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I got the looks and the clothes, now how do I respond to something like this
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i think she wants you to externalize your racism instead and call people niggers

Ask her for clarification until you make her look like the idiot she is.
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"how about I internalize my dick"

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Can we mostly all agree that vaping is very un /fa/?
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nah not really...
doctor writes fucking loser
I only see smelly Indians puffing away on Vape-sticks.
I 100% agree that Vaping is un /fa/.

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Glasses general I guess

I don't really care tbh, I just want validation on my first pair of cheap as shit glasses.
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I like them.
It all depends on your face shape though.
oblong/square with pretty sharp features and stubble.

I personally liked the way they looked but I realise they're a bit unconventional and don't want to have dropped 200 quid on something I'll not feel comfortable wearing.
I have those. They are my favorite.

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Was this the biggest disappointment in all of fashion history?
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Implying you didn't drop $2000 on resell
lmao no
who gives a fuck about kanye's designs aside from people on /fa/? Not people in the fashion industry, that's for sure.
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old 1 nearing 300
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sweater cuts looks horrible and try-hard
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So what you got /fa/
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such a bad music video and such a shitty song
hiring few twitter models doesn't make your music video /fa/

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Daily reminder that anime is not effay and is also the downfall of the white male.
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It's not our fault that 3DPD is absolutely shit
Back to /r9k/
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>picture from reddit.
oh, honey. just because you went to college and think you outgrew this japanese cartoon forum doesn't mean you will stop dreaming about your waifu

What does /fa/ think of minimalistic tattoos? Been thinking of getting a small, simple tattoo on my forearm
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>upperclass triangle
The only thing more uninteresting and classless than 'minimalistic' tattoos like OPs, is the personalities of the people who get them.

For fuck sake, it's a triangle. Can you be less creative?
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Saint Laurent Paris General

Post inspo, talk about Lord Slimane, anything goes. Poorbois can gtfo
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Harry looks like he's suicidal
You mean like depressed?
...not even gunna bother.

It's like the Black Hair General, but for Asian people.
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/fa/'s tumblr thread

>new age

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Soul, Art and Fashion

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I'm sure I'm no the only one on /fa/ who often finds themselves looking for "inspo threads" or "general inspo" .etc. So I think it is time to start a singular inspo thread. so...
> outfits (men or women, any style)
>inspo blogs, websites .etc.

just dump everything you have, that way there is the possibility of finding the inspo you are looking for without filling up the board, looking for a specific style, or asking in the Fuccboi General only to have your request unfulfilled.

I will dump what I have
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will b lurkin

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japanese slackercore 1.png
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lookin for more slacker core inspo i didnt save enough pictures from last thread we had but it interests me
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this ones good
does any one know w2c those sandals and the semi-long sleeved shirt?
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> work in fashion
>discover /fa
>"oh cool, let's see some well dressed people"
>All scarecrow like boys no more than 20 years old
>Chicken legs
>Claiming that high fashion is for the anorexic
>"heroin look"
>high sneakers
>dress shoes with jeans

Oh my god this board is so fucking autistic.
Eat, lift, get otter, stop fasting. Don't dress oversized you all look like scarecrow emos.
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H&M isn't paying you to post on 4chan OP, back to the checkout there are customers waiting for you.
>generalizing 4chan
>generalizing 4chan

Good work OP, you're doing well.
How much do they pay for Zara clerks anyway?

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What is effay listening to?

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ugly mane
rallizes denudes
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