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Old one is kill
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Up close pic of fabric, still can't tell if this jacket shines or what
Seen it in person (they had one in the window at Adidas Originals in Chicago last time I was there)
Does not since; pretty low pro

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Post yours, rec others
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grey stuff, snowy stuff, foggy stuff, cities, landscapes
maybe i'll refollow ;^)
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>but also memes
>black and white
>jewelwave and pale wave at times
>I follow back

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is adderall effay?
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Cocaine and adderall are the most effay drugs.
Yes - fucking yum, love that shit

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Can we get a chill, relaxed, cool guy inspo thread?

Mostly looking for those cool Japanese inspo magazines.
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h-heard this was the place for pale people....?
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Pale buddy reporting in!

shit-tier brown skin

kill yourself
a-anon you cant tell me that! I have a bigger dick than you! and that's effay!

White/beige only inspo
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How do you pull off bright yellow shoes without being a qt girl or a k pop star?
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Black blocking
won't that make you look like a warning sign

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>freshman fashion design lecture
>everyone asked to share their fashion designer heroes/role models
>about 10 or so people get up and say Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani or i wanna be the next Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani
>they all get some acknowledgment or murmur from the rest of the class
>my turn arrives
>get up
>*clear throat* "R-Rick Owens?"
>try to "be confident" and play it off like i told myself i would in college
>loudly shout "Come on where my slash effay slash bros at!?"
>no response, a girl behind me starts giggling loudly and snorts once or twice
>start to explain who Rick Owens is
>have to stop mid explanation because i realize my turn is over and 2 other guys have already gone after me
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...how is that good feels?

beautiful cara :^)

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Magazine scans
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so summers coming up

What are some good summer fits for long skinny lanky guys.

I'll start it off.
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is that a type of pant or just rolled up chinos?

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So, /fa/, what are you sippin on tonight?
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Water. I drink it constantly. Shit's thirst-quenching and good for your skin.
ur moms pussy lips
a cheap pint of canadian whiskey

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When did you realize that we reached the pinnacle of jacket technology in 1965 and everything since has been completely redundant?

>All the pockets you need.
>Comfy as
>Can take the lining out in warm weather
>Hood for when it's raining
>Looks fly af
>Buttons and a zip
>Warm and keeps the rain out

Everything you could possibly need a jacket for, practical and aesthetic is met right here as much as either could ever be.
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OP, I've had these things in various sizes since I was under four feet tall.
One bad think I can say, these fuckers get wet and stay fucking wet.

I've been out in the rain, hung the fucker up to dry, and it still be cold and damp the next day.
Where can I get a grey m-65?
You can get a really nice hobo-core look with these. Do they come in black

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post some artists you listen to that know how to dress well

for starters, baauer
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also lean


Get out you fucking pleb faggot

Get out you fucking hipster faggot

W2C general thread.

W2C jacket at 3:30?

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god I hate these videos, it lacks imagination
it's like killing a dog on screen just to get some cheap tears
Yea in a way its exploitative

"like and sup comment and share human spirit is not entirely crushed"
you shed a tear then tab over to masturbate to tentacle rape hentai, bid on some tech-runners on ebay and shit.
In another way, even though its not good, its still human. Like someone pays a stripper to just sit with them for an hour.

not sure how i feel about it. maybe the internet has us all fucked
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Shorts also shirt if you know

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can we have a regular one of these edition
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The same ish usually gets posted. Are there any websites besides ebay to get cool but cheaply priced patches?

But I got this from an ebay seller and put it on the arm of a denim jacket. Have been buying other ayy lmao pins to put on the left chest.
well, most of them are boy/girl scout patches, but i'm sure you could find some gems. they're all really inexpensive as well
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Cool, thanks dude. I used to be a girl scout so I prob have some nifty patches lying around, I'll look tomorrow and post more if any are neat

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