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who's that guy who had the very feminine face,full lips and kind of a block shaped head?

white skin, brownish hair

became the laughing stock of /fa/ for a while

I'm 90% sure he goes to my school
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that could really be anyone. most likely earth or Birthday.

This is a p. pointless thread as everyone here seems to have those features and everyone who posts on /fa/ is worth laughing at. secondly i couldn't give a flying hoot about who goes to your school.
>plz delete
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is it this guy?

I think I know who you are talking about
Are you studying in the Netherlands, OP?

/k/ here, we were wondering if you /fa/shionable /fa/ggots have any ideas for a military dress uniform.

Whenever /k/ tries to design something it always ends up looking like a nazi uniform

keep in mind that there needs to be a male and female version, as well as some way to show rank and specialization (infantry/armor/pilot/etc)

related /k/ thread
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Fixed your link for you
fuck off
dont bother, you can find some good articles of clothing on here but nobody here is actually fashionable

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Last one is almost 300hunna.
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non-skinny jeans in again? Please tell me they are. My legs weren't meant for tight pants.

What exactly is fuccboi fashion?
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french montana?
1000+ posts on KanyeToThe or Hypebeast forums

Consistent contributor tag on /r/streetwear

Own any of the following: Supreme camp cap, thrifted vintage Polo windbreaker, APC x Kanye jeans, Rick Owens tech runners, white Air Force 1s

Listen to any of the following: A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Yung Lean, Death Grips, Crystal Castles
KTT dresses better than most of /fa/ users

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Cop or not /fa gs?
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im curious as well
M is that you?

Last one past 300
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Is there any way to remove tags like this without ruining a shirt? Sorry for the bad picture.
bump, looks like the only one up

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True grails only plz. No pleb shit.
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File: Acronym_KR-SM1.jpg (146KB, 400x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Shoe collection thread cause IDK what the fuck the last one was, just people posting pics of shoes from google images...

(not my collection btw, it is the dream though)
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your dream it's being a meme?
it's only a meme on the internet friend :)
can someone please id the middle brown ones

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I've always wanted to live in an ulra-minimalist space

bamboo floor, all polished cement walls

so i learnt how to use AUTO-CAD, and I'm at the stage now where I think i could design pre-fab (made in pieces and assembled on site) houses like this at a ludicrously cheap price point

inspo guys?
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studying architecture

i really with it were that simple but the amount you could do on autocad is minimal

unless you want to make a semi temporary structure
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Is it /fa/ to have a pet drone that follows you while you wear sick fits?
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when will the acrnm drone be released?
can i drape a tricky ricky cloak over the drone to look like an effay ghost?
Only if it triggers an alarm every time someone starts checking me out

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Sup /fa/

I'm having a bit of an issue. I have been lifting weights for about 1,5 years now to get that perfect mix between ottermode and slightly athletic body. I like the idea of a thin waist coupled with a little wider shoulders. Thing is now though, that my shoulders are ruining the fit of my newly bought Whyred coat, my suit and I realize that me getting bigger will render all of my slim-fitting, beautiful wardrobe useless.
I'm barely outta dyel but I feel that this will become a problem soon enough.

Any others who try to combine /fa/ and /fit/ and have a way to make it work? Please share your thoughts
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you look fine, all you need is a paper bag :^)
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>perfect mix between ottermode and slightly athletic body

o i am laffin
didn't say I was there yet

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Can we get a room inspo going? This is how I envision my room one day
>black sheets on twin bed in the corner of my room
>a minimalist black desk on one wall
>A 27" small frame monitor
>A minimalist computer case
>a detolf to the left/right of my desk filled with my favorite anime butts
>A bookshelf on the other wall with all of my books
>Maybe a wallscroll or painting on the other wall
Gonna try and make it minimalist and display my autism at the same time.
Can't wait
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I really like this one
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This ones good besides the shit headphones
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Not minimalist mostly but here's a few rooms I like.

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Please read the subject.

Am I doing right?

Is it acceptable?
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powerful bend

Yeah this is OP.

They're regular fit with a straight cut. I can't do slim.
wtf no

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Old One near 300
All hair related things go here, silly boys
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>comb hair back and to the side
>the side where it's combed to looks bad
>the side with the parting line looks good

What do? Is that normal?
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How to get it cut? I have an obscenely high hairline and thin, floppy hair
Should I just get a light buzz on the sides and scissor the top?

Is there really an LA store opening in March?
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please dont bring that trash over here
LA is already a trash city so Rick would fit right in
in la brea

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