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Are braces the only way of fixing crooked teeth?

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How much are braces ;_;
braces are /fa/ no way
Porcelain veneers, invisiline, etc

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How would you dress if you were born a qt girl? Who would you want to look like?
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probably jil sander or ann demeulemeester, depending on what i look like i guess
this one blonde in muh school who is a 9/10 with a thin ass body wears big ass hoodies and sweatpants with sneakers
Gets my pee pee all hard

like a huge slut

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What's /fa/'s edc?
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iphone 6 and a stack of cash. no wallet cuz i'm not fucking gay.
I don't understand why do people still carry a USB flash drive in 2015

this is something i'd imagine a rapist would carry

>being this insecure

Do any of you have any suggestions to mens skin care.
(pic related i just got this to try it out, thoughts???)
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Can someone recommend me a good facial moisturizer?
Kiehls facial fuel
Tretinoin users, do you apply it once or twice a day? And would taking BP in the morning, then Tretinoin at night be a good idea?

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heuer hodinkee.jpg
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sexy straps edition
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First for textured dials and Seiko penis-quartz.
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What's a good watch for $1-4?
a fake casio off aliexpress

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why does my fake rolex look so good edition
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the sixoclock crwon is visible with the naked eye :/ it does look nice otherwise
Not with the naked eye. In closeup pictures with sunlight running horizontal to the dial.
but yeah, that is a big flaw with it. also the lack of AR coating on the magnifier.

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Get jealous of my shit edition.
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Can I still post if I'm a dumb fuck? How can I be jealous of your shit if that photo is so potato I can't even tell what the watch is? Looks like an ugly red thing with nothing going for it except >muh tourbillon
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I've got $30,000 to spend on a watch. What should I buy?
your way out of your mum's basement

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What types of hairstyles does /fa/ like on females? What do you absolutely hate?
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as long as its not short
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I hate short hair and strangely dyed hair, that screams daddy issues.

Curly hair rarely looks good, almost never.

Bangs are hot if the girl can pull them off without looking like a basic bitch.

That's it.

>tfw living in a country with no asian grills, they prolly don't look that good irl...
Shoulder length is best. Anything longer is obnoxious

Dry hair problem, anyone can help ?
When I wash my hair, it still gets kinda dry without even blowdrying, and when I put any kind of product, it kind of dries it too, like pomade I use.
What the fuck should I do ?
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Bump motherfuckers
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You useless shits
after you blowdry put a small amount of moisturizing conditioner in your hair as if it was product. there are products specifically made for this but conditioner works just fine. also dont use so much heat, try a cool blowdry. takes longer but wont make your hair a desert.

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Post pictures and share routines.
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Post your face, others rate and help how to improve.
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aw your so cute op. : )
fucking, samefag
Old taking it in the ass looking motherfucker

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Which authors are /fa/?
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>inb4 edgy 18 year olds say Camus.
Emily Brontë
Herman Hesse
Jean Paul Sartre
Richard Brautigan

what bands does /fa/ like?
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Don't Know What To Do With My Hands: The Picture
death griples, I think one has to have done a certain amount of drugs to appreciate them.
>yes I know much meemee

File: TS5fMH3.jpg (548KB, 2937x2203px)
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Today, I am wearing my new Aris Allen black slacks. I am also wearing a necktie I got from the thrift store. It is 58" long. It has no logo on it. It it slightly padded.


Official fedoralounge thread
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kek, these are what he's wearing, but in black


holy fuck my sides, formal parachute pants
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summer/late-spring inspo

post what you have

pic related, cop?
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Those shoes are disgusting.
Wear those into a ghetto and you get shot for mistaken as a cop car.
Gonna make all the kids thirsty for a lick of them bomb pops

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