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Can we has shoe thread?

Post some shoes you'd like to cop.
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Thinking about these since the weather is warming up and I can finally get out on the boat again. Plus they go with like 40% of my wardrobe
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forgot the picture. Please excuse me while i kill myself.
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not sure about these..

Is your ride /fa/ ?
Pic related my car is exactly the same
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sweet wheels, I'm jelly
Dude they are super cheap get yourself one too
Here is the craigslist add for the one I bought 2 Friday's ago http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/4956404046.html
Shit is clean
I took it to a mechanic and it was in good shape
For the guy to lower it to $3000
Pic related
why would you buy such an unreliable old piece of shit for your first car.

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>tfw not living in The Fifth Element's universe
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What do you think of my college's style society?
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i fucking HATE houndstooth, especially in black and white.

the bottom right girl looks p good
What about when it's smaller? The coat in the pic looks gross to me because the print is so large but I think it's fine when it's small.
looks like none of them give a shit about fashion except bottom right girl

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one of these threads homies
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only ever bothered to save these two recent ones, help me out
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>If I sat at a right angle I might look like bismuth
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I'll fill out the standard ones I can find.

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tomoko gothninja.jpg
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/cgl/ is discovering gothninja.

It's adorable.
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Don't be assholes to our little sister board, they don't know any better.
What's some gothinja brands or some shit?

I want some gothninja clothes.
You can find that shit at H&M nowadays.

But old Raf Simmons, Rick Owens usually what you should dress in.

Julius_7 and Demobaza if you want to go full niheicore post-apocalyptic urban nazgul autismo sith lord

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when did u realize you were ugly? did it happen at once or did u gradually arrive at this realization?
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How rare is yours?

for me it was when i realized im hairier than other guys. thick long black hair all over. body hair is grouse and not even gays like it.

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recent cops fuckers
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this acne/raf sweater lookalike but in a textured pattern and these pants
>sweater: mango he
>pants: bershka
>inb4 poorfag fastfashion
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filthy lad complimented them B^)
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Can we have a /fa/ stationary thread? Pens, Mechanical Pencils, notebooks etc.

Inb4 montblanc pens and other absurdly priced statement pens that are more a symbol of success useful.

Looking for stuff you could use daily and not he too worried about.
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Don't need that shit
I have a lami fountain pen, that i bought to make use of grade 5/6 calligraphy. Turquoise ink with spirax 70% recycled runs real nice.
you mean stationery
pilot/namiki for pens (fountain and rollerball, nothing else acceptable)
rotring and pentel for pencils (drafting only, nothing else acceptable)

lamy is not /fa/
it's babby's first pen

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i dont have a computer currently so i use an ipad

and my wallpapers are almost exclusively photographs of famous people i like

pic related
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you tell me

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effay drugs thread?
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Smoking cigarettes are heffay

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ITT: post your eyebrows and r8 others

Do you pluck, wax or go all natural?
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I only get the random stray hairs and fill in slightly with a loose powder. I dont like thin brows.
They look fine. I'm a guy and I sometimes pluck my eyebrows.

I knew a girl who had the most amazing eyebrows I've ever seen. I asked her to pluck mine ones and it looked crazy good, and I've never been able to replicate it ever since. Oh and yes, she had the drawing talent of Michelangelo, so maybe that's why.
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I just pluck in between.

I like em.
Kind of a weird break toward the end but they're nice.

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If you're poor and want to buy your first wrist fedora look here first: http://a.pomf.se/oyqgyu.png

No fucked up colors in the OP image edition
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first for fake rolexes
File: P4132789.jpg (176KB, 1000x750px)Image search: [Google]
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second for divers
File: 480x721.jpg (51KB, 480x721px)Image search: [Google]
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Third for cheap fashion knockoffs

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This is the first and last time i'm asking something to you guys.

Could you please list what the best foods for hair are? What are the best ways to get robust, thick, healthy and lucious hair?

I don't want to have a fancy haircut, because my head just doesn't go with anything else than a ponytail (thin face, strong chin).

I really wish I had the hair like the women in those commercials, all shiny and silky.

How do I achieve that? What foods, diets, supplements, regimens, care products?

Please tell me EVERYTHING.
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You really should post this at /ck/
In between the mass of Autists there there is some very knowledgable people.

But as a chef here's what I'll answer with hair.

Diet doesn't have that much of an effect on what your genetics dictate. Meaning if you have thin straggly hair you'll always have it.
However to keep hair healthy diet wise eat fats. Nuts and seeds especially as they promote hormone production as well as good fats.
But to be honest it won't be as noticeable as how you manage your hair.
Hair is dead once outside the body, diet won't really effect it, but you can use certain foods to maintain it.

Washing your hair in beer helps.
But if you can stand the smell all through Central Asia women wash their hair in sour milk and their hair is outrageously beautiful.
There are hairdressers that post hair, if you wait for them to post they'll give you actual professional advice, as daily Care and management does more than diet.
> l all through Central Asia women wash their hair in sour milk
no they dont
>tell me things I've seen with my own eyes are wrong.

Fuck off fucking idiot. Just fuck off.


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im 19 and ive always had a bit of a shitty hairline but now i think its actually starting to get worse.
What are the most effective remedies to hair loss?
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dont fight it

its not a fight you can win
its kind of hard to just be confident and not care when im in college with the hair of a 50 year old

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