look amazing.
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Here's a monochrome version of the Retro Boost.
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A cool iteration of the Qasa.
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A neoprene hoody. Looks good here but I can only imagine someone melting in this during the summer.

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w2c similar high end baseball caps?

>branding not necessary
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