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Does anyone know where I can get a bane mask?
I'm a big guy so I'm trying to find one in my size.
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>for you
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Banepost of the season

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Could someone give me an example of girls who are too skinny who ran for ss15?
Like where did France drew the line?
I may get this wrong, but aren't skinny models skinny because of the clothes they are wearing which is the main focus? I've been hearing people say these are the girls all men want and this is the ideal body
what the fuck is up with that? People have and will always have preferences and standards.. Some like skinny, some like thicker
Someone please fill me in on this
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They are battling against pic related. I don't know how anyone can find this attractive, but whatever. This law is stupid, discriminatory and in no mean fighting the real problem that is anorexia. It is a mental illness. And the real problem is actually the fashion industry, and their magnats setting stupid standards (Lagarfeld wanting skinnier and skinnier models)

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The other day, I was strolling neear the beach and I noticed a small group of teenage girls (about 15/16) and they were almost all wearing cutt off shorts so short, you could literally see butt cheeks. One girls' shorts were riding up her ass worse than pic related.

I know Urban Outfitters sells a lot of shorts that show butt but is this an actual trend? Or is it just spoiled rich so cal girls with no parenting.
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the latter, never see it anywhere besides affluent-beach areas
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They wanna be Selena Gomez.
It's an actual trend. I think there's a difference between tasteful cheek (e.g. with a flat or small butt) and obscene cheek (on a rounder bigger butt) but that's just me

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ITT: we post reasons why we'll never be /fa/, we cry, we h8 and masturb8

>mfw I have a very noticeable asymmetrical face
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me too man, we will never make it
after bills i have about $150 a month and i spend it all on beer and smokes.

i haven't bought an article of clothing in almost a year, though I did find a nice beanie on the floor a few weeks ago
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I got the manlet genes from my dads side of the family. Everybody on my mothers side is tall as fuck

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grail thread
post your ultimate grail pieces here, name designer and why you love it
personally i dont give a fuck if its your grail because its expensive, rare or whatever - just post it
mine is for sure the raf pcl hoodie from 2003 really rare, really wearable, looks fuckin great, and an excellent music reference - gonna post some more to bump the thread.
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this visvim coat
incredibly expensive, madly beautiful
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dunks are obviously a classic grail - hard to find even remotely affordable in a wearable condition
shit from the undercover x can collab is all beautiful; in fact pretty much all undercover waterproofs are amazing looking too.

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I had 950 calories today /fa/... Am I gonna get fat??
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Fucking disgusting
I'll be obese tomorrow, right? ):
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No. Your pic and the fact that you aren't aiming for otter mode.

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Where do you meet effay people / grills?
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Nobody knows.
Fashion related events are a given but nobody goes to those other than to shake hands with a couple of designers and see celebs

Fashion boards are irrelevant since most people just come to these either for "self improvement", keeping track of fashion world trends or because they're just bored

Tinder and dating websites are for losers.

Facebook is plebcity. Couple of effay people on insta or tumblr but nobody meets people through these, these might be the best bet though.

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'90s inspo thread.

>captcha: mchic
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srs post by a grill

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Fashion we should see more often
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ew, fatty
Bellybutton piercings = slut tier, always
is she from the cast of 16 & pregnant

old one just hit 300

cop or not for 40€ at ASOS (in-house brand)
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Between this and the as colour parka, ausfag this one is nique on sale for 150
File: image.jpg (28KB, 435x435px)Image search: [Google]
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The ascolour one, model is munted but w/e
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Received as a gift, wear or not

ITT: you teach me how to not be a fuccboi

here's the thing, I'm losing weight fast and I'll finally be able to dress like I've always wanted. but my prefered aesthetic has always been what would now be described as "street goth" (even though it was like that for years, before "street goth" was a thing.) (memechrome, black jeans, bombers, parkas, hoodies, layers, long outers)

so now I'm lurkin and trying to learn as much as I can about /fa/, and I see that "street goth" is generally frowned upon here. what I ask for is pieces of advice on how to reach a similar aesthetic without being a fuccboi.

please let's have a serious thread
>tl;dr teach me how to streetgoth without being a fuccboi
>inb4 nice blog post
>inb4 nobody can teach you how to not be a fuccboi

inspo definitely welcome
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meant black *tight jeans

also, snapbacks
What kind of budget for clothes do you have?
> I'm losing weight fast and I'll finally be able to dress like I've always wanted

nice job man, happy for you.

Key thing about fashion is dress how you want to dress and don't give a shit about what others think, coming to /fa/ for fit advice (eg across the shoulders, body length) rather than style advice works the best. Everyone will give you hell for dressing how you dress unless it fits perfectly into the hivemind way of looking OR is actually exceptionally good. But every once and a while someone will actually point you in the right direction.

If you want to wear all black its about silhouette and fabric/texture. No one gives a shit about your brands, no one gives a shit about graphic prints. All black with a decent silhouette will set you apart from all the twats trying to out brand each other. I advise that you spend more money on less clothes, than the same amount on a lot of clothes. Go for high quality basics then buy whatever else you want from there. If you can't afford the higher end shit dont worry about shopping at established highstreet brands like AA/UO/Uniqlo/H&M as usually they're low price, and alright quality. DONT buy the craptier shit emulating high fashion from fast fashion brands like ASOS/Zara cus then you'll look like a fuccboi.

you'll look like a fuccboi if you look like everyone else, look like you're trying to look wealthy without the money, wear expensive garments whilst being uninformed, caring what other peple think.

Fuccboi tier changes depending on what the person judging you thinks like. But well fitting clothes will always look good, keep that as a priority

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no "are these jeans pale enough" edition
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I only come to these threads because no one ever wants to talk about desert aesthetics.
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reposting from last thread
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Just gonna post chill desert pics. Fuck it.

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Bomber inspo thread, bonus if slim bomber.
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Look 6.jpg
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Is Yeezus /fa/? I know a lot of people hate this album and instantly compare it to Death Grips, but that's not what I'm asking. I want to know if the music itself is /fa/. Idk why, but to me, it seems like it is.
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>Liking anything post 2005

fuck off
>is x /fa/
fuck off
>validate my opinions for me
fuck off

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what's the most effay album cover? i'll start with the most obvious.
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>wrist flame tattoos
early 2000's were the worst period in history
when reddit was made and you migrated here yeah it was bad.

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